Duane Mellor

Good night

Seven science-backed diet hacks to help you sleep better at night

Our diet has an influence on sleep patterns by affecting the sleep hormone melatonin.

ByDuane Mellor and James Brown
Mind and Body

A controversial diet could help treat a chronic metabolic condition

Study results have so far shown a low-carbohydrate diet to be effective in treating type 2 diabetes.

ByDuane Mellor and Dr Adrian Brown
Mind and Body

Scientist debunks the most confusing myth about eating fat

How much fat you should eat depends on who you ask.

ByDuane Mellor
Fact vs. fiction

The truth behind what “reverse dieting” does to your body

What science has to say about the post-diet eating plan.

ByDuane Mellor

Coal vs. Gas: Use This Type of BBQ for Optimal Taste and Flavor

Only one grill can reign supreme this Memorial Day weekend.

ByDuane Mellor

Which Fruit Is the Best for Your Health? Here's What 3 Nutritionists Said

To eat or not to eat.

ByDuane Mellor, Senaka Ranadheera and Nenad Naumovski

Hangover Cure? Scientists Debunk 5 Popular Alcohol Myths

Fact vs. myth.

ByDuane Mellor