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The 5 best patio heaters for wind

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best patio heaters for wind

Research shows spending time outdoors is good for mental health — but it’s not very comfortable on chilly, windy days. That’s where the best patio heaters for wind come in. These heaters use propane or electricity to effectively warm up your outdoor area, but thanks to features like weighted bases and tip-over protection, they can safely stand up to windy weather.

There are two main things to consider while shopping: the amount of heat output (measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs)) and whether the heater is propane-powered or electric. Propane heaters are generally more powerful, so they give off a greater amount of BTUs, but since they heat the air, instead of people and objects, they become less effective in wind. Electric heaters, on the other hand, give off less heat, but don't lose their effectiveness if a breeze kicks up. With that in mind, you'll have a choice between four styles:

  • Freestanding heaters have high BTU ratings and are great for warming larger patios, but since they're propane powered, they're less wind-resistant than electric options. The tall profile also means they can tip over in wind, so for added stability, look for an option that allows you to add water to the base.
  • Wall-mounted heaters are usually electric, so they'll have lower BTU ratings, but they won't lose their warming power in wind, and they're also safe to use on patios with an overhang (unlike propane-powered options).
  • Tabletop heaters like the one on this list can be attached to your patio table, and they provide enough heat to help you stay comfortable while you're gathered around for a meal or drinks.
  • Portable heaters that sit low to the ground are less likely to get knocked over in the wind, and they're easy to move as needed. They can be powered by propane, or — for greater wind resistance — electricity.

Whichever style works best for your outdoor space, these are the best patio heaters for wind on Amazon that’ll warm you up even when the weather is blustery.

1. A wall-mounted electric heater that’ll stay put

Although this mounted patio heater has the lowest BTU rating on the list, you can count on it to stand up to wind, since it uses uses infrared heat to warm up your outdoor space. Even better, since you can mount it to the wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket, you'll never have to worry about it tipping over. Made with an aluminum body that's durable enough to face the elements, it features three heat settings and a timer, along with an included remote that makes it it easy to control everything. Plus, there’s overheat protection for added safety.

  • 5,200 BTUs

According to a reviewer: “Love that we can use the remote to switch it on and instant heat and its up off the ground and blends in with our black beam. Its about 7' above us and gives off plenty of heat. Love that it makes my deck more usable any time of day if its chilly.”

2. A freestanding propane heater with a water tank base

This propane-powered patio heater may not be as effective as an electric heater if the wind really kicks up, but the water tank in the base helps weigh it down to keep it from tipping over, so it's great if you're more concerned about safety on windy days, but want the outstanding performance of a propane heater on less windy days. For safety, the heater automatically turns off in case of tipping, and flameout protection automatically stops propane flow when the flame goes out. The heater stands about 87 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds, and there are wheels for maneuverability. There's a knob for adjusting the heat output, but of course — you’ll need to purchase a 20-pound propane tank separately

  • 46,000 BTUs

According to a reviewer: “It's easy to set and I add some water into the water tank to make the heater steady.The room keeps warm very fast.”

3. A portable electric heater

For an easy-to-move option that won't lose its power in wind, check out this Remington infrared heater. The radiant heat does an effective job of heating up people and objects (instead of the air), and it operates on two heat and three oscillation settings, and while the BTU rating isn't listed, reviewers are pleased with how much heat it gives off outdoors — even in wind. Weighing in at 10 pounds, the heater features a top handle that makes it easy to transport, and tip-over protection means it'll automatically turn off in case of accidents.

  • BTUs not listed

According to a reviewer: "The heat element tosses out the energy, and it warms things up in fairly short order, yes even in cold outdoor weather. In my use over the past few days, even wind doesn't impact the heat...my spot stayed warm even with wind blowing around."

4. A tabletop fire bowl with wind protection

If you’ve got a patio table with an umbrella hole, it’s easy to add this table fire bowl for a bit of warmth and ambiance. To install, just insert the fire bowl through the umbrella hole and connect it to a 1-pound propane tank (sold separately) under the table. The weathered bronze flame bowl features eye-catching amber lava glass, and a glass flame shield protects against strong winds. A knob lets you adjust the flame height, but keep in mind that this won't heat a large area, and there’s no mention of an auto-shutoff feature for safety.

  • 10,000 BTUs

According to a reviewer: “This table top version is awesome! It looks a small but is a pretty decent size and it takes the chill out of the air when we are sitting out back. Easy to install.”

5. A powerful propane heater that’s low to the ground

Choosing a portable propane heater that sits low to the ground can reduce the chance of it getting tipped over in the wind, and this one offers a whopping 60,000 BTUs — the most on the list. This outdoor torpedo heater comes with a 10-foot hose and regulator, so you can connect to a propane tank (sold separately), and there’s a simple on/off switch. It's also adjustable, so if you'd like a little less heat, you can turn it all the way down to an output of 30,000 BTUs, but keep in mind that since it uses propane instead of infrared heat, it may be a little less effective on windy days. The heater weighs about 13.6 pounds and features a built-in handle, so it’s easy to move when needed.

If you want to save a little money, you can opt for a 35,000-BTU version, but you can't adjust the heat output, so it's a little less customizable.

  • 60,000 BTUs

According to a reviewer: “Heats up the patio nicely even on windy days."

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