40 cheap & genius things people don't realize they need

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by Nina Bradley
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Amazon is great for a lot of things — and when it comes to cheap and genius products, the site always seems to have you covered. The marketplace is literally filled with things that'll help make your life feel so much easier, and I included my favorites on this list. At first glance, many of these items might not seem like necessities. But as you take a closer look, you'll find that a lot of them have the potential of becoming fast favorites that you never knew you needed. With that being said, once you give any of these items a try, you'll probably never want to put them down.

For example, there's a hand blender that comes with a whisk attachment, and it's small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer. You can use it for shakes, smoothies, and even eggs. There's also a motion-detecting keyhole light that'll shine when you're getting home at night. Products like these are honestly so convenient that you won't believe you've ever lived without them.

To make your overall shopping experience seamless, I've done some research and compiled a list of products that you're really going to love once you have them. Like, who wouldn't love having a high-pressure shower head installed in their bathroom or a pack of smart lightbulbs that can be controlled by your phone? I know I would.

So whether they're items you'll end up using daily or just once in a while, there's no doubt that these products will come in handy. And thanks to Amazon, they're all easy to find and available right at your fingertips.

1. This cable that can charge several different devices at once

This four-in-one charger cable will help you power up all of your favorite devices at once. It comes with four different charging connectors that can all work at the same time (two lightning, one micro USB, and one type-C). Plus, the cable is super durable since it's made with nylon and aluminum alloy.

2. A set of wireless motion sensor lights

Add an extra level of security to your home — or just more light when you need it — by using these motion sensor lights. They're completely wireless, operating via battery for easy installation. Plus, they can illuminate up to 10 feet. This set of three lights also comes with adhesive pads that allow you to peel and stick them anywhere you need.

3. The storage case that organizes all of your batteries

This battery storage case holds up to 93 batteries at a time. It's made of durable plastic that lies flat so you can store in your drawer or another small area. It can also be mounted on a wall for easy access, though. This case also comes with a battery tester that allows you to check the status of batteries whenever you need them.

4. A sleep mask equipped with built-in Bluetooth earphones

The perfect accessory for sleeping and traveling, these Bluetooth sleep headphones allow for hands-free use anywhere you need them. Compatible with most Apple or Android products via Bluetooth, the cozy mask design lets you easily listen to your favorite tunes, audiobooks, and answer calls, and more while you rest (without the use of uncomfortable earphones or wires).

5. This Bluetooth transmitter that connects to your car radio

Equip your vehicle with wireless capabilities using this Bluetooth FM transmitter. It's compatible with most devices and features a bright, clear screen that clearly displays song names, incoming phone numbers, and more while it's connected to your speakers. This device is super easy to use once it's paired — simply plug it in and it's ready to play.

6. A set of ice packs that strap onto your body

Each of these cold ice packs work to cool you down and soothe sore muscles when you need them to. Perfect for your back, ankles, arms, shoulders, and more, they're super flexible and can quickly mold to your body for comfortable and easy use. They're even equipped with straps to hold them in place, so you can walk around while wearing them.

7. The screen-cleaning kit that doesn't include alcohol or ammonia

Formulated to clean your smartphones and other electronic devices, this screen cleaner kit comes with a spray and two damage-free microfiber cloths. The brightly colored cloths come in two sizes — small and large — and are machine washable for easy laundering. Plus, the spray cleaner is totally free of alcohol and ammonia.

8. This waterproof organizer that stores cables, wires, and tablets

This electronics cable bag keeps all of your devices and wires neatly in place. It features several compartments with cushioned dividers that keep things secure and organized so they can be easily found. The bag is completely waterproof and shockproof, and it even comes with a large pocket that's sized to fit your phone or tablet as you travel.

9. This high-pressure shower head that feels like a rainstorm

Take a relaxing shower using this high-pressure shower head. It's super easy to install without any tools and quickly connects to any shower setup in less than five minutes. This chrome-plated nozzle is made of rustproof ABS plastic, and it ejects water that feels like a rainstorm.

10. The motion-detecting keyhole light that makes your lock bright at night

Never worry about fumbling with your keys to enter your home ever again while using this motion detector keyhole light. The full kit comes with an easy-to-install, motion-sensitive light along with double-sided adhesive tape that can be placed without the use of tools. Just attach it above your keyhole and it'll light up when you try to get into your house.

11. A set of remote-controlled color-changing strip lights

Add a bit of flair and ambiance to your home's decor with this set of LED strip lights. It comes with a remote control that can quickly power the lights on and off, as well as change the color and brightness from afar. Made ultra-long and with included adhesives, you can easily install them around ceilings, floors, and more.

12. A pair of glasses that block blue light from your tech screens

Protect your eyes while reading computer screens and mobile devices with these glasses. They work by filtering out blue light to help reduce eye strain and fatigue that could cause headaches and blurred vision. The frames are made of durable, yet lightweight materials that are flexible and comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.

13. This handheld blender that comes with a whisk attachment

Whip-up your favorite desserts and beverages quickly and easily with this multi-purpose hand blender. It features a slip-resistant, ergonomic handle that gives you comfortable maneuverability — and it has stainless steel blades that work to effortlessly blend smoothies, baby food, whipped creams, and more. This set also comes with a whisk attachment that works to beat eggs, cake batters, and other treats.

14. A vacuum-sealed travel mug that's made with stainless steel

This vacuum-insulated travel mug is made of durable stainless steel, and it can keep contents hot for up to five hours or cold for up to 12. Great for everyday use while you're on your way to the office or school, it's sized to fit most cup holders and can be placed on the top-rack of your dishwasher for quick and simple cleaning. It's easy to hold in one hand and comes in an array of cool colors for you to choose from.

15. This outdoor Wi-Fi outlet that lets you work from your patio

Plug this outdoor Wi-Fi outlet in and connect your network while controlling electronic devices outside your home. It features dual outlets that are protected by a waterproof cap, which prevents them from getting wet or dirty. The device is also smart-enabled and voice-compatible for effortless hands-free control.

16. A set of smart light bulbs that change colors

These color-changing smart light bulbs add a cool ambiance to your home. They make it easy to create a myriad of lighting effects and can be dimmed to your desired level of brightness. Made to be controlled from anywhere via an app on your smartphone or tablet, they also pair seamlessly with voice-activated home devices such as Alexa and Google Home assistant

17. This anti-fog spray that keeps mirrors and glasses crystal clear

Combat fog on your glasses, windshield, mirrors, and more with this anti-fog spray. Simply spritz it on your important items for quick and easy visibility within minutes. It can be applied wet or dry, and it's non-toxic. Each bottle comes with enough spray for 400 spritzes, so you'll probably be covered for a while.

18. A space-saving magnetic bar that organizes kitchen utensils

This magnetic kitchen knife bar organizes and frees up space by storing and displaying your utensils on a nearby wall. The bar is comprised of an extra-strong magnet that can hold your kitchen tools in place, and it's encased by sleek stainless steel to match your space perfectly. The bar comes with the hardware you'll need to mount it, so installation should be simple.

19. This personal blender that turns into a travel cup

This personal blender makes it easy to create and drink your favorite beverages when you're short on time. It's made with one power button that blends into a 14-ounce container which includes a sealable lid. After blending, you can detach the cup and start drinking. The BPA-free machine is offered in five colors, and the cup itself can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

20. A multipurpose screwdriver with a magnetic tip

Get all of your home improvement jobs done with this eight-way screwdriver. It has a magnetic tip that fits several different bits, along with an ergonomically designed handle for easy gripping. Made to complete the tasks of several tools, this is sure to serve as a replacement for many of your existing screwdrivers.

21. This stainless steel survival tool that fits into your wallet

This credit card-shaped multitool weighs next to nothing — and it's small enough to slide right into your wallet, so you can keep it with you at all times. Made of stainless steel, it features 11 functions that you might need from day to day. It can operate as a can opener, bottle opener, wrench, knife-edge, saw blade, and more. It also has a keychain hole so you can attach it to your bag or key ring.

22. This pack of cable clips that keep your wires organized

These cable clips — which come in a six-pack — feature adhesive backings that allow you to attach them virtually anywhere around your home, office, or even in a car. They work to organize and separate wires, keeping your area clutter-free and easy to navigate, preventing tangling and messes.

23. The solar-powered lantern that folds down for storage

Camp and navigate your way through the dark with this collapsible solar-powered lantern. Designed with four lighting modes, it can work up to three hours once fully charged. It also folds down compactly for easy traveling and storage wherever you may need it. This lamp can also be powered via USB and acts as a power bank for your smartphones and other mobile devices.

24. A dual knife sharpener that's easy to store

Keep your kitchen utensils ready for use with this edge-grip knife sharpener. It defines and sharpens dull and damaged knives, and it features a non-slip base that can be used on the countertop edge. The compact design makes it simple to store in a drawer or another small area.

25. An alarm clock that simulates the sunrise

Wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with this sunrise-mimicking alarm clock. Every morning, it gradually and gently increases in brightness before the alarm clock goes off (just like the rising sun). The device also comes with an easy-to-read LED time display and offers seven other colors and 20 levels of warm light for your morning preference. It also features a myriad of natural sound settings that help relax and relieve stress and tension.

26. The contactless door opener that helps keep your hands germs-free

There are a few things more perfect than this no-touch door opener. Made to fit in your purse or wallet, this device easily allows you to access doors without ever having to lay a finger on the door handle. It's crafted with durable materials and comes with a rubber tip that can also be used to access elevator buttons, ATM machines, touchscreens, and more without any physical contact.

27. A reusable notebook that uploads your notes to the cloud

Eliminate desk clutter with this reusable notebook. It lets you seamlessly jot down and upload your notes to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. This comprehensive set comes with one high-tech notebook, one erasable pen, and a microfiber cloth that allows you to wipe the pages clean when you're finished so you can start all over again.

28. A mount that keeps your headphones underneath your desk

Declutter your workspace with this under-desk headphone mount. It attaches under your desktop without the use of tools, using only a heavy-duty adhesive sticker. The durable stand can hold up to two pairs of headphones, keeping them out of sight but within reach when you need them.

29. This over-the-door closet rod for some extra hanger space

Got an overflowing wardrobe you'd like to straighten out? This over-the-door closet rod can help. It adds more than three feet of closet space to any standard door, while the sturdy metal frame can support up to 35 pounds. Plus, you can also adjust its length depending on how wide your door is.

30. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use in the shower

Whether you use it in the shower or while camping and hiking in inclement conditions, this Bluetooth speaker will provide you with all the entertainment you need. It features a loud 3-watt speaker that helps you hear it no matter what's going on — and it's even portable, thanks to the provided carabiner clip that allows you to attach it to your bag or purse. Designed with extended battery life, this speaker is sure to last as you go about your day fully entertained and tuned in to your favorite sounds.

31. An electric wine opener that removes corks within seconds

Never tug with an uncooperative bottle of wine ever again with this corkscrew and foil remover. With the push of a button, this automatic tool pops the cork in seconds — and it even comes with a foil-cutting device that helps get the process started. It features a stainless steel design and comes with an eye-catching LED light that makes it easy to see and fun to use.

32. A multipurpose tool that can be a hammer, bottle opener, screwdriver, and more

Great for hiking, camping, or just home maintenance, this multifunctional outdoor tool can handle a myriad of tasks. Made of stainless steel and featuring a wooden handle, this device functions as an ax, pliers, screwdriver, knife, and more. It's compact enough to store in a small drawer.

33. This high-powered USB-C charger that works on tons of devices

This high-powered wall charger works to quickly charge up all of your favorite devices. It's compatible with most laptops, phones, and computers (if they can be charged via USB-C) — and it's super compact, making it easy to travel with and store. Offered in black and white, this device small but highly efficient in all it does.

34. This cable saver that protects your tech cords from fraying

It's safe to say that there's nothing worse than having a frayed cable or cord for your smartphone or computer. This cable saver is able to fix the issue by preventing the ends from breaking or splitting ever again. It simply wraps around the top of the wire to protect it, and it fits around the cords for many devices including cell phones, computers, laptops, and more.

35. This USB tower that powers up devices quickly

Unlike many standard wall chargers, this USB tower will automatically detect your connected device's optimal charging speed to get your gadgets powered up quickly. It features six ports — all featuring short-circuiting protection — and the worldwide voltage makes it the perfect companion while traveling.

36. A tablet stand that's made out of a pillow

This unique tablet stand feels like a soft pillow, offering a cozy angle for easy, hands-free viewing and working. The design offers plush wrist support where you can also use a wireless keyboard, and it even has a back storage pocket that can hold other important belongings. It comes in a three colors and will probably become your new best friend while you're lounging around the house.

37. These adhesive wall hooks that can hold 13 pounds each

Place these wall hooks in your bathroom or any other space in your home to hang towels and other items you might need in a convenient spot (like coats or sweaters). They each feature a transparent design that makes them inconspicuous, while their 13-pound weight limit gives them great functionality and usefulness. Offered in an eight-pack, these damage-free hooks are easy to use over and over again.

38. The cane massager that helps you work out tension in your back

This cane massager has multiple knobs that can help you work out knots while massaging away tension and pain all on your own. It works with the leverage of your body and weighs less than one pound, making it easy to use. You can buy one massager or opt for a two- or four-pack.

39. These deodorizing balls that fit into tight spaces

When there are unwanted odors in your shoes, gym bag, locker, or even in your car, these deodorizing balls can help. They're small enough to fit into tight spaces with ease, and the twist-lock design allows you to seal them up to use later. "I've only had these for a few days," wrote one reviewer. "But my work shoes are already smelling better."

40. The jump rope that can be adjusted based off your height

This jump rope is made with wire roping that's covered by PVC materials, and it comes with ball-bearing handles that prevent twisting, tangling, and bending during your routine. The lightweight handles are generously coated with comfy memory foam grips for simple handling, all while the rope is designed to be adjusted to the proper length for your size and height.

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