Sales are skyrocketing on these 45 products with near-perfect Amazon reviews

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by Christina X. Wood
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When I’m looking for a new shower head, storage system, or anything else I don’t have a lot of experience buying, I like to know what other people bought and how they liked it. I don’t want to buy the version of these everyday items that everyone hates. I want the version that people are saying, “Well, damn! That is so awesome I am going to go leave a five-star review to help others live as well as me!” That’s why I go straight to the reviews when I need to organize my closet, trick out my car, update my bathroom, or even buy myself a new fanny pack. And I’m not the only one who does, which is why sales are skyrocketing on these 45 products with near-perfect Amazon reviews.

You know when over 100,000 people are raving about a portable speaker, it’s probably pretty nice, right? And if close to 20,000 people feel the need to wax poetic about a drain protector, that’s probably the one I want in my sink, too. And I’m telling you from experience because I already trusted the nearly 20,000 people who offered ecstatic descriptions of a shower head and learned that they were right. They were so right. Getting out of the shower is a daily struggle for me now because it feels so luxurious, and I don’t know how I lived before. Keep reading to check out the rest of these. They are awesome.

1. This tripod & remote that takes selfies to the next level

When you need a high-quality selfie for your social media profile, professional head shot, or because you are taking your Instagram feed seriously, put your phone in this telescoping tripod that lets you rotate and tilt your phone to exactly the position you want and snap the photo — or video — using the Bluetooth-connected remote. No more arm-reach shots or racing a timer.

2. A Bluetooth speaker that goes where you do

This little speaker is small and waterproof so you can take it anywhere, but it sounds so good that you will use it at home, too. The triangle shape is cute and fits in pockets; the eight color options will make you want more than one; and it holds a charge for 14 hours. Over 116,000 people give it five stars because it’s awesome.

3. The neck light that lets you read in the dark

When your bed partner needs to sleep and you are deep into a page-turner you can’t put down, pull out this neck light and adjust one or both of the beams at your page. The flexible neck lets you point the beams precisely, and you can choose from three light tints and six levels of brightness. It’s also handy during power outages.

4. A high-density foam roller that will destress your muscles

Reviewers are raving in quite colorful language about how effective this dense foam roller is at getting the knots, stress, and tension out of muscles. It is an essential tool in a very effective form of self massage that runners and other high-intensity exercisers swear by. But this tool works on anyone — even those of use who are sore just from sitting at a desk for long stretches. This 36-inch roller is big enough for back and leg moves and comes in four colors.

5. This garage door control on your phone

Have you ever left the house, driven for hours, then wondered, “Did I close the garage?” If you had installed this smart garage controller, you could pull out your phone and answer that question without any stress. And if you left the garage open, close it with a tap to the screen. It’s easy to install and also works with Amazon Key, so you can have packages delivered into your garage.

6. This simple way to protect your drain from clogs

Set this simple drain protector down over the drain in your bath or shower and it will keep hair and small items from going down and clogging it. Over 19,000 people love this thing because it works — even for pop-up drains — and stays in place.

7. A magnetic LED light for under your cabinets

This bright LED light is so useful in the kitchen, closet, or anywhere else you need a little light. Mount the magnetic base to the underside of your cabinets and stick the light to the mount magnetically. That’s it. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t need to wire anything, just remove it and charge it. You can adjust the angle of the beam, the brightness, and the color of the light.

8. This media player that opens up a world of TV watching

This little media streaming device will quickly become the center of your TV and movie watching world, making the high price you pay for cable TV seem outrageous. Just install it and start watching, subscribing only to streaming services you want, and watching them in gorgeous HD. The remote is genius, too, and will let you ask Alexa to do the searching or take you directly to the channel you want with one button.

9. These three-layer masks so you are never without protection

Even if you have a collection of washable masks, keep a stack of these disposable multi-layer masks in the car or in your backpack so you never get caught without one. They come in seven colors and have three layers of filtering protection, a nose wire, and comfy ear elastics. Over 10,000 people give them five stars.

10. The cable management strip that hides all your wires

Instead of leaving a snarl of wires under your desk, stick these cable channels to the underside (or wherever works for you) and run the cords through them. All those wires will be tidy and out of sight, but you can still access them easily. This pack comes with six 16-inch channels.

11. This pack of eight dust bags to protect your bags

Protect handbags, scarves, and gloves by storing them in these clear plastic bags that keep out dust and insect invasions. The bags are clear so you can see what’s in them and each one has a handle so you can hang them from a hook or hanger.

12. A smart outlet so Alexa can make the coffee

If you want your in-home AI to pull its weight, you have to plug things into smart outlets. Plug your coffee maker into this one, for example, so that when the alarm goes off, you can shout, “Alexa! Make the coffee!” and let her turn it on while you catch more Zs. You can put things on timers, use your voice to control everything from appliances to lamps, and more. This is the official Alexa companion outlet, and it’s a favorite with over 367,000 five-star ratings.

13. This slim Tile tracker for your wallet or luggage

Put this credit-card sized Tile tracker in your wallet, purse, or luggage tag, and you will be able to find that thing again using your phone. If your wallet or bag is within 200 feet, the app will show you exactly where it is by locating it via Bluetooth. If it’s further away than that, you can see where it was when it was last within range and ask a secure network of Tile owners to help you find it.

14. The dongle that connects your phone to the car wirelessly

Connect your car to your phone so you can talk, listen to music, and get navigation updates through your car’s speakers with this tiny receiver. It’s super simple to install — just connect it to your car stereo via a free FM channel and to your phone via Bluetooth — and go. It works just as well to bring an outdated-but-awesome home stereo into the age of streaming music, too.

15. This high-pressure shower head for $30

With 90 high-powered jets in a wide shape, this shower head will give a luxurious rain shower feel. In just a few minutes, you can install it in any standard shower and have a high-pressure, game-changing shower. With over 18,000 five-star ratings, one shopper commented, “This is the best shower head I have ever bought. I have low water pressure and have been through many different ones.This shower head somehow really increased the pressure! It really is great!”

16. A fanny pack so you can carry your gear hands-free

Thankfully, the fanny pack is making a comeback just in time for our big phones, masks, and necessary water bottles, and this big one will hold it all. There’s a channel to run your earbud wires through, a clip for your keys, and an external pocket for your phone. The big inner compartment is roomy and waterproof, and it wears either around your hips or crossbody.

17. An alarm clock that’s also a speaker & night light

When the lights go down, this alarm clock will light the room with a calming glow in the color of your choice, play music or an audiobook from your phone, and mark the time. In the morning, it will do what every other alarm clock does and wake you up. You only have so much room on the bedside table, this multi-capable device makes good use of the 4-inch square it claims.

18. The security camera that works inside or out

This versatile security camera delivers a high-quality image, even in the dark, and is rated IP65 waterproof so you can mount it outdoors where it will experience the weather or use it indoors for a pet or baby monitor. It’s so small that it’s easy to find a spot for it, wired so you’ll never have to recharge it, and lets you view what it sees through your Amazon Echo Show. Over 13,000 people give it five stars.

19. A charging cable that can handle all the gadgets

When you have more than one gadget, the cables start to proliferate, making it challenging to have the one you need when you need it, but this pack of three charging cables is here to handle all of it. There are three ports on each — micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning — on one end and a USB plug on the other and the 5-foot cable is a strong braided nylon.

20. These popular wireless earbuds that are surprisingly affordable

If investing in earbuds that you know you are likely to lose is something you hesitate to do, these affordable and feature-rich ones are a great alternative, especially since well over 163,000 people gave them five stars. They are waterproof, have a Qi-compatible wireless charging case, come in five colors, and will play — if you store them in their charging case — for 30 hours without a charge.

21. A telescope that lets you take close ups with your phone

This telescope is portable enough to pocket and take with you on a hike or boat ride (it’s waterproof) so you can see that hawk or pelican 16 times closer than it looks to your naked eye. There’s also a phone holder so you can grab a snap of that hawk and post it while you are still watching it fly.

22. The dumbbells in a stand for your home gym

Add some weight lifting to your morning routine by setting these six hand weights down somewhere convenient. There are six weights — two five-pound, two three-pound, and two two-pound — in a dedicated rack and over 40,000 people give them five stars.

23. A lunch box that holds lots of food & keeps it cold

Reviewers are thrilled by how much food this insulated lunch box holds and how it manages to keep it all cold. It’s big enough to hold 12 beers with ice or enough food to feed everyone on your beach outing, so it’s definitely got you covered when you are bringing lunch, snacks, and beverages to work.

24. This mini smart camera that’s under $40

With over 93,000 five-star ratings, shoppers trust this mini camera to keep an eye on things. This plug-in security camera is designed for indoor use, and it features two-way audio and connects to your smartphone. Setup takes just a few minutes, and reviewers rave about the picture quality and clear night vision.

25. This projecting alarm clock that’s also a mirror

Set this projecting alarm clock on your dresser and use the mirror finish to make sure your hair is perfect. It projects the time in a soft glow you can see from bed. And the alarm, with a snooze function and two USB ports, lets you wake up to music and charge your phone.

26. This bedside lamp with built-in outlets & USB ports

This lamp would look great on your bedside table but is simple enough that you could put it on your desk or hall table, too. It comes in three choices of brightness and color, each with an outlet and two USB ports built in so you can get rid of that bulky charging strip you have on the table and clean up your space.

27. These felt-bottomed silicone socks for your furniture

There are 24 silicone furniture leg covers in this package so you can slip them onto the legs of all your furniture and protect the floor from scratches and your senses from the loud noises that happen whenever anyone pulls out a chair. Unlike the stick-on kind, these stay put. There are six color options.

28. A ceiling fan & lantern for your tent

Sleeping in an airless tent is nearly impossible, right? If that’s what’s keeping you from camping, the solution — just as it is in homes in every geography that gets hot — is a ceiling fan. And this lightweight portable fan is designed to hang from a tent ceiling and also work as a lantern. It runs for 37 continuous hours on two D batteries.

29. An over-the-door hook for all your extra items

Turn the closet door into a useful storage space for hats, bags, belts, scarves and whatever else you reach for often by hooking this rack of 16 hooks over the top. The hooks slide on the bars so you can set the spacing, it comes in two colors, and it can also be mounted on a wall.

30. A handy home thermometer that measures humidity

If you are making bread, beer, or kombucha or just like stats, this home thermometer is necessary. It tells you the temperature in your kitchen, bedroom, or wherever as well as the humidity level. It’s all the atmospheric data you need on your space in one tidy, portable package.

31. A bathtub drain protector that actually prevents clogs

Catch hairs and other shower debris before they clog your drain with this much-loved drain protector. It comes in two flexible sizes to suit just about any setup, and it couldn’t be easier to install.

32. Some tape that keeps your rugs in place

Stop sliding around on your floors and letting pets redecorate with their paws. This double-sided carpet tape keeps rugs and more in place without damaging your floors. It’s safe for everything from hardwood to concrete.

33. A power strip that’s everything your desk needs

This slick power strip has 12 outlets and four USB ports in a tidy package that sits flat on your desk or on the floor next to it, allowing you to power everything from your phone to your dual-monitor desktop rig and accessories. You can shut everything off at once with the power switch and the surge protection will keep your gear from frying.

34. These webcam covers that lock out prying eyes

Worried that someone might be looking at you through your webcam? Preventing that from ever happening is so easy — just peel and stick one of these webcam covers over the camera and slide it closed. When you want to use the camera, slide it open again.

35. A wireless charger so you can power up without cables

This wireless phone and small gadget charger is so handy that you might want to scatter several of them around the house. When your phone or headphones — anything that’s Qi-compatible — are low on power, just set them down on this wireless charging disk. The rim will light up briefly to let you know it connected and you will never have to worry about Lightning, USB-C, or anything cable related.

36. The phone stand with a built-in speaker

This phone stand is also a speaker phone or music player and it turns your phone into a tiny TV for YouTube. Just set the stand down, connect your phone to it via Bluetooth, adjust the angle of the screen, and enjoy your cooking videos or Zoom calls with improved sound.

37. This lighting strip that upgrades your TV into a theater experience

Transform your viewing experience by lighting the wall behind your TV in color with this easy-to-install, peel-and-stick LED lighting system you control via remote or app. When you are watching TV, throw any of 16 million colors onto the wall behind it to soften the contrast for a more pleasant theater-like experience.

38. A heavy cable organizer so everything stays put

This desktop cable manager weighs over half a pound so when you set it down on your desk, it won’t budge. Clip all the cables you use into the seven slots and they will stay right there so you can find them when you need them. It comes in seven colors.

39. The complete workout gear that fits in a pocket

When you can’t get to the gym, pull this set of five resistance bands out and get a workout in wherever you are. They are color-coded so you can quickly grab the resistance you want, and they are perfect for any level of workout — including physical therapy. Over 69,000 people give them five stars.

40. These hanging shelves for easy storage in your closet

It’s easy to create storage for shoes, linens, and baskets in your closet by hanging these shelves right from the garment rod. Just hook them over or install them with the wrap-around hook and loop hangers and they unfold into six roomy shelves. They even come with a drawer that features a clear window and two side pockets to hold small items.

41. This in-car mount that charges your phone wirelessly

Every time you put your Qi-compatible phone into this car mount, it will pick up a charge so that when you arrive, your phone’s battery won’t be depleted from using the navigation. It plugs into the included lighter converter, suctions to the dash, and rotates and moves on the arm for perfect positioning.

42. The solar-powered landscape lights that can change colors

These solar-powered LED lights are the simple, wireless way to light your yard in whatever color you like. Put the solar panel where it can bask in the sunlight, point the spotlight at a tree, walkway, or flag, and choose a color. You can stick them into the ground or mount them to a wall.

43. These draft stoppers that lower your energy bills

Home improvement doesn’t get much easier than this. Just stick these draft stoppers onto the bottom of your doors to keep wind, noise, and other unwanted intrusions out. It also helps insulate your home for lower energy bills. Choose from six colors to suit your space.

44. These grippers so you can hang a broom on the wall

Brooms, dusters, toilet brushes, and long-handled tools can be a challenge to store but these four grippers solve that. Stick one to the wall, the back of a closet door, or behind the toilet and then push that long handle into it and it snaps closed to hold it. You’ll always be able to find the tool and your closets will be cleaner.

45. These mouse catchers that won’t hurt your kids or pets

These sticky boards smell like peanut butter so that mice come to see what’s for lunch. But then, because the boards are super sticky, the mouse gets caught firmly and can’t get away. There are no dangerous snapping elements to break your fingers or hurt your kids or pets and they are easy to dispose of.

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