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by Christina X. Wood
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As motivational as it can be, working out at the gym has been deemed a risky activity in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. That doesn't mean you have to put exercise on hold, though. There are actually tons of ways to recreate a gym experience in the comfort of your own home, thanks to all of the clever things on Amazon that are available for cheap. Because of these items, you can complete your favorite workouts right at home (minus the in-person trainer or occasional high-five, of course).

I get it, though: It can be tough to replicate some of the machinery you're used to using at the gym — but thanks to smaller, more compact tools like ab rollers, dumbbells, resistance bands, and even agility ladders, you can feel the burn from the comfort of your living room (or whatever room you want, really). Not only do these products work — especially while focusing on strength and aerobics — but they're also easy to store in between workout sessions.

Plus, with a home gym, all of your workout accessories are exactly where you need them. Go ahead and shop the clever products below and upgrade your workout routine without spending a fortune.

1. This roller that'll give you an intense ab workout

All you need is ten minutes a day and this ab roller for a quick, yet efficient workout. You can start in the beginner pose and work your way up from there for a personalized routine. The roller is wide for a steady movement and the grip is designed not to hurt your hands. Plus, reviewers have written that it takes their ab workout to the next level.

2. The rotating handles that take push-ups to the next level

You can engage more muscles in your pushups while keeping your wrists and joints comfortable by using the Perfect Pushup. It's a set of push up handles that rotate on a smooth ball-bearing system and have comfortable rubber grips that take the pressure off your hands and wrists while you exercise.

3. This durable jump rope with steel wires & foam handles

Jumping rope is a terrific cardio workout, and this jump rope is surprisingly excellent for the price, having earned more than 29,000 perfect five-star reviews. The memory foam handles are solidly made with a ball-bearing system so the rope spins without tangling — no matter how fast you go. The 9-foot length is adjustable, so you can have a fast-paced, no-tripping workout.

4. These resistance bands for full-body strength training

This pack of resistance bands is basically a home gym in one bundle — and you can buy for $11. The bands replicate the strength training you get from weights while being easy on your joints, scalable, and simple to store and take with you. There are five bands that are color-coded by resistance level, along with a storage bag. Over 41,000 Amazon reviewers have given them five stars.

5. A medicine ball that makes training as fun as playing catch

Pick it up, toss it, carry it, do crunches with it, and bounce it against a wall or floor. You'll be surprised by how much muscle you'll work just by doing simple, fun, exercises with this weighted — and yes, bouncy —medicine ball. This is an excellent 6-pound sphere that has gotten over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

6. These exercise dice for unpredictable workouts

Roll these dice and let chance decide what your workout will be today. There are three of them — each of which are 12-sided — and they offer different types of HIIT workouts, stretches, and yoga poses. (TBH, this is so much more fun than designing your own workout and much cheaper than a personal trainer.) There's a storage bag so you can take them on the go.

7. A pair of anti-slip dumbbells with cast-iron cores

Add a little weight to your routines easily with this pair of 3-pound cast-iron dumbbells. They have soft, grippy exteriors, making them easy to hold through various types of workouts. The hex also shape means they won't roll around, and they're formed from solid cast iron so they won't break.

8. These barbell grips that change how your weights work your muscles

Whether you're plateauing or simply bored with your weight-lifting routing, just snap these grips onto the handles of your weights and work a different set of muscles with the same exercises. Apparently, the thicker grip will change the way your body lifts the weight itself. Reviewers have written that they're easy to snap on and make a huge difference while trying to build muscle mass.

9. A wobble board that adds a balance element to everything

You can stand on this wobble board to help improve your balance — but don't stop there. You can also incorporate it into pushups, crunches, planks, stretches, burpees, and more. It's solid, easy to hold onto, and a fun way to improve your balance while working different muscles all at once.

10. A weight bench that'll fit perfectly in your home gym

Need a bench for your weight routine? This simple, lightweight bench is easy to assemble, and it'll easily fit easily into your small workout space. It's also versatile enough to use as a weight bench or to step up onto, according to many people who gave it positive reviews.

11. These sliders for an ab incredible ab workout anywhere

Drop these sliders onto the floor under your feet or hands and do some high-energy planks or push-ups. They slide, which dials up the abdominal challenge and fun of every workout. They're also designed to work on carpet or hard floors — just flip them over depending on the surface. They even store easily.

12. A pedal exerciser you can use while you work or watch TV

Turn your WFH desk into a mini-gym or get some extra cardio while watching TV with the help of this pedal exerciser. It folds for storage, is lightweight (5 pounds), and has an adjustable tension knob so you can turn up the burn while you're using it. It’s also easy to track your workout, thanks to the display that shows you rotation, revolutions per minute, and workout duration.

13. These wearable weights for extra intensity while exercising

You can strap this pair of wearable weights around your ankles and go for a walk or do lunges, or you can wear them around your wrists to help tone your arms while you do cardio. They don't require that you to hold onto anything, so your hands will be free for other things. They also come in a range of weights from 1 to 5 pounds.

14. A interval time & stopwatch so you can be your own trainer

If you're doing interval training or HIIT (or if you just want to know if your times are improving), this clip on stop watch and timer will come in handy. In other words, you'll be your own personal trainer. The buttons are easy to use and the display easy to see. It also has a vibrate feature that'll tell you when it's time to move on to the next set.

15. This pull-up bar that you can also use for floor workouts

Is there any exercise you can't do on this pull-up bar? Hang it in a door frame to do pull-ups (it snaps in without the need of screws), or set it on the floor and do dips, sit-ups, leg raises and more. Then, shove it under the bed until tomorrow. Well over 5,000 reviewers have given it five stars.

16. This resistance bar that takes resistance bands up a notch

Take a resistance band and add a steel bar to it, and you'll have this versatile accessory that'll make your workouts even more intense. It comes with a strong resistance band, a resistance bar, and a user manual so you can quickly get started. It takes up minimal storage space and is a great way to work your arms, legs, back, abs, and hips.

17. An exercise ball that you can also use at your WFH desk

This big and thick exercise ball can go from being your active desk chair to the perfect workout partner. You can keep your abs working while you sit at your desk, and bring it into your home gym area for pilates or yoga. It comes in six colors and five sizes, and each order includes a pump.

18. This agility ladder that's easy to store anywhere after workouts

Stretch this ladder out on the ground and run through it without touching the rungs. Go fast, crab-crawl sideways, or jog in patterns. It's a great workout and will help improve your speed and agility. It's also made of plastic rungs connected by webbing, so it packs up into a small bag for storage (one's even included).

19. This thick yoga mat for a soft workout on hard floors

If you dread getting down onto the hard floor while working out, this thick-and-squishy mat will help make your exercises more comfortable. It's half an inch thick, which is much easier on your knees and hips while doing poses or calisthenics. It also comes in seven colors and includes a carry strap.

20. These yoga cards so you can deal yourself a new practice

Yes, you can easily switch up your yoga routine at home — and this pack of cards is the ticket. They're designed to teach teachers the poses and their Sanskrit names, but you can use them to turn your workout into a series of your own design. There are illustrated cards that explain 45 asanas and three breathing exercises, as well as five suggested sequences.

21. The yoga blocks that'll help you achieve your deepest poses

On your way to mastering the more challenging yoga poses, you might find that you need a bit of an assist. These blocks are there for those poses you can't quite reach yet. They're easy to grip, solid, and give you the stability you need (even though they're made from a lightweight foam). They'll also look sleek in your home gym area. Choose from four colors.

22. This trampoline so you can jog in place & work out tensions

Bouncing — or rebounding, as the adults are calling it — on this folding trampoline can help builds muscle and balance from the comfort of your living room or home gym. Not only is it fun, but you can also do it while watching movies. It can even fit under your bed for storage.

23. The assist you need to help get your ab workout started

This ab workout machine is simple to set up, and it'll help facilitate a range of ab exercises from crunches to leg workouts. The resistance is adjustable, so you can increase the burn as you get stronger. It also requires no assembly and is small enough to store in between exercises.

24. The dumbbells that are adjustable (so you don't need tons of them)

If you're setting up a home gym, chances are good that space is an issue. These adjustable dumbbells have interchangeable weight blocks, so you don't have to have eight copies of the handle. Just unscrew the ends and switch to the weight you want.

25. A chart that shows you which weight exercises to do next

We weren't all born knowing how to work out with weights — and even if you once knew, it's easy to forget (especially when you aren't at the gym). Hang this chart on the wall and use it as a reference or teacher. It's organized by body region and includes the names and illustrations of the exercises. There are 40 moves printed on both sides of a laminated 18-by-27-inch poster.

26. A cast-iron kettlebell that's coated with soft vinyl

Kettlebells are popular because they make working weights into nearly any type of exercise super simple (thanks to their easy-to-grip handlebars). These vinyl-coated kettlebells are easy to hold with one or two hands, and they come in a range of weights that start at 5 pounds and go up to 40.

27. A set of foam tiles to make your workout space softer

If you're converting a room to a home gym, you don't want to destroy the floor with your weights, bench, or other equipment. You also want a soft surface to stand and kneel on to protect your own joints. These interlocking foam tiles make a protective, rubbery surface that covers 18 square feet. Installing them is like doing a simple jigsaw puzzle.

28. This heavy battle rope for your HIIT & strength workouts

This battle rope is a fun way to get an intense workout that involves both strength and cardio. It's an exercise that's popular in HIIT classes — but if you can't get to one of those, this 30- or 40-foot option is heavy and easy to install. It also has a cover to protect the rope.

29. A foam roller to help soothe achey muscles post-workouts

If your muscles become sore after workouts, you can slow down and work some trigger-point massages into your routine. This soft, yet firm foam roller can work out those sore muscles — and it comes with access to a video library of stretches and techniques to help you feel better.

30. This stepper to help you work on hamstrings & aerobics

The stepper has been a staple of aerobics classes for decades because stepping up and over can help get your heart rate up while building coordination as well as muscles. It can also be used to do dips, elevated pushups, and more. This one even assembles easily, and you can even adjust the height.

31. This weighted jumprope you’ll never trip over

This weighted jump rope lets you get all of the benefits of a skipping rope workout having to actually jump over anything. Each handle is attached to an adjustable rope with a weighted ball at the end, so you get the feel of jump roping without trips and tangles.

32. A set of ankle weights you can wear anywhere

Get a little more out of your afternoon walk with this pair of adjustable ankle weights. The hook and loop closure makes it easy to get the perfect fit, and each one weighs 2 pounds — which is just heavy enough to help you feel the burn on casual walks, though you can also use them to amp up a yoga or pilates practice.

33. This machine that helps strengthen your forearms & grip

This Ironman-looking machine focuses on your wrist, forearm, and grip to build strength in these important areas. It's even adjustable, so you can customize the resistance as you go — and the handle is made of foam so that you're comfortable the entire time you're working out.

34. A padded thigh toner that works on various other muscles

This squeeze gadget isn't only for your thighs; you can also use it to help tone your arms, back muscles, triceps, and more. Plus, you can do so while sitting on the couch. It's even padded with comfortable foam that absorbs sweat, so don't worry if your workouts get heated.

35. This sit-up bar that makes your crunches easier & more effective

Properly work your abs with this sit-up bar that helps keep your feet firmly planted on the floor. Just slide it under any door, tighten the padded clamp, then adjust the ankle bar to a comfortable height. Speaking of which, the ankle bar is also padded for comfort.

36. These cult-favorite wireless earbuds to help pump you up

If you ask me, music is motivation when it comes to working out — and this pair of waterproof, wireless earbuds will go with you no matter how sweaty you get (or how rainy the run is when you take them outside). They’ve earned more than 160,000 five-star reviews (!), and offer six hours of play time on a single charge, with an additional 24 hours when stored in the charging case. They come in several colors and have a built-in mic for taking calls.

37. A sports armband that'll keep your phone within easy reach

If you use your phone to track your workouts (or even as a personal trainer), you'll probably want it where you can see it without stopping to pull it out of your pocket. This armband secures it to your upper arm or forearm, leaving the screen exposed so you can use it. It also lets you pivot the phone so you can easily interact with your apps. Reviewers have written that it's secure and doesn't bounce around, even during long runs.

38. These no-tie elastic laces so your workout shoes stay snug

Sometimes, it's the small obstacles that stop you from getting out there — and lacing up a pair of shoes that come untied while you're trying to keep moving is a common one. Replace the laces that came with those shoes with these elastic lock-laces. They cinch to tighten so you don't have to interrupt your workouts to stop and tie your sneakers. They also stretch slightly so your shoes are snug, but not too tight.

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