It's freaky that these 42 products are so brilliant & yet so cheap

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by Christina X. Wood
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Sometimes, it's hard to believe that something so affordable could make such a big difference in your day-to-day life. But what if I told you that a simple $11 product could make it possible to see when you couldn't before? And what if I said that $35 could transform your old shower into a deluxe, spa-like experience? Well, the products that make those things possible are all available online — and it's freaky that these Amazon products are so brilliant and yet so cheap.

But sometimes, it makes sense. I'm well aware that the prices of various technologies — like wireless chargers and portable batteries — typically drop when they evolve. And it seems like some of these brilliant things might be inexpensive simply because they were also cheap to manufacture. But in some cases, I just don't get it; how can these prices be so low? High-quality outdoor gear, for example, usually comes with a high price for a solid reason. So why does the brilliant camping hammock on this list only cost $25? It's certainly not because anyone skimped on the quality.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to understand exactly why something is so affordable in order to enjoy it. Sure, it's freaky. But it's awesome-freaky. And I'm all about it.

1. This egg bite cooker that'll save you a fortune every morning

Do you like egg bites from your local coffee shop? Stay in your pajamas and save a small fortune every week by making them yourself with this egg bite steamer. Mix up a flavor combo that calls to you, drop it in here, hit the button, and wait for the light to tell you your eggs are ready. It's non-stick and some parts can go into the dishwasher.

2. The mask extenders that'll give your ears a break

Wearing a mask means that your ears are carrying some extra weight. These handy mask extenders let you hook your mask to a loop of plastic instead of to your own delicate skin. They are adjustable so the mask fits perfectly — and there are eight in this package, so you can share with everyone you know.

3. The ear-cleaning kit with a camera for a better view

Ever been to a doctor to see what's going on inside your ears? With this otoscope, you can see what's happening before your next visit. It connects it to your phone so you can see everything right on your screen. Plus, it connects to iPhones, Android phones, and Apple or Microsoft computers. If you find something worrisome, you can save the images to get a professional opinion.

4. This clever insect trap that uses light to lure bugs in

Got a mosquito or fruit fly problem? Set this elegant trap anywhere. It looks cool, like a fancy fan — so it'll likely blend into your decor. Twenty LED lights provide a wavelength that bugs find appealing. When the critters fly in to check out the light, a fan sucks them in and sticks them to the trap. The trap is also concealed, so you don't have to look at any of this. Just empty it occasionally.

5. A level that sends laser beam for an easier straight line

In order to hang a picture or decoration straight, you need a level, right? Well, this level also has a laser level that sends a straight beam of light that you can use as a guide along a wall. It also has an 8-foot measuring tape built in.

6. This spray that stops your glasses from fogging up

Wearing a mask takes a special toll on people who wear glasses, because it often makes them fog up. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Spray your lenses with this anti-fog concoction, give them a wipe, and they won't fog up anymore. You can also use it on the car windows, swim goggles, and bathroom mirror.

7. A handheld water filter that you can use on the go

A device that can purify pretty much any water you encounter on your wilderness outing sounds expensive, right? Well, not really. This LifeStraw is a powerful filter built to work like a straw — and it's only $18. Put one end in your mouth and the other into your water, and then use it like a typical straw. On the way to your mouth, its membrane micro-filters will remove over 99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites. Oh, and it can fit in your pocket.

8. This set of bike lights for the front & back of your ride

Outfitting your bike with a headlight and rear flashing light is neither expensive nor difficult anymore. This pair of rechargeable LED lights has you covered. Choose the light setting: full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing, or slow flashing. Then, attach them anywhere on your bike with the rubber straps. You'll be more visible in no time.

9. A pair of grippy touch screen gloves that'll keep you warm

You can put away that expensive pair of wool gloves that don't work with your phone; this inexpensive touch screen-sensitive pair is knitted from a conductive yarn so your screens recognize your touch. They also have grippy palms so you can drive in them. Choose from nine colors and three sizes. No more frozen hands.

10. This outdoor smart plug so you can control your patio lights by voice

Putting up lights for the holiday season? It would be so great if you could tell Alexa or Google Home to turn them on or off, right? That's surprisingly easy. Just use this two-plug smart outlet to plug the lights in outside. It connects to Alexa or Google Home via WiFi and has a 300-foot range. You can control each plug separately.

11. A hand warmer that can also charge your phone

Tuck this hand warmer into your pocket and give your cold hands a treat, or slide it into your mittens when it's cold out. It has three heat settings that range from 95 to 131 degrees, so you can dial in the heat you need. If they day is warm, you'll still be glad you have it because it's also a high-capacity phone charger with a USB-C charge port.

12. The charcoal sticks that help purify your water

Add one of these charcoal sticks to a glass of funky-tasting tap water, and it should help absorb impurities so that your water tastes fresher. One stick is enough for a standard water bottle, whereas larger carafes generally only need two. Plus, you can even reactivate the sticks by boiling them in water for 10 minutes, then allowing them to dry.

13. This easy-to-pack camping chair for less than $35

Take this collapsible chair camping and you'll always have a seat off the ground anywhere you go. It works just as well in your yard or on your patio. The frame is made from sturdy aluminum, and there are also side pockets where you can stash your phone or a water bottle. How is it only $30?

14. An exercise mat you can fold & store under the couch

A daily regiment of crunches, pushups, and the like is usually rewarding. But doing it all on the floor — especially if you have sore knees or hips — can be unpleasant. Keep this foldable mat handy and lay it flat whenever you're ready for a workout. It's light, made of an easy-to-clean vinyl, and comes in four color options: black, blue, grey, or pink.

15. This on-trend fanny pack that makes it easy to carry your essentials

Thankfully, the fanny pack is making a comeback. Whether you wear it as a backpack, sling, or stylish hip accessory, it'll make it simpler to carry your essentials. With this, everything will be secure and within reach. Plus, there's little danger of leaving it behind, because you'll be wearing it. There are also four pockets that you can use to keep your essentials organized.

16. A back scrubber that exfoliates & cleans

Give yourself a good back scratch in the shower with this back scrubber. The exfoliating scrubber has a honeycomb texture that offers a deep clean, and the handles on either end make it easy to hold. Choose from three lengths to fit your body best.

17. This blackout panel you can take with you

If your home office gets a little too bright during the day, just hang up this portable blackout curtain to give yourself some shade. The suction cups on the back allow you to easily hang it up on all types of windows. Each order also comes with a drawstring bag — just in case you want to take it with you while crashing with friends.

18. A handy soap or sponge holder for your sink

Want to put the dish sponge somewhere it'll drain into the sink and always be handy when you want to use it? This sponge or soap caddy suctions onto the sink — or anywhere you want to put it — and holds your sponge, dish brush, or a bar of soap. It comes in five finishes and is loved by over 15,000 Amazon reviewers.

19. The shower head that gives you a rain-like bathing experience

Tons of customers consider this shower head — which has strong water pressure and a wide rain pattern — an incredible spa-like experience. It filters the water controls the growth of scale — so after you bath in the water, your hair and skin will feel fabulous. It's simple to install, too; just unscrew your old shower head and screw this one in.

20. This wireless charger for quick & easy charging when you need it

Stash a few of these wireless chargers all over your house and set your phone down whenever it needs a quick charge. Put one on the coffee table, counter, bathroom vanity — wherever. Not only is it cheap, but it's also convenient. Plus, it's compatible with any phone capable of Qi wireless charging.

21. A wall charger that turns one outlet into two USB plugs

Plug this dual USB port into any outlet an instantly convert it to a USB-compatible power source. Now that most new small appliances like toothbrushes, razors, and more charge with USB plugs, it's convenient to have more of them. This turns one standard plug into two ports.

22. This in-car phone mount that keeps your phone where you want it

There are a lot of car phone holders out there, but most of them can’t claim 56,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. This car phone mount suctions onto the dashboard or windshield and features a patented one-touch lock and release grip that’s ridiculously convenient. Plus, the telescoping arm reaches out to 8 inches and pivots in multiple directions, so you can always get a perfect view.

23. A wallet that sticks to the back of your cell phone

It's amazing what a difference putting this wallet on the back of your phone makes. It features space for up to three cards and cash — so there's no need to go hunting for your full wallet when it's time to leave the house. Plus, the 3M adhesive won't leave behind any sticky residues if you ever decide to remove it.

24. This phone tripod that's super flexible and also works with cameras

This seems like a standard tripod that'll hold either your phone (via clamp) or camera (via screw attachment) — but it also swivels 360 degrees, bends 90 degrees, and comes with a remote. The legs are bendable, too, so you can wrap them around your handlebars or a branch for taking hands-free action shots.

25 A thick fleece throw blanket you can wear around the house

When the weather turns cold, it's nice to have a fleece blanket within reach. Even better? A soft cozy blanket that you can wear around the house. This wearable fleece blanket features sleeves and a hood to help you stay warm, while the oversized fit is oh-so comfortable. And unlike regular blankets, this one even has a kangaroo pocket in the front — perfect for a remote or your phone.

26. This waffle-fabric heating pad that's flexible & soft

The soft micro-plush fabric and wire lining of this heating pad make for a very effective tool in your fight against cramps, aches, and muscle soreness. The extra-large pad features three heat settings, so you can warm up a little or put some serious heat on your b. It’s flexible enough to wrap around your limbs or drape over your shoulders. And buyers love it — it’s earned a 4.6-star overall rating after 76,000 reviews.

27. A French press with a durable borosilicate glass carafe

French press coffee is so easy: Put ground coffee in, add water, wait, and plunge the handle. This French press is not only excellent — with a double stainless-steel filter to keep grounds out of your cup and a sturdy heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe — but also beautiful. The casing comes in your choice of finish: matte black, copper, pewter, or silver. It even holds 34 ounces of coffee.

28. These resistance bands that are color-coded with different strengths

Resistance bands make a terrific additions to your home gym. This set of five has different resistance levels that start at five pounds and go up to 40. And you can combine them to increase the resistance even more. Plus, they'll fit in a drawer for easy storage. They're also made of all-natural latex and come in a flannel carrying bag along with a workout guide.

29. A complete set of bamboo dental care products

You can go ahead and ditch your plastic toothbrushes for these biodegradable bamboo ones. There are four brushes in one set, a bamboo carrying case that holds one brush, and charcoal-mint dental floss in a glass container. No plastic anywhere here.

30. This layered drawer organizer that fits so many utensils

If your cutlery drawer is crowded and disorganized, you need a better way. This drawer organizer with a layered design fits more flatware into a smaller space than traditional drawer dividers. It holds up to 24 utensils, to be exact. A grippy bottom also holds it all in place. It's satisfying to organize something you use so often.

31. A Swiffer mop pad you can wash and use again

Love your Swiffer for the ease of putting a fresh pad on, running it around the floor, and tossing it? Oh, but the guilt of all that trash going into the landfill is real. These microfiber pads work the same way — and they work with the Swiffer mop handle you have — but instead of tossing the pad in the trash, you can toss it into the laundry and reuse it. You'll get the best of both worlds.

32. These telescoping steel straws that fit on your keychain

It seems like everywhere you go and order a drink, the straw options aren't great. Plastic straw? Yikes. No straw? Nah. Paper straw? Eh. Pull out your keychain and unclip this telescoping stainless steel straw instead. There are two here, along with a keychain clip and a telescoping cleaning brush. Plus, the silicone tips feels pleasant on your teeth.

33. A reusable notebook that sends your scribbles to the cloud

Taking notes by hand is nice, but then you have to flip through a notebook to find them. And the notebooks stack up. This notebook is washable, though. Just wipe a page clean when you want a fresh one. Before you do that, use the app to send those notes to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, or whatever you use. All your note taking problems will be solved for $25.

34. A retractable digital thermometer that's super easy to read

Guessing when the chicken is done is so unnecessary. It's simple to stick a thermometer into it and find out for sure. The same is true of candy, steak, even bread dough. This one is excellent. It's small enough to fit in a utensil drawer or hang on a hook. The stick retracts and moves to various angles, and the display is clear and visible.

35. This drain snake so you don't have to call the plumber

When the water refuses to exit the sink, it's time to get out this little drain snake. It's not only much cheaper than calling a plumber, but it's also easier. Shove it down the drain and wriggle it about. When you pull it up, it should bring whatever's been blocking things with it so the water clears easily through the drain.

36. A slick wearable task light with three color temperatures

Put this light around your neck, adjust it to the color and direction you want, and read away — or if you want a hands-free task light for working on a car or other machinery, it works too. This wearable lamp has three light temperatures, so you can have a bright white shine for tasks and a calming amber glow for reading. There are two separate lights, each with their own controls. It's also USB rechargeable.

37. These toilet wand with disposable brush attachments

This clever toilet cleaner with disposable sponge attachments is nicer than keeping a used brush in the bathroom. Snap on a sponge from the stack in the holder, and clean the toilet. When the sponge is used, snap it off into the trash and grab another. The sponges have a cleaning solution embedded in them, too.

38. This popular drain protector with over 55,000 Amazon reviews

Install this bathtub appliance that looks like a mushroom into your shower drain and it will cure your standing water problems. It separates the water from hair and debris as you shower to help prevent clogs so your drain can keep the water moving. Every few weeks, pop it up and clean it. It's a simple solution to those arguments you've been having with your long-haired roommates.

39. This facial vacuum that helps remove unwanted blackheads

You can do your own facials at home with this little appliance. Just warm your skin, choose the attachment you prefer, and vacuum away unwanted blackheads and other impurities. It's like a micro vacuum cleaner and comes with four different suction heads. Plus, it's USB-rechargeable.

40. A stick-on strip of color-changing LED lights

These strip lights are genius. Peel and stick the strip where you want it, and connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. Then, you can have whatever color light you want. Did you change your mind? Ask Alexa or Google Home to change it to another hue or set schedules that reflect your lifestyle. It has a built-in microphone so it will even listen to the music and flash a beat to go with it.

41. The stainless steel tongue scrapers that remove odor-causing bacteria

Add one more task to your dental care routine: tongue scraping. Each one of these scrapers are made with surgical-grade stainless steel and have an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to remove bacteria that causes unwanted odor. They're also easy to clean and come with a travel case.

42. A tool that touches the doors and toilets so you don't have to

It's true: You can let this tool open doors, push elevator buttons, and flush toilets for you so you don't have to. There's a hook, a loop, and a rubber-tipped stylus. There's even a bottle opener attached, and it comes in silver or rose gold.

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