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The science of pets

Does your cat love you? Can dogs talk to you? How does your pet improve mental health? Using scientific research, Inverse reports on the big questions that we have about our furry (or not) friends.

Cat Corner

Does my cat think I’m just a bigger cat? It’s complicated

What is Tiddles thinking?

puppy power

Study reveals 3 mental-health benefits of dogs in a crisis

Scientists weigh in on the pandemic puppy effect.

Pooch Cuddles

Why do dogs like to cuddle? Pet experts explain how to bond with your pup

“No two dogs are the same.”

Easy Breezy?

Which pets are the most low-maintenance? The answer may surprise you

Experts weigh in on low-maintenance pets, including pets that are suitable for busy schedules and apartment-friendly animals.

Hello Kitty

Why doesn’t my cat like me? Six ways to put your pet at ease

Cat experts offer advice on getting a cat to like you, including science-backed tips on giving your feline a sense of control and putting them at ease.

Kitty, Why?

What are cats thinking? Experts explain 4 communication signals

Cat experts explain the science behind your feline’s weirdest behaviors.

Good Boy

What is the best dog breed for you? Experts reveal how to choose

Is there a “right” breed for your household?

Home Alone

How long can I leave my dog at home? Dog experts reveal a complex answer

Here’s how to keep your dog happy and healthy while you are away.

It's a full time job

Why do cats knead? Experts explain the complex science of "making biscuits"

“I personally let my cats knead to their heart's content.”

Home Alone

How long can I leave my cat alone? Cat experts reveal a surprising answer

Experts tell Inverse the answer is probably not as long you might think.

Smart Pup

Can dogs actually learn words? What a new study on “gifted” canines reveals

Can man's best friend learn words? A Genius Dog experiment brings us one step closer to answering that question.

Canine Psych 101

Why do dogs wag their tails? It’s not just because they’re excited

This common behavior reveals fascinating details about your dog's state of mind.

Leave Me Alone?

Does my cat want to be left alone? Pet experts reveal the surprising answer

The answer might not be what you think.

Cat nap

Is it OK to let your cat sleep in your bed? Why the science is complicated

Plus why you may want to invest in a fleece blanket.

Dog house

Will my dog get separation anxiety when I go back to work? 7 things to know

Returning to the office? Here are some essential tips to keep your pup happy and anxiety-free.

Chill Out

How do you cool down an overheated dog? 7 questions to ask during a heatwave

Hot pooch summer.

All animals
tuned in

Listen: Hippo back talk could help save one of the world's last huge herbivores

King of the worms

Look: Bizarre sea creature brings a terrifying Godzilla nemesis to life

Ramisyllis kingghidorahi is almost as impressive as its namesake.


Can dogs understand humans? Inside the complex cognition of canines

This research might also provide important practical information about dogs.


Why do queen bees live so long? The answer reveals a truth about lifespans

Here’s how they do it.

ballet recital

Watch: Here’s how spring-loaded beetle larvae launch themselves into the air

Can't beat that vertical leap.

plug it in, baby

Scientists finally discovered how whales eat without drowning

A paper published Thursday in the journal 'Current Biology' reveals the secret to how whales engulf colossal amounts of seawater while feeding and without drowning.

Good Living

Gut study reveals why pandas get huge despite their terrible diet

Trust the gut.

This week in science

Martian carbon signatures and more: Understand the world through 7 images

zero to sixty

Watch: Microscopic beetle bends the rules of flight

Small but mighty.

Pretty Penny

Look: A mysterious Bronze Age animal reveals an evolutionary first

Meet the kunga.

Breeding Grounds

Meet the ginormous fish colony lurking beneath Antarctic ice

Just an average day in the deep sea.

This week in science

Mars Megaripples and more: Understand the world through 8 incredible images

Sex Ed

Dolphin study could help us understand the evolution of female pleasure

Scientists suggest the dolphin clitoris plays an important role in sexual pleasure, helping us understand the evolution of this behavior.

Cat Corner

Does my cat think I’m just a bigger cat? It’s complicated

What is Tiddles thinking?


How to save birds: 4 easy steps to make your backyard a sanctuary

Many of the species in our gardens and on balconies are under threat.


11 vital climate lessons from 2021 to help you through 2022

This year will be pivotal.