The 4 best ergonomic mouse pads, according to reviewers

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best ergonomic mouse pads

Looking to make your workspace more comfortable? According to research, an ergonomic desk setup may help reduce tendonitis, muscle fatigue, and other issues while increasing productivity. With that in mind, an ergonomic mouse pad is one easy and affordable way to make your work and gaming space more efficient while helping you feel more comfortable. The best ergonomic mouse pads feature built-in wrist rests to keep your forearm in a neutral position that’s parallel to the floor. These rests are made from either gel or memory foam, both of which offer different styles of supportive comfort.

Memory foam uses body heat to conform to your wrist and provide contoured support and cushioning, while gel has a bouncy cushiness, and it feels cooler than memory foam since it doesn't absorb body heat. The best mouse pad for you depends on what personally feels most comfortable; either way, you'll want to choose an option that keeps your forearm and wrist parallel to the floor.

Beyond that, I’ve included the best mouse pads in a range of shapes and colors — including an extra-large pick with a keyboard wrist rest — so you can choose a supportive option in a design you’ll like having on your desk. So, read on for the best ergonomic mouse pads to help you spend long hours at the computer without discomfort.

1. A memory foam mouse pad that conforms to your wrist

With over 5,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating, this memory foam mouse pad is a favorite among Amazon shoppers. The memory foam wrist rest conforms to your body and offers contoured support and cushioning, while the Lycra cover is soft and smooth, so your mouse glides effortlessly across the pad. There’s also a grippy rubber base to keep the mouse pad in place. However, memory foam absorbs body heat, and people find that it can feel too warm — which can be especially problematic if your workspace isn't air conditioned. If that’s the case for you, a gel mouse pad might be more comfortable.

According to a reviewer: “Supports my hand correctly and comfortably. The memory foam feels so nice and not too soft, suitable for both sides (left or right), very good price.”

2. A mouse pad with a gel wrist rest for more bouncy support

Another classic option, this highly rated mouse pad with a gel wrist offers a little more rebound than the memory foam option. And since it doesn't absorb body heat, it'll remain cool, which is a plus for anyone who runs warm. The basic black mouse pad is covered in smooth Lycra that allows your mouse to move seamlessly, and what’s more, the nonslip base helps keep the mouse pad from sliding around on your desk.

According to a reviewer: “So comfortable. [...] The gel is cool to the touch and very soft."

  • Available sizes: 9.4 x 8.1 inches, 9.6 x 8 inches

3. A mouse pad that comes in 10 designs

If you want to add a colorful accent to your desk, this mouse pad comes in 10 design-forward styles that’ll brighten up your office — and it has a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating from reviewers. It boasts a memory foam wrist rest that contours to your body to offer support, along with a matte fabric cover with designs featuring a mountain sunrise, marble, and colorful abstract art, to name a few. Plus, there’s a rubber base to help keep the mouse pad securely in place on your desk. One thing to keep in mind: Memory foam can trap body heat, so it may not be the best choice if you're concerned about temperature.

According to a reviewer: “Love the mountain design. I like how comfy it is on my wrist..."

4. A gaming mouse pad with a wrist rest (that you can also use at work)

This extra-large gaming mouse pad with wrist rest doubles as an ergonomic keyboard pad, so you’ll be comfortable through hours of PC gameplay and work. The smooth mouse pad features a memory foam wrist rest that extends along the length of it, so you get great support no matter where your hand is. (Just remember, if you're concerned about temperature, that memory foam absorbs a little body heat.) There's also a nonslip rubber backing and anti-fray stitching along the edges for added durability. Choose from three styles: green, galaxy, and black. This brand also offers a standard-size ergonomic mouse pad in classic black

According to a reviewer: “This is absolutely an excellent product. The wrist rest support is very comfortable to the touch and supports my wrists during intense gaming sessions (4+ hours), and I have experienced no discomfort whatsoever. I highly recommend this mouse pad to anyone."

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