Tatyana Woodall

Tatyana Woodall is a freelance science journalist passionate about cosmic happenings, fantastic technologies, and battling gross invasions of privacy. In addition to Inverse, her work has appeared in Popular Science, VICE, and The Daily Beast, among others. She also briefly took over MIT Technology Review’s space newsletter The Airlock.

When Tatyana isn't writing about alien worlds and how humans might cope with life in space, she enjoys traveling, listening to strange sci-fi podcasts, and lending her voice to various audio projects. She received her B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio, where she still lives.

Future of Mental Health

Before Humanity Can Conquer the Stars, We Need to Deal With One Painfully Human Problem

Keeping astronauts mentally grounded during long-term spaceflight is a tall order — one that could make or break our galactic travels.

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These Next-Generation Vaccines Could Upend Cancer Treatment As We Know It

New mRNA technology is ushering in a new era of combatting cancer.

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Space Exploration

To Live on Mars, Human Architecture Has to Combine Science and Sci-Fi

Human habitats on other planets could be as striking as it could be weird.

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The Cusp

Can Self-Driving Ships Revolutionize Water Travel And Fix Supply Chains?

Cars aren’t the only vehicles set to have minds of their own.

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The Cusp

Nuclear Power Could Usher in an Atomic Era of Space Exploration

Could nuclear power usher in an atomic era of space exploration?

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The Future of Love

The Final Frontier of Human Sexuality May Be in Space

Can love survive in the cosmic void? And if so, should it?

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