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Study: Being close to nature reduces the risk of stroke

Air pollution, unsurprisingly, increases it.

Climate Solutions

Can restaurant menus help diners choose climate-friendly meals?

Two key fixes could seriously reduce greenhouse gas emissions when eating out.

Wild Ideas

A massive societal problem for humans is also harming animals

Studying wealth inequality in the animal kingdom could help us understand evolution.


How one architect’s radical ideas about nature changed American cities forever

Frederick Law Olmsted would have been 200 years old today — his legacy endures.

animal crossing

Look: 8 animals will flourish thanks to the largest wildlife corridor in the world

The project will break ground on Earth Day.


Biologists have cracked the ‘long-standing mystery’ of egg mimicking in birds

Or, how to trick someone else into raising your kids (according to birds).

Origins of Humanity

Where and when did humans evolve? New climate data may reveal the answer

A behemoth new study reveals startling insight into ancient human evolution.


Study reveals an alarming link between depression and disasters

As climate change worsens, so too will the mental health repercussions.


The sad tale of the world's largest bee

It’s four times larger than a honeybee.

Happy trails

Parks in these 10 U.S. cities provide the biggest happiness boost

The votes are in.

Hide and Seek

New research reveals hundreds of “hidden” animal species may be lurking in plain sight

Move over, Carl Linnaeus.

Toxic Racism

New research reveals disturbing racial disparities in U.S. air pollution

Recent reports reveal how historically marginalized communities experience greater air pollution exposure.

Inhale, Exhale

Look: Scientists finally discover how boa constrictors can eat giant meals without suffocating

Tree Troubles

Planting trees can be good for the environment — but only if you do it right

How good is planting trees, really?


Incredibly old crater discovery debunks a hot theory about Earth’s last Ice Age

It didn’t cause the Ice Age, folks.

Origins of Life

Scientists used a unique method to produce mice from unfertilized eggs

The researchers hope it could have future applications for fertility treatment.