The 7 best smart wallets

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by Steven Rowe

You may not think about it too much, but your wallet plays a major role in how you spend money, like being willing to spend more when using a credit card versus cash. While the best smart wallets might not help you spend less, they can help protect your credit cards by using technology that may prevent electronic pickpocketing. And if you want help keeping tabs on your wallet, some options have built-in holders where you can add a tracking device.

These days, many credit cards use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for contactless payments. While these cards are secure, all of the smart wallets below include RFID-blocking technology to help protect the sensitive information inside your billfold when you’re not making a payment. If you tend to misplace your wallet, also consider choosing one with a spot for a tracking device that you can purchase separately. Alternatively, you can opt for a slim tracker that’ll fit in the wallet you already have.

The wallet’s material is also worth considering as you shop. Many wallets are made from leather because it’s durable and flexible, allowing for a bit of stretch if you like to carry a lot. For those looking for vegan options, faux leather wallets offer a similar look and feel, though they’re typically not as durable as real leather. And if you’re looking for a strong smart wallet that can last for years to come, aluminum or carbon fiber wallets are incredibly durable but tend to cost more.

Below, read on for my picks for the best smart wallets with RFID-blocking technology, including slim styles and bifold designs.

1. The overall best smart wallet

If you’re looking for a truly durable smart wallet, this one is made from military-grade aluminum that can block RFID scans and comes with a lifetime warranty. The ultra-slim wallet can hold up to 12 cards thanks to its expandable design, and there’s a strap for storing cash. It’s earned a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 12,000 reviews, and if you don’t mind spending a bit more, this wallet is also available in titanium and carbon fiber styles.

According to a reviewer: “I work in RFID and I was curious if it would actually block RFID. I placed a chip inside the wallet and placed it on a high power reader. I couldn't read the chip at all which surprised me. I'm thoroughly pleased with this wallet.”

  • Available colors and styles: 6, including black, navy, and olive

2. A fan-favorite wallet that pairs with a tracking card

This smart wallet is made from leather and has an aluminum credit card holder that can stack four to six cards at a time while protecting them from RFID scanners. The wallet also includes extra card pockets, a multipurpose strap for cash or receipts, and a button so you can pop your cards out when you need them. There is also a sleeve for the brand’s tracker card, which you can purchase separately, so you can always know where to find your wallet.

According to a reviewer: “From the feel and look of the leather, to the perfect functionality of the card holder, it’s for lack of a better word, amazing. The tracker card is an incredible addition to an already amazing wallet, it allows you to ping the wallet from your phone, and vice versa, along with it being a solar powered device.”

  • Available colors: 6, including black, brown, and steel blue

3. A slim, budget-friendly wallet

Not only is this slim wallet equipped with RFID-blocking technology, but it’s also less than $10. It can hold up to five cards and has a clear holder for an ID and a side pocket for cash. It’s made with genuine leather and comes in over a dozen colors, including black, brown, sky blue, and red.

According to a reviewer: “This small wallet is exactly what I was looking for for an upcoming trip. RFID blocking. Fits the three credit cards I want to take, plus my driver's license, with a small pocket for cash. I can put it in the front pocket of my jeans.”

  • Available colors: 17

4. A bifold made from soft faux leather

If you need a little more room, this faux leather wallet is a great choice. It’s a bifold style that holds nine cards, and there’s a clear window for an ID, two compartments for cash, and two slip pockets. It also features RFID-blocking technology and comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus, the wallet ships in a gift box so it is easy to give, too.

According to a reviewer: “This wallet and company are great. I’ve had the wallet for a few months now without any issues. I bought it to replace an old [...] leather wallet I had for many years. I bought this one because it’s RFID blocking (Radio Frequency ID), it’s Vegan Synthetic Leather (Cruelty Free), and is the right size for the average guy like me.”

  • Available colors and styles: 6, including carbon fiber

5. The wallet that holds an Apple AirTag

If you’re an Apple user, you might prefer this slim, RFID-blocking wallet that offers a secure holder for an Apple AirTag (sold separately) so you can easily track your wallet if you misplace it. The wallet holds five cards and has an ID window and cash compartment. It is available in a variety of colors, and comes in both leather and faux leather styles.

According to a reviewer: “For the price, this is probably one of the best wallets you can buy, and that’s not even considering the reason everyone came here: the AirTag compatibility. It is a simple but elegant solution, having a sturdy metal clip and a leather ring around the AirTag.”

  • Available colors and styles: 12, including black, dark blue, and gray

6. This durable wallet with a card slider

This durable RFID-blocking wallet comes in either black carbon fiber or six faux leather colors. Credit cards stack on top of each other to give the wallet its slim design and they slide out at the touch of a button. The wallet holds up to four embossed credit cards in the slider (or up to six non-embossed cards), and there’s a compartment for cash and two slip pockets for extra storage.

According to a reviewer: “I think this wallet is a great replacement for my bulky conventional wallet. The spring loaded design keeps my cards secured and easy to access with the switch on the side. The RFID blocking is a bonus security feature.”

  • Available colors and styles: 7, including black, brown, and red

7. A large-capacity wallet that holds 15 cards

With the largest card capacity on the list, this bifold wallet lets you carry 15 different cards in individual slots and has a clear window for an ID, too. The RFID-blocking wallet also features two cash compartments. Available in a variety of colors, the wallet is made from soft, smooth genuine leather.

According to a reviewer: “I needed a wallet to hold a lot of cards with easy access to them, this is perfect! Now I don’t mind a somewhat bulky wallet so it does exactly what I needed it for. Well made and all leather, not something I was able to find locally and I really looked. I highly recommend it!”

  • Available colors: 8, including black, brown, and olive green

Also consider: This slim tracker for wallets

If you want to add smart features to your favorite wallet, this slim Tile tracker fits inside a card slot to help keep tabs on your belongings. You can use the Tile smartphone app to ring the tracker when it’s within 250 feet, and when it’s out of Bluetooth range, you can check the last known location on your phone. The device can also be tucked into a suitcase or bag while traveling.

According to a reviewer: “I'm constantly misplacing my wallet, and then panicking. This completely alleviates that stress. It's extremely easy to set up and use. It shows me where my wallet is on a map. And if I'm close by and still can't find it, I can press a button on the app, which causes it to make an audible beep.”

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