The Best TV Wall Mounts Let You Tilt, Level, & Change The Angle Of Your TV

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A technician is installing a wall mount on a television getting it ready to be put on a wall

According to studies, even dogs have favorite television programs to watch. So if you're looking to minimize clutter and get the best viewing angle (for everyone at home), the best TV wall mounts will be sturdy, easy to install, and compatible with a wide selection of mounting hole patterns. That said, the best option for you will largely depend on your TV's size and weight, as well as your preferred viewing angle.

Before you start shopping, you'll need to know the size of your TV. Televisions are typically measured diagonally from opposite corners, and the size (along with the weight) will dictate which mounts you can use. While most mounts work with a range of sizes — for example, one mount might suit televisions from 27 to 55 inches — you should never exceed the weight or the size capacity for any given model. (If mounting your TV to drywall, screw the mount into a stud; if mounting on concrete or brick, be sure the mount is compatible with those materials. Also check the back of your TV to make sure that the hole patterns match up with the mount.)

Next, figure out the range of motion that would be ideal for your needs. For some, a standard mount will be enough, as it'll allow them to place the TV higher than the average media console. But if you want your TV to tilt, swivel, or extend outwards, there are different options for the aforementioned movements. Some can even handle them all at once. No matter the size of your TV and the angle you're looking for, these are the four best TV mounts on the internet right now:

1. The Most Affordable TV Mount

There's a reason why the VideoSecu wall-mount kit has nearly 40,000 reviews on Amazon: It's both affordable and reliable. This particular one suits 24- to 55-inch televisions and can hold up to 88 pounds (but there are also options for 13 to 42 inches, 37 to 65 inches, 37 to 75 inches, and 40 to 88 inches). The mount has four adjustable arms that can suit a range of hole patterns, while the extension arm both swivels and tilts for your ideal viewing angle. Last but not least, each order comes with a magnetic stud finder and an HDMI cable, all for $25.

  • Fits TV sizes: 27 to 55 inches (additional sizes available for TVs from 13 to 88 inches)
  • Weight capacity: 88 pounds
  • Wall type: Studs

One reviewer wrote: "Amazing product, great price, would definitely buy it again! What's not to love! This mount is affordable, and comes with EVERYTHING you could need to put it up except the power tools."

2. The Best Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

While a good number of TV mounts offer motion, few do it as well as the Mounting Dream full-motion mount. This one can swivel 45 degrees, level by 3 degrees, tilt between 5 and -15 degrees, and extend from 3 to 15.2 inches from the wall. It's suitable for studs that are 16 inches apart, and it'll fit most TVs between 32 and 55 inches. (The brand offers a 42-to-75-inch version, too.) It also comes with a paper template for easy installation.

  • Fits TV sizes: 32 to 55 inches (additional size available for TVs up to 75 inches)
  • Weight capacity: 99 pounds
  • Wall type: 16-inch studs (concrete anchors available upon request)

One reviewer wrote: "It feels very sturdy, and has ample positions including vertical tilt (which is great if your installation wasn't 100% level). Movement is smooth and easy, and it holds position very well. The instructions are some of the best I've seen with a wall mount."

3. The Best Tilting Wall Mount (& The Best To Save Space)

If you want a mount that has a slim profile, but still allows you to tilt the screen up and down, opt for the Mounting Dream tilting wall mount. Instead of extending outwards, it sits nearly flush against the wall to save space — though it has an 8-degree range of motion so you can reduce glare and better see the screen while sitting. The three-step installation process is quick and easy to follow (even for concrete walls), while the wide mount suits 16-, 18-, and 24-inch stud placements. This one is well-suited for mid-sized TVs, but you can also get mounts for smaller and larger ones, too.

  • Fits TV sizes: 37 to 70 inches (additional sizes available for TVs from 26 to 84 inches)
  • Weight capacity: 132 pounds
  • Wall type: 16-, 18-, and 24-inch studs (concrete anchors available upon request)

One reviewer wrote: "Easy to install, even though I've never installed one before. Puts the TV in just the right spot for easy viewing while lying in bed watching your favorite show. Frees up a lot of space on top of the chest of drawers. Highly recommended!"

4. The Best Wall Mount For Big TVs

Finally, if your TV is especially large or heavy, you'll want something that's designed to handle the extra size and weight. This Perlesmith TV mount can support screens up to 90 inches (both curved and flat), and it has a weight capacity of up to 165 pounds. It can also tilt, level, and extend, plus the high-quality craftsmanship includes locking structures and sturdy materials. Mount it on 16-, 18-, or 24-inch studs as well as concrete and bricks.

  • Fits TV sizes: 50 to 90 inches
  • Weight capacity: 165 pounds
  • Wall type: 16-, 18-, and 24-inch studs, concrete, brick

One reviewer wrote: "This bracket is awesome! Very sturdy and able to hold my 90” tv with no problems. Easy to install and has full motion as promised."

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