56 popular things on Amazon that are actually *really* awesome

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If cliché teen movies are true, popularity isn't always admired. That's where Amazon is different, though. There, popular products are praised because they're usually beloved by many. Sure, it's possible that not every popular thing on Amazon is drop-your-credit-card-down amazing — but they're definitely out there. In fact, here are some of the best popular things on Amazon that are actually really awesome.

Check out this roll-up computer keyboard, for instance. At first glance, it might not seem incredibly awesome. But after learning that it's made with waterproof and dust-proof silicone, it's pretty hard to walk away from (FYI, over 400 customers agree). And what about this ergonomic cooling pad? It's packed with miniature fans that work to keep your laptop at a comfortable working temperature — and that's pretty awesome if you ask me. There's even a convenient gap filler that helps prevent lost items in the car, and you'll find it if you keep scrolling.

These are only a few popular things on Amazon, but there are more — a lot more. Some are for your car, some are for your house, and some are for your game room. It's all *really* awesome, though. Go ahead and find your new favorite products.

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