Kiona Smith

Kiona Smith is a freelance science journalist. She also writes regularly for Ars Technica and Forbes. Based in Tulsa, she shares her office with two dogs, a lizard, and a wildly impractical number of books. Find her on Twitter @KionaSmith07.

say it three times

Astronomers discover a massive batch of black holes hiding in unexpected places

New techniques yielded an unexpected assortment in some of the smallest galaxies.

Really far away
chomp chomp

How astronomers found evidence for ancient galactic cannibalism

The Large Magellanic Cloud has been keeping a secret from us.

Inverse Codex

Planet 9 location, orbit, distance, name, and black hole theory for the mysterious Solar System object

Astronomers are hot on the hunt for a giant planet in our outer Solar System. If it actually exists, that is.


Another Planet 9? Earth's twin may be hiding in the outer Solar System

A recent review paper looks at our early Solar System and finds a now-missing sibling.


Scientists now have some ultra-prime targets to look for aliens

A new study found a list of stars that could directly see Earth. And at least seven of them have known habitable planets.

dark skies

Astronomers discover a key life ingredient in a dark cloud in deep space

The stuff of your cell walls forms in space before stars do — meaning the seeds of life could be abundant.


A volcanic eruption on Mars could help us find life on the planet

Just 50,000 years ago, something big blew up on Mars — meaning the planet could still be geologically active.

Out of this world

Ingenuity helicopter video shows NASA’s historic first flight on Mars

NASA has successfully completed the first powered flight on another world with the Ingenuity helicopter.

up up and away

Ingenuity first flight date, time, and what's next for the Mars helicopter

Ingenuity is set for lift-off. Here's how the Mars helicopter got to this point, and what happens now.