Kiona Smith

Kiona Smith is a science journalist. She also writes regularly for Ars Technica and Forbes. Based in Tulsa, she shares her office with two dogs, a lizard, and a wildly impractical number of books. Find her on Twitter @KionaSmith07.


Webb Telescope Makes a Discouraging Discovery at TRAPPIST-1 — Is There Still Hope for Life?

On TRAPPIST-1b, no one can hear you scream (because there is no air, according to a recent study).


New Study Proposes Why an Interstellar Object Suddenly Accelerated — And It’s Not Aliens

A recent study proposes a non-alien explanation for interstellar object Oumuamua's weird behavior in 2018.


Earth's First Asteroid Defense Test Yields Bonus Discoveries for Astronomers

The planetary defense test was a rousing success, but it also offers a glimpse of our Solar System's eventful past.


Earth's Early Oxygen May Have Come From Rocks — And It Could Have Big Implications For Life in Space

We can't really understand life on Earth without geology.

Space Science

Astronomers May Have a New Technique to Spot Distant Alien Cities

We may be just a decade away from being able to spot alien construction from afar.


Where Did Earth's Water Come From? New Meteorite Study Finds A Clue

If you want to know which objects brought water to a once-dry planet, think small.


NASA’s New Moon Spacesuits are Straight Out of Science Fiction — Literally

The Artemis III suits were designed by For All Mankind’s costume designer Esther Marquis.


Look! New Hubble Image Captures a Muddled Mess of a Galaxy

UGCA 307 is doing its best, okay?


The Moon May Soon Have Its Own Time Zone

What time is it? It’s Moon Time.


Earth’s Water Has Bizarre Interstellar Origins, Scientists Claim

A recent study suggests most planetary systems start with a supply of water that formed in interstellar space.


NASA is Ready to Send Artemis II to the Moon Next Year — But Only If All Goes Right

Artemis II is on track for its November 2024 launch date, NASA confirms.


Strange Bacteria Colonies in Chile Show How Life on Mars May Be Scattered in Pockets

Boosting our odds of finding traces of life depends on looking in the right tiny patch of sediment, according to a new study.

Space Science

The Worm Moon Is Coming

Hope for clear skies and good viewing.


Cosmic Rays Reveal A Hidden Corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza

Aliens still had nothing to do with it, we promise.


An Upcoming NASA Mission to Saturn’s Largest Moon Could Find Chemicals Key to Alien Life

The Dragonfly quadcopter's future landing site on Titan may once have been a warm oasis of liquid water amid the moon's icy hydrocarbon landscape.


Webb Telescope Captures Epic Cosmic Mirage of a Distant Galaxy

An exploding white dwarf and a massive galaxy cluster are the keys.


Look! Hubble Spots a Space Caterpillar in the Carina Nebula

Eric Carle tried to warn us.

Space Science

Look! Venus and Jupiter Are Lining Up for an Amazing Optical Illusion

The planets will move closer and closer in the night sky until March 1.


Mars Rover Could Miss Signs of Life, Study Cautions

A recent test of rover instruments in the Atacama Desert doesn't bode well for Perseverance and other rovers finding signs of life on Mars.


What's Inside A Black Hole? Dark Energy, Some Physicists Suggest

Theoretical physicists have a new idea about why the universe's expansion is speeding up, but it's going to take some time to test it.