61 genius things spiking in popularity on Amazon now

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by Christina X. Wood
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The shoppers of Amazon are a brave group of people. Many of them will try any product — even the completely outlandish ones. And when huge crowds of these online shoppers agree on one particular thing, it's usually because that thing is awesome. Then, it starts spiking in popularity on Amazon almost immediately.

Here's the thing: My car and house are full of gear that I would never have known about if it weren't for these massive followings. For example, I might not have known about this smart watch that's less than $40 if more than 18,000 people hadn't heard about it first. And I would never have known how much I needed to own a wearable vegetable peeler if its reviewers hadn't spelled that out for me (because, yes, that exists and you can find it on this list). Oh, and thanks to over 8,000 folks who've tried this clothes-folding hack, laundry day has never been easier.

Are you wondering if your home needs something genius that has gotten a thumbs up from the Amazon-testing team (aka curious customers)? If so, here are all of the genius products that are seriously popular right now — and getting more popular by the day.

1. A speaker you can wear while you run or bike

Wearing earbuds while riding a bike or running can be tricky because they usually cut out more of the noise around you. But this wearable speaker that you strap to your wrist is totally different. It's still loud and has an eight-hour battery life. However, you can strap it to your wrist or even around your handlebars. It's also waterproof and has a built-in microphone so you can take calls.

2. This case that brings order to all your gadgets

This gadget case is a dream for anyone with technology who wants to become more organized. There are slots for micro-SD cards, batteries, cables, hard drives, and headphones. It has two large compartments — each with lots of dividers. And it's made from a padded, durable, waterproof nylon.

3. The phone battery pack that gets a charge from the sun

Wear this battery charger on the outside of your backpack and you will never beg, borrow, or steal a phone charge again. You will be a walking solar converter -- taking the rays of the sun, storing them in this half-pound, waterproof battery and charging your phone -- or two of them simultaneously -- wherever you go. Great for camping and backpacking but you'll likely use it around town, too.

4. These slick lights that make your bike wheels glow

Everyone else on the road will be jealous of you when the sun goes down. Your bike wheels will light up in gorgeous colors and make your ride look amazing. Plus, it'll become more invisible to cars. These wheel lights are easy to install using the included silicone rings, and they're powered by a compact battery that sits inside the wheel spokes.

5. A soap dispenser and sponge for your kitchen sink

You might think you have your kitchen sponge and soap sorted out — but consider this dish soap dispenser that makes your squeeze-bottle and sponge holder seem unnecessary. Simply press the sponge down to load it with soap. Then, store your dish soap below the sponge. It's not only faster and simpler, but it also eliminates dish-washing clutter.

6. This inflatable couch that brings comfort anywhere

This inflatable lounger is small and easy to carry when stored in the included bag. But inflate it by holding it in the wind, and it'll grow into a comfy seat that's big enough for two people to lounge on comfortably. It's waterproof and durable, so you can sit on rocks or an uneven surface. Take it to the beach or campsite so you have a clean, comfy place to nap or hang out.

7. A selfie stick that doubles as a tripod

If you take tons of photos with your phone, you probably need this clever selfie stick. Set your device inside of it and face it at yourself to take selfies (or even photos of large groups since it gets further than an arm's length away). You can also set it up as a tripod and take time-lapse photos or pictures that require a still camera. It's small — just over seven inches long — and made with lightweight aluminum. However, it's strong and connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

8. The paper shredder that fits over a trash can

If you've ever wasted your lunch break emptying the paper shredder, you'll see why this shredder that sits atop a trash can is a great idea. Just lift the shredder off and take out the recycling. It's just the right size for your home office and makes it easy and convenient to avoid exposing your personal information.

9. A handheld tool that makes fast work of cleaning blinds

Cleaning blinds is tedious. It turns out, though, that you just need the right tool for the job. And this blind-cleaning brush is it. It cleans several blinds at once with a few glides. When the microfiber duster gets too dusty, turn it for a fresh surface. When all the brush surfaces are too duster to carry on, remove and wash them. No more dusty blinds.

10. This folding board that's the secret to perfectly stacked shirts

Want your closet to be as tidy as a retail clothing store? This folding board will get your there. Place a shirt — T-shirt, button down, anything — on the board, and flip the sides in the designated order. Your shirt will be perfectly folded in seconds. It even tucks away easily for storage.

11. A microscope you can take pretty much anywhere

Want to see what bugs are eating your trees or look closely at the trichomes on the plants you're growing? You don't need a lab or to send anything out for samples. Just bring this tiny handheld microscope with you into the garden. It fits in your hand but amplifies whatever tiny thing you want to see up to 120 times.

12. This tool kit with drain snakes so you don't need a plumber

A slow-working drain can be messy and annoying. Don't put off calling the plumber, though. In fact, don't call a plumber at all. Keep this snake drainer kit in your toolbox or under the sink and deal with it in seconds. There are three types of tools: The hair catcher grabs hair near the top of the drain, the gripper goes into the drain and picks up items so you can pull them out, and the snake goes deep into your drain to clear obstructions.

13. The desktop mug warmer that keeps beverages hot for hours

Tired of cold coffee and tea? The solution is so easy. Keep this mug warmer on your desk and have a perf-temp beverage always by your side. Your coffee will stay at exactly the right sipping heat for hours. It's not a burner, so it shouldn't toast your tea — it'll just keep it warm.

14. A butter knife that glides easier on toast

When you slice cold butter, it's hard not to get a large piece that's too big to melt quickly. This is the butter knife that fixes that. It shaves the right amount of butter off of cold or room-temperature butter so you don't have to bite into a slab of cold butter or put the butter on before you toast.

15. This collapsible strainer that fits in a drawer

Pouring water out of a pan and into a colander is a classic move, but colanders take up a lot of storage space. These strainers do the same job, but way more efficiently. Hold one to the edge of the pan or bowl and pour. It lets the water through and keeps your food behind. There are two: one with a handle and one with two sides that are easy to grip.

16. A grease container that lets you store cooking oils

Pouring bacon grease and cooking oils down the drain can clog up your plumbing. (And, in many cases, it's kind of wasteful.) This grease pot filters out the solids and stores the oil so you can throw it out easier or reuse it. There's a strainer that fits in the top, along with a lid and a coaster.

17. This contoured pillow that's designed to relieve neck pain

Sleeping in a strange position can lead to neck and back pain (or even headaches) the next day. This pillow is designed to hold your head at an angle that is neither too high nor too low, whether you sleep on your back or your side. It's made of a memory foam that offers give and support and has a plush quilted cover that’s machine washable.

18. A handheld sewing machine that quickly fixes hems or tears

Sometimes, it's tempting to invest in a sewing machine for fixing the occasional loose hem or unraveling seam. Without one, you have to pay someone to do repairs or give up on that garment. This little machine is the perfect occasional-fix sewing machine. You hold it in your hand and run it quickly along the seam. It's so portable that you can even fix curtains while they hang.

19. The handy labeler that lets you edit text & print in colors

This little labeler will become your go-to tool. Label your files, spices, tools, and everything else. You can change fonts, print on labels of various colors, and choose from 200 symbols and clip art. Type on the QWERTY keyboard, and print single or multiple copies of your message.

20. A smart home device that fits pretty much anywhere

Whether you're looking for an alarm clock that plays music and reports the weather or want to completely automate your smart home system with voice control, the Echo Dot is the tool for the job. Affordable, sleek, and small enough to fit anywhere, it connects to Amazon Alexa who will do everything from read books aloud to turn the lights on and off.

21. This frozen facial roller that eases puffy eyes

Pull this roller out of the freezer and roll it onto your face to cool you down, relax you, and reduce unwanted inflammation. It'll help de-puff your eyes, reduce the appearance of your pores, and just feel refreshing. People have also used it to cool tension and sinus headaches while even making it part of their morning routines.

22. The remote control that helps find your keys

Always losing your keys, phone, or wallet? This remote control will keep track of all of them. Attach one of the four tags to your keychain. When you can't locate your keys, push the button on the remote that corresponds to the tag color on your keychain. Then, your keys will sound an alarm so you can locate them.

23. This tray that defrosts meat super fast without electricity

Set your frozen meats on this conductive tray and it'll defrost much faster than if you just took it out of the freezer and set it on the counter. Plus, it doesn't use any electricity or require the fiddly art of microwave defrosting. It's also a cool bit of science for your kitchen.

24. A steering wheel cover that fits almost any car

If you hate slippery steering wheels that get way too hot in the warmer months, a universal steering wheel cover is just the thing you need. Made from a material that’s both silky and nonslip, this cover is designed to keep your steering wheel cool to the touch while providing a better grip. It comes in 12 different styles, so you can customize your car’s aesthetic, and fits most steering wheels.

25. This labeled bottle that's like a hydration coach

Trying to drink more water? This bottle is like a coach for that goal with markers on it that give you a daily schedule to help keep yourself hydrated. It has a locking cap and it's BPA-free. Plus, it holds enough water for the entire day and comes with a strainer so you can infuse your water with natural flavors.

26. The new Fire TV Stick that comes with an awesome remote

Want to stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime? Just plug the Fire Stick into the HDMI port and go. The WiFi connection within this one is updated for better streaming speeds, and the remote has a button for voice activation. It even overcomes irritating "source" scrolling so anyone can figure out your TV. Just push the home button to return to Fire TV.

27. This wearable mirror so you can see the back of your head

Want to shave, cut, or style the back of your head? That's hard to do while holding a mirror. This wearable mirror frees both hands so you can see and work at the same time. One side has strong magnification so you don't have to wear glasses to groom.

28. A small Bluetooth keyboard that connects to basically anything

Tired of typing with a remote control or phone keyboard? This little keyboard will give you fast keyboarding wherever you need it. It connects via Bluetooth and has a small QWERTY keyboard as well as a glide pad, and it works with everything from an Amazon Fire Stick to a smart phone.

29. This solar-powered radio that's also a flashlight & phone charger

It's convenient to have this device in your emergency kit. Power bank? Got it. You can hand crank it, set it in the sun, or plug it in to charge it. (It even runs on three AAA batteries.) Flashlight? Right here. There are two light sources: one reading light and one flashlight. Radio? Yep, complete with weather forecasts. It's also an SOS alarm.

30. A headphone stand that's also a USB port

Put this three-port USB hub right where you need it: within easy reach on the underside of your desk. You can plug in your phone, tablet, or headphones without giving up too much desktop real estate. Your headphone or smart watch can hang right from the hooks, and the cable guides can keep the power cord tidy.

31. These headphones that block out light for the best naps

Don these light-blocking sleep headphones and you can nap anywhere. Dial up some soothing sounds, music, or an audio book. Pull the eye mask over your eyes. Nothing will disturb your slumber. It connects via Bluetooth, so there are no wires. It's also wrapped in memory foam for comfort.

32. A beanie with headphones so you don't need earbuds

Put on your hat, pocket your phone, and go for a walk. If you're wearing this beanie, you can listen to tunes or a book and answer phone calls via your hat, because it has a set of Bluetooth headphones built right in. It is also — according to reviewers who are wearing it — very stylish while it's on.

33. This rapid-charge plug for your iPhone that's travel ready

This slick little charger delivers a much faster charge to your phone than most other plugs. In fact, it should charge an iPhone 11 in about an hour, and it folds up small for travel. It's Apple-certified but also works on Android phones. Plus, it even comes with a lightning and USBC cable.

34. A backup battery that also keeps your hands warm

This is your winter backup charger. In my opinion, it's always good to have a spare battery with you in case your phone runs out of power — but not many of them will also warm you up when you're cold. This one has hot and warm temperature settings so you can dial in the warm up you need. Put it in your pocket to warm your hands or an inside pocket to warm your core.

35. This bag sealer so you don't have to toss the chips

Keep this handy bag sealer in a drawer and you can close the chip bag or cookies without wasting a second container or fumbling with clips. Just fit the open part of the bag into it, press it closed, and wait as it melts a new seal. You can even store cereal and other foods longer periods of time.

36. A genius roll-up drying rack with many uses

This roll-up rack is a brilliant way to drip-dry dishes and pans in a small kitchen, but it's also a great place to wash vegetables or set a hot pan down without burning the counter. It's even a the perfect spot to set defrosting foods or to let cookies cool. It's made of silicone and stainless steel and rolls up to store in a drawer.

37. This electric can opener that does the work for you

Sometimes, opening cans can hurt. This electric can opener, though, does all the work — and unlike electric can openers from previous eras, it's small enough to store in a drawer because it runs on batteries. It shouldn't leave a sharp edge on the can and it lifts the lid out for you.

38. The smart watch that's actually affordable

Not sure if you want to drop hundreds of dollars to find out if you like wearing a smart watch? Well, this one is affordable. It also tracks activity, has a heart-rate monitor, and connects to your phone so you can see notifications on your wrist. It'll even let you control music from the watch.

39. This mobile printer that delivers touchable photos

There’s something exciting about old-school, analog photos in this digital world. But, there’s still no need for film and waiting in line at the drugstore. This portable photo printer can go with you anywhere, and wirelessly connects to your computer or smartphone. There’s a full editing suite in the included Kodak app, and you can even create peel-and-stick prints that are primo for decoration purposes.

40. A sleeve that zips up your cable mess

Lots of cable management solutions demand that you rewire everything. Not this one, though. Just gather the cables together, wrap these stretchy neoprene sleeves around them, and zip them up. Too many cables? Zip two of these together. It will tidy up your desk or entertainment system in a few minutes. They are 19 inches long, and this is a four-pack.

41. This so you can easily add Bluetooth to your car or stereo

Just plug this receiver into the AUX port in your car and listen to your phone through your car's sound system via Bluetooth. You can also chat on the phone via your car stereo. It works the same way for a home stereo, speakers, or a pair of headphones. There's a dedicated button that calls up your voice assistant, and the battery life is excellent.

42. A foldable laptop stand that's like an ergonomic desk

Sure, this laptop stand folds up flat so it can ride in a bag with your laptop. But when you open it up, it lifts your screen to an ergonomic height, angles it for better viewing and airflow, and gives you a place to set your phone (or two phones). It also supports up to 22 pounds.

43. This luggage scale so you never pay for excess baggage

Ever shown up to the airport with a bag that's too heavy? Do you pay extra or unpack in the check-in line? Well, none of that would happen if you had this portable luggage scale. Loop the strap around the handle of your bag and pick it up with the handle end. It'll tell you the bag's weight instantly on a backlit display. It's easy to use and packs easily so you can check your baggage on your return trip.

44. A relaxing fidget toy that comes in 3 different colors

This hand roller makes it easy to fidget whenever you want to. It's quiet and relaxing — but it's also super satisfying to help you focus. Since the columns roll in complete circles, it's also massaging for your hands. The toy comes in three colors: gray, rose gold, and sapphire.

45. This toilet light that turns on when you walk into the bathroom

As you groggily stagger toward the bathroom at night, you'll laugh and know exactly where to go if you've installed this toilet night light into the bowl. Since it's motion-activated, it'll glow the color you choose when you're in the room. You can also have it cycle through colors like a disco. It's battery operated; just clip it to the bowl.

46. The toilet paper holder with a shelf for your phone

It's no secret that people take their phones to the bathroom with them so they can scroll from the throne. But where do you put the phone when you need your hands? This is the toilet roll holder is just the thing. It has a shelf that rotates 360 degrees for optimal viewing while you're watching the screen.

47. A portable food smoker you can use wherever you go

You can put your dreams of an outdoor smoker on hold for a moment. This smoke infuser imbues your food with a smoky flavor with very little effort, right on your counter. Put kindling, tea, herbs, or whatever your imagination comes up with in the business end and pipe the fumes into the dome top (which isn't included) or your own container. Tea-smoked duck? Mesquite-smoked steak? Do whatever sounds best to you.

48. This tiny cutting tool for opening boxes, opening cans, & more

How many times every day do you look for something sharp to open packages or jars with? Simply put this cutting tool on your keychain and save yourself countless frustrating hours. It's tiny, but sharp — and it can also be used to remove stickers.

49. A template for shaving the back of your neck

Have you been cutting your own hair? If so, how do you get the back tidy? Put this guide on, get your trimmer out, and go for it. You'll have a straight, barber-worthy line in a hard-to-see spot. This kit comes with four different tools that will help you get the perfect look, whether you’re cutting your hair or trying to get your beard in top shape.

50. This USB hub so you can charge or connect everything at once

If your laptop only has one or two USB ports, you probably want more. This four-port hub is an easy and cheap fix, though. It turns one USB port into four, each with its own on-and-off button. Plug it into your laptop and connect everything at once, or plug it into a USB port and make an inexpensive charging station.

51. These blades that make ultra-fast chopped salad

Like a chopped salad? If so, here's your tool. Just throw all the ingredients on a cutting board and have at it with this rocker-style cutter that works its way through greens, vegetables, cheese, and whatever you want in your salad in seconds. Or, cut your ingredients right in the bowl.

52. This magnifier that turns your phone into a big screen

Want to watch a video on your screen? Bigger would be nice, though, right? Then, you can share or set your phone down and lean back. This origami-like folding screen magnifier can amplify your phone screen to a more watchable size so you can work or watch without squinting. It's great for travel.

53. A meatball mold so you can make dinner fast

Meatballs? Great! Spending an hour rolling raw meat in your hands? Not so great. This mold makes that happen in seconds, though. Just put your meatball mixture into the mold, close it, and stick it in the freezer. An hour later, you'll have perfectly sized, delicious meatballs. It works for falafel, cookie dough, and whatever else you want to try, too.

54. These sleek glasses that block blue light from tech screens

Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer (or phone) screen? These inexpensive blue-light blocking glasses can help. They filter the blue light emitted from tech screens to protect your eyes, and they come in tons of different colors. Plus, over 26,000 customers have reviewed them.

55. A smart plug that connects your plug-ins to your voice assistant

Plug one of these smart plugs into an outlet, connect it to the phone app and/or your voice assistant (like Google Home or Amazon Alexa), and then control whatever you plug into it by voice command (or from anywhere in the world from your phone). It's super easy to set up and program — and bring your home into the future.

56. The minimalist wallet with an integrated money clip

Sitting on a packed wallet is uncomfortable. This sleek number, though, fits in a front pocket or a jacket pocket — and it holds just enough cards. There's also an integrated money clip for your cash and extra organization. There's even a slot on the outside for the card you use the most.

57. This suction cup bib so you can shave without cleaning up

OK, this bib is sort of genius. Tie it around your neck and suction cup the corners to the mirror. After that, shave. When you're done, carefully remove the bib. Your shirt will be clean (and the sink will be, too). It's genius.

58. A laptop backpack that has everything you need on the go

Don't let the low price of this backpack fool you, because it does pretty much everything. It locks — and there's a charging port so you can charge your gear while you carry and use it. It even has a padded laptop compartment and a luggage strap for setting it on top of your roller suitcase. The bag also has a bottle pocket that cinches down and adjustable depth.

59. These vegetable peelers that you wear like a glove

Peeling vegetables just got a little easier (and Wolverine-adjacent). Put these peelers on your hands like double gloves — and your hands become the peelers, giving you all sorts of control over the process. Use them to peel or to create vegetable shapes that are slender enough for salad or sauces.

60. This security camera that's simple & affordable

You can drop hundreds on security cameras... or not. This indoor security camera is high-definition, and it records a 12-second clip whenever it detects sound or motion. It also keeps your recording in the cloud for 14 days for free, has night vision, and works with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Plus, it's only $25.

61. A wireless charger that you can sit right on your desk

Do you wish you could pick up a charge wherever you go? Well, this Qi-compatible wireless charger is priced for that sort of house-wide scattering. Just set your phone — or any device with wireless charging capability — on it, and them let it grab a charge. It lights up only for 16 seconds, so it won't keep you awake.

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