48 popular products that deserve their hype because they're so damn useful

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Hype is a funny thing. When there's too much of it, I start to doubt it's veracity — and when everyone is praising a certain product, a cynical voice in the back of my head warns, "This is just another pet rock!" But that voice is often wrong in the era of internet shopping and instant reviews. Now, when something goes viral, it needs to have scores of humans buying and backing it. That's what's happening with these popular Amazon products that deserve their hype because they're so damn useful. (Yes, there's an air fryer here — and yes, you do want it.)

Trust me: This stuff is the exact opposite of a pet rock, which was nothing but hype. These things are astonishing for their usefulness, and so many customers know it. They're the running socks people can't stop talking about, the beer bottle chiller that everyone's writing sonnets for in the review section, the double-sided tape people are using to fix nearly anything, and the tiny label printer that's causing widespread labeling. These things are receiving positive reviews on the regular (and rightfully so).

Are you ready to finally see what the hype's all about? Go ahead and start shopping.

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