Matthew Monagle

Matthew Monagle is a culture writer based in Austin. His work has previously appeared in publications like IGN, Polygon, and Dicebreaker. Matthew has an MA in Film Studies from Columbia University and spends most of his time writing about film and tabletop games online. When not writing, Matthew can be found frantically trying to catch up on his backlog of actual play podcasts.


“That’s the Most Disgusting Film I’ve Ever Seen.” 25 Years Later, 'Ravenous' is a Cannibal Classic

Inverse spoke to cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond for the 25th anniversary of Ravenous.

ByMatthew Monagle
The Inverse Interview

'Warrior' Season 3's Most Important Episode is a Triumph for the Show — And Its Writer

After decades of bit parts, Warrior star Hoon Lee has become more than that guy whose face you know.

ByMatthew Monagle