The 5 loudest Bluetooth speakers

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by Andrea Hannah
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Listening to music is a favorite pastime and can even benefit your cognitive functioning — provided it's loud enough that you can hear it. But getting the perfect sound quality on a speaker can often be challenging, and to find the loudest Bluetooth speakers, you'll want to inspect the decibel ratings of the top models.

A quick search will pull up tons of Bluetooth speakers, but honestly, there are only a few that are as powerful as their corded counterparts. When on the hunt for a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, first check out the number of decibels (dB), which measures the intensity of the sound a speaker emits. Any truly loud Bluetooth speaker will emit at least 90 dB or higher, so be sure that any speaker you go with has at least this rating.

Once you've accounted for the noise capabilities, you also want to consider your personal preferences. For example, if you plan to take your speaker with you on the go, you want to look for a compact portable speaker that's easy to travel with. Bonus points if it has a long battery life and is waterproof. But if you'd rather keep your Bluetooth speaker in a special space, a heavyweight option or a corded speaker with tons of power may be your best bet.

Investing in a speaker is a big deal, so it's important to find an excellent Bluetooth speaker that works for you. Here are a few high-quality options to help you get started.

1. Best Overall, All Things Considered

For a loud device with plenty of fun features, look no further than this portable Bluetooth speaker. This model weighs in at 7 pounds and emits a whopping 101 decibels, making it one of the loudest speakers on the market. It also has a small carrying handle, and even features eye-popping neon lights to amp up any dance party. With an 18-hour playtime and an IPX7 waterproof rating (which means it can survive a drop in up to 3 feet of water), this speaker is a great buy. You can even control the lights right from your smartphone. Ultimately, this is a great portable speaker that stands up to pricier name brands.

According to one reviewer: "I spent WAY too much time reading reviews. I wanted something that had the sound presence to fill my garage and backyard, while also being able to take to the beach/park from time to time. This is probably the best product for the money that fits that criteria. It's capable of HUGE sound. The bass sounds great (something lacking on pretty much ALL of the smaller speakers). the battery is sold. The lights are fun."

2. Runner-Up

This sleek Bluetooth speaker emits 90 decibels and can play even the loudest music for up to 20 hours before it needs to be charged. Plus, it weighs less than 3 pounds, making it easy to take with you. And you'll definitely want to bring it with you — it's waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof, according to the brand, so you never have to worry about damaging this speaker, no matter were you take it.

According to one reviewer: "The Megaboom 3 is a rugged, relatively waterproof speaker with great sound & ability to play fairly loud. It's not the smallest portable bluetooth out there, but [its] size was still convenient enough to take along on two ski trips with me this winter. I've purchased & returned 7 different portable Bluetooth outdoor speakers over the last year, and found this to be the best of the bunch."

3. Best Smart Speaker

If you'd prefer a bit more technology, this smart Bluetooth speaker is an absolute must. While Amazon's standard Echo speakers have plenty of volume, the Echo Studio emits sound at 90 decibels and also utilizes 330 watts of power to crank up the sound even higher. Plus, this speaker features its own built-in smart hub, so you never even have to touch it to play music. Just use voice commands to cue up your favorite songs, skip a playlist, or turn the volume all the way up. One note: This Bluetooth speaker is a corded option, which means there are no playtime limits, but it also means you can't take it with you on the go. Thousands of reviewers were impressed by this speaker's quality.

According to one reviewer: "I enjoy good sound and I have a very picky ear. So I decided to try this... Awesome Amazon. Incredible. [It] sounds like I am sitting in front of two speakers (or more). I had to move it around a little bit to find a sweet spot but it is so nice."

4. Best Budget-Friendly Speaker

For a great option on a budget, this affordable Bluetooth speaker hits all the right marks. For one, it emits sound at an intense 97 decibels, making it one of the loudest options out there. It also weighs about 4 pounds and features a built-in handle, making it easy to take on the go. It even has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it can survive being dropped in up to 3 feet of water. This speaker has a 40-hour playback time and can recharge fully in as little as four hours. Plus, at only $70, this speaker is a steal.

According to one reviewer: "In short, an amazing product! Works precisely as advertised. Bluetooth connecting is a breeze! Deep, rich sounding bass. Loud enough to rock a backyard party. I connect it to my streaming music account through my phone and the speakers do the rest! Compact and easy to transport from place to place. I highly recommend it."

5. Best Splurge

Hundreds of Amazon reviewers have attested that this boombox-style speaker is well worth the investment. Not only does it give off a nostalgic vibe, but it also emits sound at a powerful 101 decibels. It can last a full 24 hours before it needs to be recharged. Like other speakers on this list, it's IPX7 waterproof, it is extremely durable, and weighs just 2.4 pounds — far and away the lightest speaker on this list. And, with a name brand like JBL, you can practically guarantee quality.

According to one reviewer: "I usually never write review but this speaker was just too amazing for me not to tell everyone about it. The sound is crystal clear and very wonderful and for all you bass lovers, this is the product for you! I’m literally in love with the bass because it’s just amazing!! Well done JBL!"

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