If you like dope sh*t, you'll love these 53 things on amazon

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Some of my most prized possessions are brilliant tools that do simple tasks well. I have a few antique typewriters, sure, and some cool art that I’m fond of. But if I was broke and had to cull everything I own to fit into a too-small storage container, those would go up for sale while the things that get me through each day would come with me. Many of these things were inexpensive, too, which I think just makes them — and my decision to purchase them — even better. If you’re like me and like dope sh*t, you’ll love these 54 things on Amazon.

Wherever you live, you’ll need to hang your clothes in a closet, for example, so this big box of excellent hangers that make that closet seem bigger will always get a place in the storage container, right? Sickness and fevers can happen, too, no matter where you end up, so you’ll want to pack this touchless thermometer that gives you an instant read. And even if your next destination is a hotel room, you’ll need to plug things in and charge up your gadgets. So you’ll absolutely want this clever and super portable desktop power strip. What else will go with? There are so many of these. Read on.

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