Cheyenne MacDonald

Cheyenne is Deputy Editor at Input covering the messy, beautiful, sometimes terrifying crossroads of human culture and technology. CES’s Final Girl, if you will. From Big Tech accountability and innovation as a means for social progress to the offbeat gadgets and virtual spaces that provide us necessary escapes, she approaches reporting with a focus on community care and empowerment. Her amorphous beat also includes chronic illness, sex tech, marijuana, and comics.

In addition to her work at Input, she runs a sporadic science-focused newsletter, the perpetual stew, and reports locally about innovation in the Hudson Valley, NY, building on her years of experience as a science & technology reporter. Offline, she is a helicopter ferret mom, Tamagotchi hoarder, and wildlife rehabilitator-in-training.


What counts as "dangerous content" on Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg couldn't tell you  

The Facebook CEO has come repeatedly under fire for his site's role in the spread of hate speech and misinformation