The 4 best wallet trackers

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best wallet trackers

Although research shows there’s a scientific reason to believe your lost wallet will be returned, a tracking device can give you peace of mind when you're out and about and also help you locate your wallet when you’re trying to rush out the door. (Psst: It's in the pocket of your other pair of jeans). The best wallet trackers sync to a smartphone or remote control, and although they boast a small footprint, they’ll have a range of up to 200 feet. Just as important — they'll have reliable batteries, so you can count on them to work when you need them most.

When it comes to wallet finders, you can choose between two styles:

  • Smartphone-enabled trackers work in tandem with an app to ring the Bluetooth receiver (which is the part that goes inside your wallet), so you can find misplaced things within a specific range. There are other benefits, too: For example, even if it's out of range, you can use features like last-known location tracking or even a community-finding feature to locate your wallet. Additionally, you can use the Bluetooth receiver in your wallet to ring your phone if you happen to misplace that.
  • Remote-controlled trackers use a remote to communicate with the receiver instead, but since they don't use an app, this tracker won’t help you locate items that are out of range. And since you probably don't want to carry a remote around, this style is best for at-home use, but is still a worthy option.

Beyond that, some wallet trackers have permanent, built-in batteries that will work for up to three years, but you'll have to replace the tracker after that. Other options have replaceable batteries that you'll have to be switched out every few months, and still others have a rechargeable battery for long-term use.

With all that in mind, these are the best wallet trackers on Amazon that will drastically speed up the search next time you misplace it.

1. A fan favorite wallet tracker card

With thousands of five-star ratings, the Tile Slim wallet tracker is a clear favorite for Amazon reviewers. The receiver is shaped like a credit card (and is about as thick as three stacked cards) and slips right into your wallet or passport. This top-notch pick has a 200-foot range — the biggest on the list — and pairs with an app, so you can use your smartphone to ring the tracker. And if you're out of range? The app displays the tracker's last-known location on a map, so you can get closer to finding it. Another major plus: Thanks to the crowd-finding feature, anyone who has the Tile app running on their phone can send location updates to your app if they come within range of your lost item. And if you're prone to misplacing your phone, the tracker can help with that, too — just double-press the Tile button on the receiver to make your phone ring.

The built-in battery will last three years, but since it’s not replaceable, you'll have to purchase a new Tile when it bites the bullet. In addition to the credit card-style tracker, there's also a smaller Tile for keychains, which you can purchase separately or as a combo pack.

According to a reviewer: “This has saved me from having a lost wallet at least 5 times now. I have a small wallet, [so] it's nice that it fits fairly easily.”

2. A remote transmitter that tracks up to 6 items

Instead of using a smartphone, the Esky Key Finder uses a remote transmitter to track up to six items, so it’s an affordable option that everyone in your household can use. It comes with six receivers that are slim enough to fit in a wallet, but they can also be attached to a keyring or any other items with the adhesive backing The color-coded receivers work within a 100-foot range of the remote, and all you have to do is press the corresponding color-coded button. (Keep in mind, though: You cannot use the receivers to ring the remote control if that gets lost.) Because this option doesn't utilize a smartphone app, you won't get upgraded features like last-known location or crowd-finding, so this is best if you mostly tend to lose things at home.

The estimated battery life isn’t listed, but reviewers mention an average of about six months, and the batteries are easily replaceable. Eight batteries are included, which — bonus — can act as replacements if you don’t use every tracker.

According to a reviewer: “Feeling very relieved! I literally just got this system last week and put one of the the receivers in my wallet. Today, I suddenly found myself without my wallet and worried that I had left it in a Lyft car (which I had not). I was able to find it below one of the chairs by my garden table. So I kind of feel like I owe the makers of this product a plug!"

3. A rechargeable wallet tracker card

If you want a long-lasting option and don't want to deal with battery placements, this ultra-thin wallet tracker card with a rechargeable battery is your best bet. At 1.5-millimeters, this credit card-shaped tracker is even slimmer than the Tile tracker and fits easily into your wallet without adding bulk. It works in concert with an app on your smartphone to make your lost item ring when it’s in range, and the app also tracks your item’s last-known location. Plus, this option also works in reverse, so you can press a button on the card to ring a lost phone.

Best of all, the tracker lasts for an impressive three to five months on just one two-hour charge, and the app will alert you when the card’s battery is low, so you'll know to charge before it's too late The two down sides: There’s no community-finding feature, and it only works within a 98-foot range, which is the shortest on the list. Choose from black, blue, green, and white.

According to a reviewer: “have been using this card for probably over 6 months now and the battery has only died once. This card has saved me from losing my wallet and phone so many times, it is perfect. Genius idea to make it a card that fits perfectly in your wallet. Everyone should have one."

4. A 4-pack of tracker stickers

These small Tile Stickers are about the size of four stacked quarters, and they’re easy to place on or inside anything you might want to track. Each tracker has a 150-foot range and works with the Tile app on your smartphone to ring your lost items and display its last-known location, and you can also use Tile’s community-finding feature when it’s out of range. Like the other Tile option, you can also use any of these stickers to find your phone just by double-pressing to make it ring.

Each sticker has a battery life of three years, but the battery is not replaceable. They’re sold in a two-pack or four-pack, and you can also use them on cameras, AirPods cases, remote controls, and other valuable and easily lost items. They’re the thickest option on the list, so best to attach to your wallet’s exterior or inside a built-in coin pouch.

According to a reviewer: “My husband is terrible at misplacing his wallet at home or at this shop. I bought these and it’s now reduced so much stress by being able to set off the alarm. Thank you! Highly recommend!!

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