Jeremy Mathai

Born and raised on Long Island, New York to immigrant parents from India, Jeremy Mathai is a freelance journalist, critic, and movie enthusiast with a passion for genre filmmaking. A reformed STEM graduate, he's since found his second calling in the arts and has developed a niche in championing hidden gems from a diverse range of voices along with spreading the good news of M. Night Shyamalan cinema.

Jeremy's writing can be found primarily on SlashFilm, although he also has bylines at several outlets such as IGN, Nerdist, Polygon, and the official Star Trek website.

When he isn't endlessly doom-scrolling on social media, he can usually be found reciting Seinfeld episodes line-by-line, obsessing over baseball and hockey, or doing a passable impression of Tom Hardy's Bane voice.

Found in Translation

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India’s first time-travel movie didn’t arrive until 1991, but when it finally did, it wasn’t afraid to imitate its influences.