Jon Kelvey

Jon Kelvey is a science writer covering space, aerospace, and the biosciences. His work has appeared in publications such as Air & Space Magazine, Earth and Space News, Slate, and Smithsonian in addition to Inverse. Kelvey studied cognitive neuroscience at UC Berkeley and prior to a career in journalism worked in the California wine industry, in construction as an electrician, and as a motel housekeeper.

A physics experiment may have unexpectedly detected dark energy on Earth
Jon Kelvey
Theoretical physicists think they may have made the first direct observation of dark energy — if the results stand up to scrutiny.
Making tracks
VIPER: Why the Moon rover’s mission is vital for future space exploration
Jon Kelvey
NASA has selected the landing site for its VIPER rover.
Congress quietly wants to create a new UFO office
Jon Kelvey
Two bills in Congress could expand the UAP task force, or set up a permanent office to study sightings of these unknown objects.
Space monkey
Human space travel owes everything to one forgotten creature
Jon Kelvey
The Aerobee-19 rocket launch proved it was possible to send animals to space and bring them back alive.
The first Black man in space: How America forgot a historic orbital flight
Jon Kelvey
Tamayo Mendez is Cuba's first and only cosmonaut.
Inspiration4: How much does a ticket to space cost?
Jon Kelvey
Will the first fully privately funded orbital space mission make space more affordable for others?
Blast off
SpaceX Inspiration4 mission: 5 stories that explain today’s launch
Jon Kelvey
Read these five articles to understand everything about the SpaceX Inspiration4 launch today.
Inspiration4 launch date, mission goals, live stream, and Netflix SpaceX documentary
Jon Kelvey
The Inspiration4 mission launches on September 15 and carries the first all private space crew.
NASA Dragonfly launch date, mission, cost, and alien hunting for the Titan explorer
Jon Kelvey
NASA won't be sending a rover to Saturn's moon Titan in search of alien life. It's sending a Dragonfly.
The James Webb Telescope is delayed again. Here's why.
Jon Kelvey
NASA announced Wednesday that the James Webb Space Telescope will launch on December 18.
A new kind of supernova makes weird black holes
Jon Kelvey
Scientists observed a new kind of supernova: the early death of a massive star triggered when it eats its companion.
The team was scared that we would fail: A NASA mission 45 years ago changed everything
Jon Kelvey
The Viking missions set the gold standard for landing on Mars, but they couldn't resolve the big question — are we alone?
Why NASA is shipping the $10 billion Webb telescope down the Panama Canal
Jon Kelvey
In a few weeks, NASA will be shipping the James Webb Space Telescope to its launch site in French Guinana.
Blue yonder
Watch: Blue Origin successfully completes 17th New Shepard launch
Jon Kelvey
Blue Origin successfully launched its 17th New Shepard suborbital spaceflight.
Ring ring
In 1981, Voyager 2's visit to Saturn completely changed the hunt for aliens
Jon Kelvey
The hunt for habitable worlds owes a debt to this moment in planetary science history.
Hycean: Why “new” planets may change our search for aliens
Jon Kelvey
A team from Cambridge has defined a new class of potentially habitable planets.
Elon Musk: What the Tesla Bot may mean for the future of Mars city
Jon Kelvey
“You can run away from it.”
Why the next step in Chinese astronomy is cold as hell
Jon Kelvey
The Lenghu observation site will be dry, frigid, and excellent for gazing into the cosmos with large telescopes.
Blue Origin vs. SpaceX: Why the NASA lawsuit is the latest in a bitter feud
Jon Kelvey
Protests and meme campaigns weren’t enough, so now Jeff Bezos’ company is turning to lawsuits.
Phobos: Why the largest Martian moon may reveal alien life
Jon Kelvey
Why an upcoming mission to Phobos may reveal something spectacular.