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This Is When It’s Time To Quit Therapy, According To A Clinical Psychologist

Therapy can be life-changing, but when should you end it?

BySimon Sherry and The Conversation

Why Phone Cameras Are the Hidden Secret to Taking Amazing Photos of the Northern Lights

The latest smartphone features overcome the limitations of human vision.

ByDouglas Goodwin and The Conversation

These 5 Sleep Science Breakthroughs Might Help You Get Better Rest

Scientists obsess over sleep too — and their findings could help the rest of us rest up.

ByDan Denis and The Conversation

Biologists Still Haven’t Settled A 150-Year-Old Debate About Giraffe’s Necks

Adult female giraffes have proportionally longer necks than males, which contradicts the go-to hypothesis.

ByDouglas R. Cavener and The Conversation

Can You Train Away Your Farsightedness With Eye Exercises?

What the science actually says about eye exercises.

ByBenjamin Botsford and The Conversation

What Self-Medicating Animals Can Teach Us About Medicine

A wild orangutan treats his own wound after a fight in the most peculiar way. Researchers were watching.

ByAdrienne Mayor and The Conversation

Why Zombie Fires In The Arctic Just Won’t Die

So-called “zombie fires” in the peatlands of Alaska, Canada and Siberia smoulder underground during the winter before coming back to life the following spring.

ByKieran Mulchrone, Eoin O'Sullivan, Sebastian Wieczorek and The Conversation

Is Ancient Viral DNA To Blame For Depression, Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder?

Around 8% of human DNA is made up of genetic sequences acquired from ancient viruses.

ByTimothy Powell, Douglas Nixon, Rodrigo Duarte and The Conversation

Why The "Sweet" Sound Of Cicadas Have Fascinated Humans For Millennia

For thousands of years, humans have documented their fascinating with the incessant hum of the cicada. But why?

ByLinda Evans, Eliza Middleton and The Conversation

How Salty Food Can Poison Your Microbiome

Salt is a common ingredient, sure, but too much of it can wreak havoc on the gut.

ByChristopher Damman and The Conversation

Why It Makes No Sense To Take Nutrition Advice From A Centenarian

“What did you do to live this long?” should only be a polite question.

ByBradley Elliott and The Conversation

Nightmares Could Be An Early Warning Sign For This Common Disease

A new study shows that nightmares can presage autoimmune diseases, such as lupus.

ByMelanie Sloan and The Conversation

Is That An Alien Megastructure — Or Just Infrared Radiation?

The search for Dyson spheres — and whether they exist at all.

BySimon Goodwin and The Conversation

What The Animal Kingdom’s Most Playful Adults Can Teach Us

Wild chimpanzees don’t stop playing after they grow into adults — a finding that’s less curious than you might think.

ByZarin Machanda, Kris Sabbi and The Conversation

This Fruit Fly Brain Scan Will Convince You These Pests Are Actually Geniuses

We don’t think about the fruit fly brain nearly enough.

ByKristin Scaplen and The Conversation

How A Man’s Brain Changes After Becoming A Dad

Welcome to the time of brain shrinkage.

ByDarby Saxbe and The Conversation

A New Experiment Tries To Clear Up Einstein’s Biggest Physics Headache

Dark matter haunts our universe — and physicists' dreams.

ByAndrea Gallo Rosso and The Conversation

This Research Breaks Down How Much To Sit, Stand, And Sleep Each Day For Optimal Health

Calculate your day.

ByChristian Brakenridge and The Conversation

The Truth About Your Health And “Hard Water”

The soft water trend is based in some science.

BySarah Blank, Timothy Ellis and The Conversation

When It Comes To Calculating Climate Risks, Stock Traders Turn To This Data Source

What tools are best for looking at weather and climate change prediction? Ask the investors.

ByDerek Lemoine and The Conversation