Tong (Toni) Wang

Dr. Tong (Toni) Wang is a Professor of the department of Food Science in the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA). She also serves as the Director of Graduate Studies in Food Science. She received her BS and MS in Pharmaceutics and MS and PhD in Food and Lipid chemistry. She served on faculty at the Iowa State University for 19 years before joining UTIA in 2019. Dr. Wang is interested in all aspects of lipids, with technical expertise in the chemistry, functionality, and nutritional properties of fats and oils, and physicochemical interaction of lipoproteins with other components in the food or biological systems. Her current projects include creating vegetable oil based wax coating for food preservation, recovery and characterization of lipids from dairy processing byproducts, corn ethanol fermentation residue, insects, and CBD hemp, and creating high-value use of plant, animal, and insect lipids and lipoproteins. Some of her research and findings have been adopted into industry practice. Dr. Wang integrates research findings and industry practices into her classroom teaching to inspire students to apply fundamental knowledge to real-world problem-solving. Dr. Wang is also dedicated to service on campus and within her American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) Divisions.


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ByTong (Toni) Wang