The Apple App Store app on a smartphone arranged in New York, US, on Sunday, Aug. 13, 2023. The US S...

Emulators On iPhone Are Already Off To A Rocky Start

ByTrone Dowd

A Game Boy Advance emulator was added (and then removed) from the App Store in a single weekend.

Kirby Amazing Mirror

20 Years Later, Kirby’s Still Got It

BySteven Asarch

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror doesn’t reinvent the classic formula, but it does find ways to improve it.

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN - AUGUST 14 : People in Pikachu costumes are seen during the Pokemon Parade in Minat...

It’s Been 25 Years Since ‘90s Kids Got Their Second Favorite Pokémon Game

ByMo Mozuch

This unexpected sequel kept Pokémon Fever running hot.

Few franchises have stood the test of time as much as 'Castlevania.'

Original NES Castlevania Cartridge Sells For More Than $90,000

ByTrone Dowd

“Everything just came together for a childhood friend and I this week as we were able to obtain this absolute beauty,” the buyer explained in an Instagram post.

Penny's Big Breakaway
The Inverse Interview

French Aristocrats and Tony Hawk Pro Skater

ByHayes Madsen

How a small team made the most inventive platformer of the year.

F-Zero X Maximum Velocity box art
Inverse Recommends

Nintendo’s Most Underrated Racing Game Finally Gets Its Fair Shot

ByAshley Bardhan

Is the era of Mario Kart domination over?

screenshot from Endless Ocean Luminous

Endless Ocean Luminous’ Vibey Promo Video Is the Best Way to Advertise A Game

ByRobin Bea

I’m ready to dive in.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

2024’s Video Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

ByRobin Bea, Hayes Madsen, Shannon Liao, Kai Tatsumoto, Diego Arguello, Josh Broadwell, Willa Rowe and Kazuma Hashimoto

It’s already been a big year for gaming. Here’s every title Inverse has reviewed so far.

Dr Mario game art
Inverse Recommends

Dr. Mario Remains As Addictive as Ever on Nintendo Switch Online

ByAshley Bardhan

The repetition only fuels my Neolithic desire to perfect the game’s hardcore matching requirements

key art from Pepper Grinder
Inverse Recommends

Nintendo Switch Just Added the Most Original Platformer of the Year

ByRobin Bea

Short but sweet.