45 cheap things on Amazon that are super legit

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by Christina X. Wood
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There was a time when buying something “cheap” was synonymous with buying something poor-quality. The expanding global market of affordable goods on Amazon, though, has changed that dynamic. No longer does it require huge startup costs, massive marketing, and an expensive distribution network to bring a clever product to market. All it requires is customers who are savvy enough to find high-quality products and spread the word. With a few shopping skills, it’s possible to find so many cheap things on Amazon that are super legit. In fact, you don’t even need the internet-shopping skills, because I tracked down an array of clever products you’ll want to own.

Whether you’re on the hunt for something as simple as a set of brilliant and inexpensive soap dishes that clean up the area next to the sink, a silicone dog treat bag that clips to your belt, or even a cheap way to make your kitchen or standing desk easier on your feet and back, I found affordable solutions that work.

Nothing here will totally break the bank — and it’s all completely legit, often garnering thousands of five-star reviews. Search no further for the solutions you need.

1. A laptop stand for better ergonomics & video calls

If you set your laptop right on your desk, you’ll hunch over it when you work (which can cause neck pain). Raise it up by setting it on this minimalist stand to help improve your posture and to create space under the laptop for your desk objects. It sets up easily and snaps apart for storage. Plus, almost 16,000 people have given it five stars.

2. The face mask with color-changing LEDs

Looking for a mask that makes a statement at clubs and parties? How about this one with built-in LED lights that flash and change colors? There are seven light modes, you can recharge it via USB, there is a strap and ear loops, and it’s washable (after removing the hardware). The fabric is a breathable, cool fiber so you can dance and carry on with abandon.

3. This black-light flashlight if you dare to see the truth

If you have pets, this UV black light flashlight might be the tool you need to see the messes they’re making on the floor. Shine it around after dark; it covers a large area with UV light and can see dried urine that is invisible to the naked eye. It also shows scorpions and other insects.

4. The headphone stand with slick lighting

Don’t just your keep your headphones within easy reach — transform the look of your gaming rig with this stand that has LED lights under the base and on the button to create a subtle, colored glow. There are five lighting modes and it plugs into your laptop (or a wall plug) via USB. Plus, it even brings two USB ports front and center.

5. These blue light-blocking glasses that you can customize

Many reviewers of these glasses have written they were getting headaches, and dry, tired eyes after long days in front of a computer before they put these on and found instant relief. A stylish shape, your choice of magnification (or none), and twenty colors to choose from make these an easy way to see if filtering blue light will help with your eye strain and headaches.

6. A flashy mechanical keyboard for a lovely WFH setup

This backlit keyboard on a clear base will brighten up your WFH setup or gaming room with color. There are three color options — white, pink, and black — and the included mouse’s lights match the keyboard you choose. Both are ergonomic (the mouse is large and the keyboard has an adjustable angle and each-to-type keys), and many reviewers love it, say it’s an amazing rig for the price.

7. A set of portable lights for your meetings or livestreams

Whether you want brighter video calls or if you need better lighting for your YouTube channel or photography, this set of lights will fix you up. The two lights are small enough to cart or store, the brightness adjusts from 10% to 100%, it comes with eight filters in four colors (white, yellow, blue, red), and plugs into USB so you can power it from the wall, a laptop, or a power bank.

8. This projector is like a planetarium for your bedroom

You can create an effect similar to a planetarium on any ceiling with this small projector that throws colored stars and moon patterns. It’s great to use for fun (or even for romantic and relaxing ambiance in your own room or tent). It has three lighting modes and runs on batteries or power and has a frosted filter if you want to create a soft focus night sky.

9. This stereo gaming headset with a microphone

Does your gaming rig need a sound system that won’t anger the neighbors? This lightweight, stereo headset with a built-in microphone will let you hear everything that’s happening in the game and talk to other players. It’s comfortable enough to wear for hours, which means you won’t get a knock on the door from angry neighbors or family members.

10. A memory foam cooling seat for your office or car

Set this memory foam cushion down in your office chair or car seat and get some relief from lower back pain (or painful pressure on your tail bone). The cushion is soft enough to pad your bones, the cutout in the back lifts your coccyx entirely off hard surfaces so it can heal or not suffer, and the cooling-gel surface keeps you from getting too hot. The slip-on cover makes it look natural in your seat, and it can go in the wash.

11. A soft foot rest for better desk ergonomics

Put this foot cushion under your desk, set your feet on it, and get your back into a position you can sustain all day. Flip it over to create a little motion while you work by rocking your feet on the curved side. When you want to lie down, put it under your knees to take strain off your lower back. The cover removes so you can wash it.

12. This soap dish that drains into the sink

Save yourself the trouble of cleaning up soap scum on the counter by setting your soap into this clever soap dish that channels water and soap runoff into the sink. There are two in the package, and they have a nonskid bottom so they stay put. They work well for brushes and sponges, too.

13. A bamboo bench that organizes your shoe pile

This easy-to-assemble bamboo bench is the perfect size for an entryway, bathroom, or foot of the bed if you need a place to put shoes, bags, or towels. (You can also treat it like a chair.) The corners are rounded so you don’t hurt yourself on sharp edges, and the lines are clean and simple enough for any situation.

14. These plugs that connect anything to your smart home

This two-pack of smart plugs almost seems too good to be true for the price — but they are totally legit. Plug them in, connect them via Wi-Fi to the Gosund app, and you can control lights or appliances from your phone. Then, add them to your smart home ecosystem to create routines or control your home via voice. They have over 8,000 five-star reviews.

15. This doorbell made specifically for your dog

When your dog scratches at the door to come in, it can damage the door. The dog’s impulse to do that can be easily directed to this doorbell, though. It’s easy to install with the included adhesive strips, requires no batteries — the indoor base plugs in — and you can choose the chime or sound it makes. It’s waterproof, so you can place it anywhere — and your dogs can also use a wet nose to ring it.

16. A set of webcam covers that secure your privacy

Stick these covers over your webcam and slide the door closed whenever you aren’t using it. That way, the camera will always be covered — even if you forget to sign off post-video call. There are two in the pack, and they install with a simple peel-and-stick adhesive.

17. A clock that wakes you like the rising sun

This alarm clock taps your brain’s natural response to sunlight to wake you gently so you never have to jump awake to a buzz. The sunrise simulation wakes you slowly — the way the sun would — by gradually increasing the light and shifting from red to yellow. You can also use it as a reading light or a night light simply by changing the light level. It’s even a radio, so you can listen to music or the news while you get ready or fall asleep.

18. This simple rack so you can hang plants on the fence

These racks let you attach a plant to a fence, lattice, or railing for a quick pop of greenery or color on your deck or entryway. They’re made of solid steel, so they’re sturdy — and the hook is 2.5 inches deep so they can grab onto small railings and fences easily. Plus, this is a three-pack, so you can dress up the deck quickly, cheaply, and easily.

19. These goggles so you don’t cry while cutting onions

When the vapors from onions get into eyes, it can make your eyes water so badly it looks like you are sobbing — but that won’t happen if you wear these goggles. The foam bumper keeps the onion’s aromatic juices away from your eyes so you can cut without drama. They go on and off like glasses so they are easy to deploy. They might get a laugh, but they are totally legit.

20. An adjustable light you wear like a necklace

When you want to read without turning on a light, work with tools in a dark space, or work on crafts where the light is insufficient, you want this clever light around your neck. It has two beams you control separately, three temperature modes (yellow, warm white, and cool white), and the gooseneck arms lets you point the beam precisely where you want it.

21. This splatter guard so you don’t have to clean the stove

When frying bacon, chicken, or burgers, the splatter from the pan makes an enormous mess on the stove (and sometimes counters). That greasy mess isn’t that easy to clean up, either — but if you set this splatter guard over the pan, it will keep the grease contained without changing the temperature or trapping steam in the pan. It stores easily, too.

22. This hack for the annoying gap next to the stove

Just cut these cleverly designed strips of silicone to the right length and fit them between the stove and counter or the stove and fridge and they will stop the relentless disappearance of small items into the irretrievable void created by the small gap next to the stove. They fit right into nearly any decor, are easy to clean, and come in black or white.

23. This heavy-duty work apron that holds all your tools

Stop losing tools (and wasting time searching for the screwdriver or measuring tape you know you just had), and keep your clothes clean at the same time by donning this heavy-duty apron with 26 tool pockets, a tape measure holder, a D-ring to clip items to, and wide shoulder straps so you can wear the weight without pain. It’s completely adjustable and made from heavy-duty canvas.

24. This baking mat that dough won’t stick to

If you bake pies, cookies, or bread where you need to knead or roll out dough, this silicone baking mat solves so many problems. It grips the counter but dough doesn’t stick to it. It has markings for pie sizes so you never have to measure. Conversions are printed right on it. And it rolls up for storage.

25. A coffee table that clips to the arm of your couch

This clever table is designed to clip onto the arm of a couch or chair so you always have your cocktail, coffee, or phone within easy reach — even if you don’t have a coffee table. The clamp that holds it to the arm accommodates arms as wide as 9 inches and the surface has a lip to keep items contained.

26. A trash can that keeps the car clean on road trips

This versatile trash can will adhere to the floor, hang from the back of a seat back, or sit where you want it so you have a place to contain trash in the car. It comes with liners that clip in, but it it will also work with grocery bags. The entry in the top traps smells and prevents spills and pockets on the sides hold wipes, phones, or whatever you need to store. When you aren’t using it for trash, it makes a great cooler or storage bin because it’s waterproof and doesn’t leak.

27. A silicone pouch for pet treats so your pockets stay clean

Forget the pocket full of crumbs or squished cheese cubes; this silicone dog-treat holder clips to a belt, bike, or pocket and keeps treats clean and moist. The magnetic closure is designed so you can open it one handed and the large opening makes it easy to wash.

28. A long-armed phone holder that twists & turns

Clamp this 27-inch long gooseneck phone holder to any table or shelf and bring your phone into view so you can put the recipe where you can see it, adjust the angle for comfortable video calls, or watch videos hands free. Reviewers have given it over 4,000 five-star reviews and have written that it’s sturdy and solid.

29. The smart, injury-free way to cut a bagel

If you want a perfectly cut bagel with no risk of a trip to the ER, you need this brilliant bagel slicer. Drop the bagel or roll into the plastic holder, and press the super-sharp blade (safely hidden behind a shield) onto the bagel. It makes a perfect, nearly crumb-less cut and fits right on your countertop.

30. These gloves so you don’t cut your hands while cooking

If you are shucking oysters, slicing meat, using a mandoline, or otherwise working with a sharp blade, wear these cut-resistant gloves to help keep your hands safe. Each glove is ambidextrous and should stop the blade before it gets to you. Reviewers love them, giving them over 20,000 five-star reviews.

31. This fan that helps prevent your laptop from overheating

You might think it’s time for a new laptop because yours overheats, lags, and randomly restarts. However, a weak or faulty internal fan is not the end of it. Just install this external fan — with a digital readout of your laptop’s temperature — and get back to work. It has 13 speeds so you can set the venting accurately.

32. An easy way to spiralize vegetables

Cutting vegetables for a salad, pasta, or stir-fry is boring, but spiralizing them with this handy device is fast and fun. Choose the blade for the shape you want, put the vegetable on top, and use the handle to push your vegetable through. It catches your veggie noodles in the jar below.

33. The fast and thorough way to sterilize a phone

Your phone goes with you everywhere and collects up every germ you touch, but you can’t wash it when you wash your hands. You can drop it into this UV light sterilizing box, though, for quick, thorough cleaning. It works on keys, wallets, and other items, too.

34. These anti-fatigue mats that make the kitchen cozy

Set an anti-fatigue mat down in the kitchen or in front of a standing desk and it’ll transform the surface from hard and painful to blissfully comfortable. They are often crazy-expensive, but this set of two is just $30 and is soft, easy to clean, slip resistant. Plus, each one gives terrific support, according to the nearly 7,000 five-star reviews.

35. A bag that lets you throw shoes in the washer and dryer

Clean shoes are a joy, but throwing them into the washer and dryer unprotected can damage the shoes or other items in the wash — unless you put them in this laundry bag that’s designed specifically for shoes. It holds them together so the tongue and laces don’t get damaged (and so your shoes travel together through the dryer instead of slamming around, kicking the barrel).

36. A clothing steamer that gets wrinkles out fast

If you are late for a meeting and want to spruce up fast, you do not have to find an iron, board, and spray bottle. Just pull out this handheld steamer, plug it in, and steam your clothes to freshen them and remove wrinkles. It takes seconds to heat up and runs continuously for 10 minutes, aka plenty of time to refresh your outfit.

37. This phone mount that slides into the CD player slot

Often, the best spot to mount a phone in the car is already taken up by the CD player you never use. Slide this phone mount into the CD slot, clip your phone into the low-profile clamp, and that problem is solved. You can rotate is 360 degrees to get the navigation just right or to pull up music on your phone.

38. This clip that keeps your cash safe in a pocket

Stick this clip — using the included adhesive strip — to your phone, wallet, or whatever you carry in your pocket, and that item will stay put instead of sliding down into a deep pocket or bag. Many reviewers are using it for everything from cell phones to knives and love it.

39. A waterproof pouch so you can take your phone along

If you are headed out on a boat, to a water park, or even to an amusement park, keep your phone safe in this waterproof bag with a lanyard so you don’t regret bringing it along. You can use both sides of the phone while it’s in there, and it can survive a drop into 100 feet of water.

40. This tool to help you escape a car if needed

This tool is equipped with tools to help you get out of a car if you need to. It can shatter a side window in a vehicle simply by pressing it persistently to the glass, and it has a seatbelt cutter that’ll help get you out of the belt (even when you can’t unlock it). Almost 10,000 people — many who have used it to rescue others — have given it five stars.

41. This bedside organizer for all your gear

Slide the mat under your mattress and let these organizer pockets fall next to your bed and give your bed plenty of handy storage. You’ll always be able to find your phone, water bottle glasses, headphones, tables, lotion, or whatever else you like to keep handy. It comes in fourteen color (as well as pocket configuration options) and works well on a couch or a desk, too.

42. This clever hack for getting the peel off garlic

Drop three or four cloves of garlic into this genius silicone tube, roll it around on the counter, and it’ll spit out three or four skinned cloves. You can skip the smashing, stop chasing flying cloves around the kitchen, and keep your hands free of unwanted odor. Reviewers have written that it saves so much time and effort. Plus, it even comes with a storage case.

43. This set of stemless wine glasses that shouldn’t break

If you like to enjoy wine at the pool (or anywhere that broken glass would create a hazard), you might be reduced to sipping from Solo cups. (Well, not if you own this set of wine glasses that won’t shatter). They’re made from heavy Tritan plastic that looks and feels like glass — but since they aren’t breakable, you can take them to the beach, deck, or camping.

44. A multitool that looks like a hammer

When closed, this multitool looks like a strange and beefy hammer — but it hides 12 useful tools. There’s the obvious hammer, a nail claw, both flat and pipe grip pliers, a wire cutter, two screwdrivers (Phillips and flat), a small saw, two blades (straight and serrated), a file, and a bottle opener. It even comes with a nylon carrying case that clips to your belt.

45. A jar opener you will always be able to find

If you know you will need to open bottles and that they will give your sore hands trouble, install this under-counter bottle opener and make the process simple, fast, and easy. Just slide the offending jar lid into the triangle opening as far as it will go and turn. Its teeth will grab the lid and hold it and you’ll get plenty of traction because you are turning the jar, not the lid.

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