50 genius things under $30 that solve annoying little problems

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by Andrea Hannah
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Is there anything more annoying than trying to get out your door in the morning, only to be held up by a small, but extremely irritating problem? While digging through your backpack for a pen or struggling to open a jar aren’t exactly earth-shattering issues, there are some genius and affordable products on Amazon that can make your day go so much smoother.

Think of it this way: Why wouldn’t you take advantage of wallet-friendly Amazon products that pretty much eliminate day-to-day stressors? Back to the jar, for example. This versatile lid-opener hooks under your kitchen cabinet, it’s virtually invisible, and it can open up any jar with a twist of your wrist. Plus, it costs less than a few luxury lattes, and it’ll last forever. What’s not to love?

It doesn’t just end with kitchen products, either. There are products that keep your car as spotless as the day you got it, and products that remove drain clogs before you have to call in a plumber. There are even under-mattress straps that hold your bed sheets in place to help you get a better night’s sleep. Genius, and you probably didn’t know they existed.

So, what other brilliant Amazon products are out there that you wish you’d known about sooner? Read on for budget-friendly and extremely innovative products that will help keep tiny stressors at bay.

1. This special lid that helps get every last drop out of bottles

This brilliant bottle lid helps prevent waste and saves you money in the long run, too. Here’s how it works: When you get to the bottom of a bottle of honey, shampoo, or any thick, viscous liquid, you simply replace the original lid with this Flip-It lid. The three prongs on the lid allow you to turn the bottle upside down so all the liquid flows to the opening. Then, simply pop the lid open and squeeze out every last drop.

2. This duster that cleans your blinds in a snap

It’s easier than ever to clean your blinds with this handy duster tool. It features a three-pronged handle that you simply squeeze to slide the microfiber cover over the blinds. The super-soft microfiber easily picks up all the dust, debris, and other allergens that tend to cling to your blinds. It only takes a few swipes and a couple of minutes, and it comes with five microfiber cloths that you can toss in the wash.

3. These stove gap covers that have thousands of fans

These stove gap covers are so genius you’ll wish you’d known about them years ago. All you have to do is place them in the small gap between your countertop and your stove to prevent food splashes and spills from falling in between the two. They fit most standard oven sizes and are made from high-density silicone so they won’t budge. Plus, you can easily wipe them off for quick clean-up. Choose from black, clear, and white.

4. These shock-absorbing door stoppers that protect walls from damage

Not only do these popular door stoppers prevent scuffs and marks on the walls, but they actually help dampen noise, too. They’re made from soft, shock-absorbent gel with adhesive backing, and when your door or handle bumps into them, they manage to absorb the impact and sound. They’re also really easy to install, and they come in a pack of five so you can cover all your doors.

5. This mini vacuum that cleans your keyboard

You don’t have to deal with all those keyboard crumbs with this mini desk vacuum. It comes with two nozzles (one flat and one with bristles) that get between the cracks and crevices of your keyboard, while the vacuum sucks up all the dust and debris. It’s also completely cordless and rechargeable, and you can even use it on other hard-to-reach areas, like in your car or between your couch cushions.

6. This affordable indoor camera that records in HD

This popular indoor security camera is super affordable and really easy to install. It connects to your Wi-Fi network and records a crisp 1080p HD video whenever triggered by motion or sound. It also features two-way audio and night vision, and it’s voice control-capable with Alexa and Google Home. Also great: You can grab an SD memory card (not included) and pop it into this camera if you’d like to have it record at all times.

7. This handy device that can open any jar

Just pop this jar opener beneath any cabinet to open stubborn jars with ease. To install, peel back the ultra-strong adhesive backing and press into the underside of your cabinet. For extra support, you can also use the included screws. The carbon steel grippers on both sides of the triangle dig into any lid you can think of, loosening it with just a twist.

8. These multi-colored spatulas that get to the bottom of every bottle

You can get to the bottom of literally any bottle with these multi-colored spatulas. They come in a set of eight, and each one is made from soft, flexible silicone and features an angled edge to get into every last corner, no matter the shape of the bottle. This set comes with two 12-inch spatulas, three 9-inch spatulas, and three 6-inch spatulas, so there’s truly something for every type of container.

9. This vegetable chopper that comes with 4 blades

As one reviewer writes, this food chopper “makes life so much easier.” The chopper comes with four stainless steel blade grids that easily snap into the base. There’s a small dice blade, a large dice blade, a spiralizer blade, and a ribbon blade. To use, all you have to do is place your favorite fruit or vegetable on top of the blade and press down. Your produce is instantly processed and falls into the catch-all tray for super easy meal prep.

10. This holder that stores your condiments upside down

This convenient condiment bottle caddy is an absolute must-have. The caddy stores up to three bottles upside down so the contents are always ready to pour. On top of that, the caddy can fit on any fridge door or shelf — when you’re ready for dinner, just place it on the table before you sit down for your meal.

11. This large cup holder that fits in your car’s window

When your car’s regular cup holder won’t cut it, use this auto cup holder that fits in the space between the window and car door. It holds extra-large drinks, including reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and more. It’s also 5 inches tall, so it offers plenty of support to your favorite beverages.

12. This salad dressing shaker that’s leakproof

When you want to make your own vinaigrettes and marinades, this salad dressing shaker is a kitchen essential. It can hold up to a full cup of dressing, and it even has markings on the side for easy measuring. It also features a spouted lid for mess-free pouring. Just place your finger over the lever, shake, then pull it back to release the dressing. This shaker seals up tightly when you’re done.

13. The car console organizer that gives you extra space

If you need extra storage in your vehicle, this console organizer is an excellent pick. Just slip this insert between your passenger seat and your center console for two extra cup holders and a storage pocket in a snap. Both cup holders fit most standard size drinks and the pocket is deep enough to hold your smartphone, wallet, and any other bits and bobs you need to keep organized. Choose from black, gray, and beige.

14. This fabric shaver that removes lint from your sweaters

Over 42,000 reviewers rave about this handheld fabric shaver. It features a stainless steel blade and shave guard with three heights and two speeds, so you can easily glide this machine over your delicate sweaters, blankets, and cloth furniture. The blades shave away any pilling and lint while keeping your fabrics flawlessly intact. The shaver even comes with two replacement blades for when your original blade starts to dull.

15. A laptop stand that’s totally adjustable

This laptop stand makes sitting at a desk all day so much easier on your neck and back. It’s made from lightweight aluminum alloy that won’t get hot while your laptop works all day. You can adjust the stand from zero to 90 degrees, and the silicone pads on the bottom ensure it won’t slip. On top of that, this stand can hold any size laptop from 10 to 17 inches wide, so it can hold just about any brand of computer. Choose from silver and black.

16. These slippers that dust your floors

Cleaning your floors couldn’t be easier with these microfiber mop slippers. They come in a set of five pairs, and each one is made from ultra-soft microfiber that can pick up dust and debris from every corner of your home. Just slip them over your shoes, bare feet, or even your dry mop and skip, slide, and dance around your home to make cleaning a little more fun.

17. This under-desk mount that holds your headphones

For less than the price of lunch, you can grab this convenient headphone hook. To install it, all you need to do is adjust the clamp to fit your table or desk. The rubber pads on both the top and bottom ensure that it won’t cause damage — just hang your favorite pair of headphones on the hook and you’re good to go. You can even swing the arm under your desk to keep it hidden when you aren’t using it.

18. This best-selling kit that fixes furniture nicks

No matter what kind of furniture you have, this repair kit has you covered. It comes with six touch-up markers and six crayons in maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black. You can use them to color in scratches, fill in divots, and make your furniture look brand new.

19. This travel desk that hooks to your steering wheel

You can work or even eat lunch on the go with this steering wheel tray. It’s specially designed to hook around any standard size steering wheel and offers a flat surface to set your laptop or lunch on while you’re in the car. It even has a spot to set your drink. When you’re finished, simply unhook it and slide it into the back pocket of your seat.

20. A wireless sensor that alerts you when the door opens

This wireless sensor lets you know the second a door or window opens in your home. It comes with a plug-in receiver that you sync up to your sensor before installing it on your door. Then, you can choose between 52 different chimes and four volume levels, and this sensor works up to 600 feet from the receiver.

21. This battery-operated fan that you can take on the go

You can stay cool all day long with this rechargeable battery-operated fan. At 6 inches in diameter, the fan is compact enough that it won’t take up much room on your desk or near your bed, but it still packs a powerful punch. On top of that, the sturdy clip on the bottom allows you to take this fan with you everywhere, and you can even turn the head 360 degrees to keep you cool at every angle.

22. This magnetic cover that keeps snow off your windshield

If you live in a colder climate, this magnetic windshield cover is a game-changer. It easily attaches to most windshields, and it comes with two covers for both side mirrors. These covers feature four separate layers to protect your car, including one made from PEVA aluminum to prevent your windshield from getting too hot or cold. It’s also waterproof and tear-proof, ensuring that this cover will last a long time.

23. These microwave mats that double as splatter guards

These multipurpose microwave mats help protect your fingers from hot dishes, keep your microwave clean, and more. One mat is 10 inches, making it the perfect size to sit atop most bowls, and the other is 12 inches, so it’s perfect to place over larger plates. Each one is made from BPA-free silicone and can resist heat up to 475 degrees, so you can even use them as pot holders when you’re grabbing food from the microwave or oven.

24. A reversible sofa cover that’s water-resistant

This reversible sofa cover is a lifesaver, especially if you have pets or kids. It fits most couches and futons and is designed to drape over your furniture without any awkward lumps and bumps. The cover is made from soft polyester that’s water-resistant, so you can wipe off spills and splatters with ease, and there are elastic straps to keep it in place. And when you’re bored of one color, just flip this cover over for a totally new look. Choose from large and extra-large sizes in 11 colors, including chocolate, dark gray, and green.

25. These magnetic curtains that keep bugs out

Thousands of reviewers insist that these magnetic curtains are essential as soon as warm weather hits. All you have to do is install these over any open doorway that’s up to 38 inches wide. The high-density mesh stays in place, and the 26 magnets along the center strips help keep these curtains together, sealing off your entrance from bugs, pollen, and more. It easily snaps open so you and your pets can enter your home and snaps closed behind you.

26. This USB charging station that has 6 ports

No more swapping out devices and cords with this brilliant desk clamp power strip. It attaches to the edge of your desk, and with three outlets and two USB ports, there’s room to power up all your devices at the same time. The station has over-current and short-circuit protection, and it’s easy to screw on — and then unscrew — if you switch work stations. Plus, it keeps your desktop clean and organized.

27. This car cleaning gel that picks up dirt & debris

For quick and easy car detailing, use this handy cleaning gel. All you have to do is press the gel into the dusty crevices in your car and then slowly pull back to lift dust and dirt from vents and cup holders. You can even use this gel over and over again — just store it in its tightly sealed jar to keep it fresh.

28. This shower mirror that won’t fog up

You can do your grooming all at once with this fogless shower mirror, which stays clear in steamy showers. It has a powerful suction cup that can stick to most bathroom tile without slipping, and it even tilts and rotates so you get the best possible angle. It also features a small curve at the bottom of the frame that’s the perfect size for your razor.

29. A reinforcement lock that keeps your door secure

Specially designed to work with the locks you already have, this heavy-duty door reinforcer is simple to install and easy to use. Once you screw it into your door frame, you just have to pinch the top and bottom of the reinforcer to snap it into the slot, then close the covering. Now your door can withstand up to 800 pounds of pressure. It’s even tamper-resistant, so you can leave your home feeling secure. Choose from four colors.

30. This handheld garment steamer you can take anywhere

Weighing a little over a pound, this mini steamer is the perfect companion for traveling. It fits into just about any suitcase without taking up much space, and it operates for 15 continuous minutes so you can remove wrinkles from all of your garments. This steamer also has an extra-long cord that spans over nine feet so you can use it around your room to steam curtains, bedspreads, and other fabrics as well.

31. This screen magnifier that turns your phone into a mini TV

Watching a show on your phone is so much more enjoyable with this screen magnifier. Here’s how it works: Just place your phone on the holder and flip up the 12-inch screen. It instantly magnifies your favorite shows and movies with a crisp, HD image. This magnifier is perfect for watching a show when you’re traveling, at the beach, or even just hanging out on your patio — and the best part is it works with most smartphones.

32. This pad that wirelessly charges your phone

Once you set up this genius charging pad, you don’t have to worry about finding the right cord for each of your devices. Just plug it into any USB charger and set it on your desk or bedside table. This pad instantly starts to charge your Qi-enabled phone as soon as you set it on top, even if you have a cover over it. You can also charge your wireless earbuds with this pad, so it only takes one device to charge your most-used electronics.

33. These drain snakes that can help remove clogs

Clogged drains are no match for this three-pack of drain snakes. While they’re deceptively simple, these small, flexible drain snakes can reach up to 19.6 inches into your tub and sink drains. Each one also features small “hooks” on each side so they can easily cling to hair and other debris, and the mini handle on the top allows you to get a good grip before you pull out the clog.

34. This pet hair brush that’s reusable & self-cleaning

Instead of ripping off paper after paper, this reusable pet hair brush is way more eco-friendly. It features a “carpet-like” lint brush that lifts any and all pet hair with the same effectiveness as a paper roller, except this one has its own self-cleaning base. When the brush gets full, just slip it back into its base and pull up. The brush emerges completely clean while the hair stays in the base until you empty it.

35. An outdoor light bulb that eliminates mosquitoes

Just install this zapper light bulb before a barbecue and you won’t have to ward off bugs. It emits a blue-violet UV light that instantly attracts mosquitoes, and as soon as they come in contact with the zapper, they’re toast. This light fits most standard sockets, and with a lifespan of 13 years, it’ll last a long time before you need to replace it. Each pack contains two bulbs.

36. This outlet cover that hides your plugs

Conceal messy plugs and cords with this outlet cover. It fits snugly over a standard outlet and plugs into the top socket, giving it a sleek, minimalist look. The cover is connected to a power strip, so you can still plug in all the appliances you want, but you won’t have to look at the mismatched cords hanging from your walls.

37. An ergonomic wireless mouse that you hold upright

This ergonomic wireless mouse is a million times more comfortable than the OG option. It features an upright design and curved base so you can actually grip this mouse at a natural angle, staving off tense muscles and a sore wrist. It also features two extra-large buttons at a slight angle so you can easily click them without straining, as well as a rollerball in the center that’s easy to reach.

38. This high-pressure shower head that softens hard water

Not only does this high-pressure shower head deliver a relaxing experience, but it also filters impurities and softens hard water at the same time. You can choose from three modes — massage, jet, and rainfall — and the uniform design ensures your entire body gets a fully immersive and soothing shower. Plus, it’s easy to install on any standard shower hose.

39. This outdoor outlet that you can control from your phone

This heavy-duty outlet is an absolute must for all your outdoor lights and appliances. It has three sockets and is covered with an extra sturdy casing that can withstand the elements without damage. You can control the outlet using your smartphone, and it’s also voice control-capable with Alexa and Google Home.

40. The cutting board that’s also a drain basket

Meal prep is a breeze with this collapsible cutting board, which is made from food-grade silicone and comes with a pair of multifunctional kitchen scissors. You can use this versatile product like a regular cutting board, pop it up to create a basket for your produce, or fully open it to create a tub you can use to wash and carry all your fruits and vegetables.

41. This laptop cooling pad that’s super quiet

Prevent your computer from overheating with this laptop cooling pad. It’s made from metal mesh and features three cooling fans under the surface to keep your laptop’s battery from getting too hot. This pad is also slightly slanted to create an ergonomic design, and the anti-slip edge at the bottom keeps your laptop in place while you’re working.

42. This backpack insert that keeps you organized

Digging through your bag for your pens or keys is annoying, but this backpack insert makes it so much easier. Just slip this insert into your pack and place your essential items into the pockets. There’s an extra-large pocket in the center that’s the perfect size for your laptop or notebooks, as well as 11 other pockets of various sizes for your keys, phone, water bottle, and more. This organizer is also stain- and water-resistant to help keep your belongings dry.

43. A cap organizer that fits on your door

Just hook this cap organizer over any standard door frame to keep your favorite hats together in one place. This set comes with two straps, each of which holds nine hats. Both straps are slim enough to fit on a single door, and there’s enough room between each hook to display your hats so you can see each one clearly without having to dig through to find the one you want.

44. This toothbrush holder that also dispenses your toothpaste

With this toothbrush holder and dispenser, you’ll never have to fumble with a toothpaste tube again. It has space along the bottom to hold up to four toothbrushes, and there’s a dispenser on the top for two tubes of toothpaste. All you have to do is open the case, grab your toothbrush, and insert it under one of the dispensers — it automatically puts the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brush.

45. These motion sensor lights that you can stick anywhere

These motion sensor lights are perfect for those tight, dark spaces that don’t have an accessible outlet. They come in a pack of six, and each one is battery-powered and completely cordless. They also feature super strong adhesive and built-in magnets so you can stick them virtually anywhere in your home. They instantly light up when they detect motion and turn off when everything is still and quiet.

46. An adjustable measuring spoon that’s great for dry ingredients

You can pretty much ditch all your measuring utensils when you invest in this adjustable measuring spoon for dry ingredients. One side features tablespoons and the other features teaspoons. To use, just move the measuring “dial” up or down to find the measurement you need for your dish. Then rinse and adjust each time you need to add a new ingredient. It’s truly that simple.

47. These straps that hold your bed sheets in place

These bed straps are super easy to clip onto your sheets to keep them in place, no matter how much you toss and turn at night. They’re flexible to allow your sheets a little give so they aren’t extremely tight and prone to tearing. Just clip the corner and two opposing sides to keep the sheets in place, and adjust the cord lock as needed. Each pack contains four straps.

48. This utensil rest that keeps your countertops clean

Over 13,000 reviewers swear by this utensil holder to help keep their counters splatter-free. It’s made from durable and easy-to-clean silicone and features four slots for your utensils. When you’re cooking and stirring, just simply slip your utensil into one of the slots and let it do its thing. It’ll drip onto the silicone instead of your countertop, and you can easily wipe it down when you’re done.

49. An ergonomic foot rest that makes sitting at your desk more comfortable

You’ll enjoy sitting at your desk so much more with this ergonomic foot rest. It’s shaped like a dome on top so you can position your feet at the most comfortable angle. It also has a 2-inch pad on the bottom that you can remove to adjust the height. On top of that, it also comes with a mesh, breathable cover that you can remove and throw in the wash between uses.

50. This food cover that protects your microwave from splatters

This vented food cover ensures that your dinner stays on the plate instead of splattering all over the inside of your microwave. It’s 10.5 inches in diameter, or about the size of a standard dinner plate, and features small holes on top to allow your food to properly vent. The BPA-free cover is also super easy to clean after the timer goes off, and it’s collapsible for easy storage.

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