Pet science

Does your cat love you? Can dogs talk to you? How does your pet improve mental health? Using scientific research, Inverse reports on the big questions that we have about our furry (or not) friends.

Cardboard Critters

Why do cats love cardboard boxes? Pet experts decode the obsession

The science behind your feline's weird obsession.

Pet Science

Can my pet get monkeypox? Here's what veterinarians say

Monkeypox is serious business, but right now the risk to pets is very low.

Pet Science

Why is my dog lazy? New research explains the frustrating answer

Heal thyself and you will help your pup.

Playful Pup

'Gifted' dogs may share this one personality trait. Does your dog have it?

Playfulness has a strange association with exceptional cognitive skills, though researchers aren't sure why.

Pup Health

Is my dog depressed or happy? Pet experts explain how you can tell.

Canine behavior is more complex than you might think.


How do cats co-exist with each other? The answer may lie in their gut

Unlike their wild counterparts, domesticated cats evolved to live in groups. New research may help explain why.

Swish Swish

Why is my cat wagging its tail? Vets reveal the surprising answer

Get inside the complex mind of your cat — by looking at its tail.

Cat Corner

Why is my cat scratching furniture? The answer might surprise you

Scientists identify a surprising link between this feline behavior and emotional closeness.

A Dog's Mind

What is my dog thinking? Science may finally have an answer

New research yields surprising insights into a dog's mind.

Bunny Business

A fatal bunny disease is rampaging through the U.S. — here's what you need to know

Bunny owners, organizations and vets weigh in with their advice and concerns about the disease.

Canines & Covid-19

Can dogs detect Covid-19 better than rapid tests? Here’s what the science says

Canine detection could serve as an alternative to traditional tests.

Canine Connection

Growing up with a dog could reduce your chances of gut disease — study

The connection between gut health and canine love is an intricate one.

Pet Science

Why is my cat peeing everywhere? Pet experts explain this surprisingly complex behavior

If Fluffy is peeing outside the litter box, consider it a warning sign.

Pet Science

Should you exercise your dog on a treadmill? Here's what veterinarians say

It might not be a bad idea.

Pet Science

What happens if your dog gets into your weed stash? Why you need to be poison aware

Edibles are for humans, not pet friends.

Chow Time

Can I feed my dog a vegan diet? A new study says it’s a good idea

The findings may be surprising — even controversial — to some pet owners.

All animals

Whale evolution isn’t completely understood — but genes reveal part of the story

The genomes of cetaceans help tell the story of mammals who returned to the life aquatic.

Cardboard Critters

Why do cats love cardboard boxes? Pet experts decode the obsession

The science behind your feline's weird obsession.

small but mighty

We finally know how many ants are crawling the Earth right now

It’s a lot.


Just how smart are raccoons? They’re probably masterminds, a new study finds

The meek shall inherit.

This week in science

Webb spots Neptune’s rings and more: Understand the world through 9 images


Can science prevent a pandemic?

While Covid-19 rages on, scientists scramble to prevent the next global pandemic.

Dung Dealer

Fox poop has a surprising impact on tree growth

A gift that keeps on giving.

Mind and Body

This common mosquito-borne virus can be deadly — and researchers don’t know enough about it

La Crosse virus is the second-most common virus in the US spread by mosquitoes.


Does my cat like me? 4 scientific ways to tell

Cats behave towards humans in the same way that they respond to their feline friends.


Why artificial gravity may be the best way to help astronauts withstand space

Artificial gravity could help people float in space without sacrificing their health.


3 huge reasons why mosquitos want to eat you

Whether or not you’re a mosquito magnet, their bites feel just as itchy!

Family ties

This tiny reptile roamed with the dinosaurs — and could solve an evolutionary mystery

A 150-million-year-old reptile looked a lot like its living relative.

This week in science

Blue Origin rocket fails and more: Understand the world through 9 images


These funky salamanders may help unlock the mysteries of the brain

The enigmatic axolotl may offer helpful clues on brain evolution across species.


Chinese taikonauts just grew one of the most important staple crops in space

Rice isn’t the only thing in the experiment, though.


These cyborg cockroaches could save your life — and be a privacy nightmare

They even come with solar-powered backpacks.