46 best-selling things on Amazon that actually make life a hell of a lot better

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by Christina X. Wood
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There are a lot of reasons that something can become a best-seller on Amazon, but often it’s because something solves a problem, prevents injury, or improves daily life. Basically, they make everyday tasks easier or simply a little more enjoyable. People go to Amazon seeking a solution, and when they get it and it meets — or exceeds — expectations, they rave in the reviews. As a shopper, it quickly becomes clear which ones are winners. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the best-selling things on Amazon that actually make life a hell of a lot better.

A couple of cheap tub stoppers that immediately resolve draining issues can garner so many positive reviews that it just makes sense to have them on hand. And why wouldn’t you switch to an all-natural body wash when so many people credit it with solving a range of skin ailments? And maybe you never knew shoe glue was a thing but when over 16,000 say they are obsessed? It’s hard not to give it a try on that old pair of sneakers with a torn sole.

Keep reading for those and more things you didn’t know you needed for everyday living. Start shopping below and be prepared for life to get a whole lot more pleasant.

1. These extremely heat resistant gloves for safer barbecuing

Never again worry about burning yourself when cooking over an open flame thanks to these heat-resistant gloves that can withstand temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re made from food-grade rubber with grippy, textured palms and designed to protect your hands and forearms. To clean, just wash them with soap and hang them to dry. No wonder over 6,000 people rated them five stars on Amazon.

2. A Marshall amp wall jack for your keys

Stick this miniature replica of the iconic Marshall amp on your wall for a cooler way to keep your keys organized. Attach a jack to your keychain, and whenever you come home you can plug your keys into the amp as if you are about to light up Albert Hall with your visionary guitar solo. This is so much better than tossing your keys on a side table.

3. A motion-activated light for unlocking the door

If it’s hard to find the door lock to turn your key when it’s dark out, you need this motion-triggered light to make it easier. Just peel and stick the small light above the lock using the included adhesive. The motion sensor keeps the light on only when you need it, and because it is on only briefly, the batteries last for ages.

4. This cold brew maker that’s so easy to use

Making your own iced coffee at home is easy thanks to this cold brew maker. The carafe is made from durable borosilicate glass and comes with a stainless steel filter and lid — just add your favorite ground coffee, fill with water, and let it brew in the fridge overnight. The carafe is dishwasher safe and has a removable, nonslip rubber base for extra protection.

5. This knife sharpener that’s easy & safe to use

Just three swipes through this simple knife sharpener will restore the edge on your kitchen knives. And it doesn’t put your hands in any danger or require any skill. A suction cup on the bottom grips the counter when you crank down the lever. Then just drag the blade through the sharpener on the top. Easy, fast, safe, and inexpensive.

6. These fridge liners for a brighter & cleaner fridge

Keep your fridge organized with these brightly colored liners, and your fresh produce will stay fresher, too. The cushioned liners keep containers from banging into each other, helps prevent produce from bruising, and absorb moisture to keep food from spoiling sooner. Each of the five liners washes easily and can be cut to fit your shelves perfectly.

7. An in-car sponge for instantly defogging a windshield

When your windshield is fogged up and you need to get going, a swipe with this sponge immediately lets you see things more clearly. You can swipe it on windows wet or dry because either way, it grabs moisture from the glass without leaving streaks or scratches. This sponge removes fog or condensation from windows in cars or boats.

8. These universal stoppers keep water in any basin

If your current drain stopper isn’t up to the task, these universal stoppers are a fail-safe way to stop water from draining out of your sink or tub. They’re six inches in diameter so they cover any drain and are flat so they won’t get in the way. In short: they work. And that’s probably why nearly 17,000 people give them five stars.

9. A set of reusable silicone covers to seal any container

Every kitchen should have a set of these stretchy silicone covers on hand because you will always have a bowl with olives, a half-opened can or jar, or leftover stir fry you want to keep in the fridge for later. Like a reusable and dishwasher-safe plastic wrap, simply stretch a lid over your container’s opening for a secure seal. This set of seven stretchy lids is made of food-grade silicone, and they’re also safe to use in the freezer and microwave.

10. This remedy soap that fixes so many skin issues

If you’ve ever dealt with skin irritations like acne, jock itch, or foot odor, this antibacterial body wash can help resolve them. It’s loaded with healing ingredients like tea tree oil — which is antifungal — and eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil to also alleviate toenail issues, blemishes, and ringworm. This freshly-scented soap also contains nourishing ingredients, like jojoba and coconut oils, to soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin. This body wash is loved by over 13,000 Amazon reviewers for stopping itching, odor, and rashes.

11. A vacuum attachment that cleans trapped lint out of dryers

Save time, power, and service fees with this vacuum cleaner attachment that reaches deep into your dryer’s vents to pull out all the lint—not just the stuff that gets stuck in the trap. Your dryer will work more efficiently so you won’t have to run it as long and it won’t need to work as hard. Vents that are full of lint can be a fire hazard and cause the dryer to fail, and this tool makes cleaning a quick and easy fix.

12. This compact and portable power strip

Keep all your devices plugged in wherever the day takes you with this compact and portable power strip. Use it at your desk to bring three USB power ports within reach. Take it on vacation to turn one hotel outlet into six. It even has built-in surge protection to keep your gear from getting fried in a storm or power spike.

13. These sleek webcam covers for your webcam

Lose the tape covering your webcam and upgrade to these minimalist webcam covers that fit in more seamlessly with your Mac or PC. Just stick them on and they open and close so you can go join a video call or have your privacy. More than 9,000 people give it five stars, and the set comes in black, blue, or white.

14. A nonslip phone holder for your dashboard

Trying to follow your map app is so much easier with this dashboard phone mount. It has a silicone bottom with sticky points to hold it securely to the dash and a slot that keeps your phone in place, allowing for one-handed operation. Plus, you can place small items in the convenient storage tray, which also has a built-in cable slot.

15. This glue that fixes shoes with a waterproof seal

This shoe repair glue has a cult following—with over 15,800 five-star reviews—because people love that they can save a much-loved pair of shoes with such an affordable fix. It’s waterproof and permanent, and this glue can be used on leather, vinyl, rubber, or canvas to bond separated soles or patch and seal holes. And it dries clear, so no one can tell it’s there.

16. These waterproof razor holders that are perfect in the shower

Whether you shave in the shower or at the sink, you need a razor holder to keep it dry and clean for next time. You don’t need to bust out the toolkit to install these waterproof hooks — they stick to any smooth surface. And they look modern and classy with a stainless steel finish.

17. This silicone scrubber that won’t get smelly

If you’re tired of always having a stinky sponge, replace yours with this silicone scrubber that won’t retain odors. In fact, it’s infused with a pleasant peach fragrance that reviewers love. They’re safe to use on pots and pans and dry quickly, which is partly what keeps this scrubber from getting smelly.

18. An anti-fatigue mat that reduces pressure on your lower body

Spending time on your feet in the kitchen is so much more comfortable with this anti-fatigue mat. The waterproof memory foam mat reduces pressure on your lower back, knees, and feet, helping to prevent fatigue, and the top and bottom feature a nonslip textured design for safety. Choose from four patterns and three sizes.

19. A car organizer that turns dead space into a handy holder

This car seat gap organizer turns an annoying problem — losing things between the car seat and the center console — into an organizational opportunity. Wedge these slender pockets in the gap next to your seats and use the included foam spacers to perfect the fit and create dividers, creating a place for your phone instead of a drop hazard. Reviewers love it for looking good while doing a weird but helpful job, and over 4,000 of them give it five stars.

20. This genius radio adapter that makes any car Bluetooth-capable

If you long for a modern car that lets you play music from your phone through the car stereo, you don’t have to buy a new one: just install this Bluetooth radio adapter. Plug it into the lighter attachment and connect your phone to listen to music, make calls, and see what’s happening on your phone in the LCD display. It even has a USB port to keep your phone charged. This thing is awesome and over 54,000 people give it five stars.

21. This elegant oil sprayer that spritzes the right amount

Whether you are putting potatoes in the air fryer or trying to get the perfectly dressed salad, this glass oil sprayer is the way to get there. Fill it with your favorite cooking oil or dressing, and just press the button to mist your meal. The fine spritz of this sprayer lets you control how much oil or dressing is added to your food, and its glass and stainless steel construction cleans up easily.

22. A spray that prevents fogged glasses

If your glasses are driving you insane by always fogging up, spray them occasionally with Fog Gone so you can always see clearly. Everyone from healthcare workers who wear masks all day to swimmers who want to see through clear goggles loves this stuff, giving it almost 19,000 five-star reviews. Drivers even use it on their windshields to keep fog at bay.

23. A quick fix for watermarks on wooden furniture

If someone sets a glass down on your table without a coaster, all you need is this watermark remover to restore the finish on your wooden furniture. The reusable cloth rubs the mark away and can hide surface scratches or other minor blemishes. Even if the rings and haze are decades old, this will get it out.

24. An electric callus remover that’s rechargeable

For dry heels or tough calluses, this electric callus remover makes quick work of buffing your feet for smoother skin. According to reviewers in the same boat, it’ll be the best Amazon purchase you make in a long time. It comes with both a coarse roller and an extra coarse roller (and a replacement for each) to quickly remove hard calluses and soften skin. You can use this tool wet or dry, and it’s rechargeable.

25. These burner liners make stovetop cleaning easy

Next time you clean your gas stove, slip these burner liners under the grates so you never have to waste time doing that again. They look tidy and periodically when they accumulate spills and stains, you can pull them out and let the dishwasher do the work. These covers are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be cut to fit your burner.

26. These shoelaces you never have to tie

Turn any of your sneakers into slip-on shoes with Lock Laces, and you never have to tie your shoes again. They’re one size fits all, easy to install, and you can choose from thirteen colors; they not only improve the look of your shoes but also the fit since they have adjustable tension. Reviewers love them and give them almost 18,000 five-star reviews.

27. A motion-activated light strip that installs without tools

This peel-and-stick lighting system is so simple to install that you will be lighting every dark closet, cupboard, and stairway with it. It’s motion-activated and battery-operated so you can stick the strip anywhere and forget it until the light comes on, precisely and only when you need it. You can also set it to be manually turned on and off if you prefer.

28. This packable cooling towel that’s a lifesaver in the heat

If you are planning to be outdoors in the heat, keep this lightweight towel with you when you need to quickly cool down. Soak the towel in water and then drape it around your head or neck; its mesh design keeps the towel and you cooler longer. They also dry quickly and fold away once you’re cooler and ready to get back to golfing, hiking, or any outdoor activity.

29. This brush kit that turns power drills into heavy-duty cleaners

Make quick work of cleaning your house by replacing your drill bit with these scrub brushes, letting your power tool do the heavy lifting. Use one of the kit’s four attachments — a ball brush, round brush, sponge brush, and scrubber brush — to effortlessly scrub the bathtub or shower door, kitchen counter, tile grout, and more. You no longer need elbow grease to clean your space well.

30. These comfortable toe stretchers for relieving foot pain

Fit these toe spreaders between your toes and give the compressed nerves, bones, and muscles that you have been forcing into shoes a break. Foot pain is often caused by shoe-induced compression and this tool stretches the small muscles in your feet while taking pressure off nerves for real relief from foot pain. No wonder these have over 2,000 five-star reviews.

31. These cedar rings that keep moths away from clothes

Keep pests away from your clothes with this set of cedar rings and balls you can simply attach to hangers or place in drawers. Cedar has a wonderful woodsy and fresh scent, but it repels moths, so this easy closet addition keeps your sweaters and blankets free of holes from the fabric-eating insects. This set comes with 30 cedar rings and 10 cedar balls.

32. This cup holder extender so your big bottle fits

If you wish your big water bottle would fit in your cup holder, all you need is this cup holder extender for the right fit. It sits in a standard cup holder and creates a wider space for your bottle above it. This holder fits Hydro Flask’s 32-ounce and 40-ounce bottles as well as other large and wide-mouth bottles up to 3.8 inches wide.

33. A storage bag that tidies up extra clothes hangers

Instead of leaving them on the closet rod, drop empty hangers into this basket for a tidier closet all around. That one simple habit will keep your hangers in order and streamline your closet system. When you need a hanger, you know where they are—and they won’t be tangled or broken. Handles on this triangular tote bag make it conveniently portable, too.

34. These motion-activated light sockets help you save power

Remove any dark corners around your home with these motion sensor light sockets that can light up your basement, attic, entryway, or garage when you need it. The energy-saving sockets automatically shut off the light after you walk away, and the motion sensitivity and light levels are easily adjustable. The sockets can sense motion up to 10 feet away.

35. This vegetable chopper that does the prep work

If chopping a bunch of vegetables is keeping you from cooking more, you’ll love this vegetable chopper that prepares food faster than with a knife and cutting board. Set an onion, carrot, or another vegetable on one of the four blade inserts and close the lid to julienne, chop, or slice. The prepared vegetable drops neatly into a receiving tray. Plus, this nifty tool also comes with a spiralizer.

36. This TV backlight that changes colors with music or movies

Step up movie night or your at-home dance party with this backlight strip that makes your TV glow. To install, simply stick the light strip to the back of the TV and plug it into the unit’s USB plug. You can choose from 32 colors or let it respond to the movie or music that’s playing. It’s wildly popular with over 18,000 reviews, and the brightness is adjustable.

37. A set of cable clips that clean up so much cord chaos

Never let your cords get annoying tangled with this cable holder for organizing all your chargers. This three-pack of cord organizers holds your charging cables in one place so you don’t have to dig for the right one or undo knots. They adhere to a desk or bedside table with a sticky adhesive strip on the back, and cords snap right into the slots.

38. A tool that removes pet hair & pilling from clothes, carpets & more

When your favorite sweater begins to look like it’s shedding, pull out this hair removal tool and do a bit of grooming to keep it looking new. This wood and copper tool removes the pills, lint, pet hair, and other debris that accumulate on your clothing, carpets, and other fabrics. For less than $15, this reusable tool will save you money on lint rollers and trips to the cleaner because it easily combs the mess off.

39. This oven rack guard saves your arms from burns

Snap these silicone guards over the edge of your oven racks so that the next time you reach into your hot oven you don’t burn your forearms. These colorful guards withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe.

40. A set of bed comforter clips that prevents bunching

The most annoying thing about duvets is that sometimes the insert moves around, but these padded clips secure each corner in place. Once clipped inside the duvet cover, you’ll forget these clips are even there and your duvet will no longer be shifting around. The hold is designed to be firm but gentle, so it won’t damage your comforter.

41. This rotating armband that keeps your phone handy during runs

Keep your phone accessible and secure during your run with this running armband that rotates 360 degrees. This holder lets you strap it easily to your arm so you not only have it with you but can access it to take calls, see your run tracking app, or change a song while you are on the move. Your phone snaps in with no plastic sleeve so you can touch the phone without fumbling — and it’s washable after your sweat sesh.

42. This set of dental tools for better oral health

This dental tool kit will let you see into your mouth clearly and remove plaque and lodged food for a better dental hygiene routine. The four tools come in a handy case that makes them portable and easy to store. Whether you want to do more home care of your own teeth or your pets, this is a great, compact kit that gets over 12,500 five-star reviews.

43. A wireless phone charger that’s also a stand

Set your phone on this battery pack and it will hold the screen so you can easily see it while wirelessly charging your phone. It has a kickstand in the back and a drop-down phone cradle in the front, and you can also plug in two other devices to charge at the same time via USB or USB-C cable. It’ll charge any Qi-compatible phone that sits on it.

44. This screen door that won’t hit you on the way out

Keep mosquitoes and bugs out with these magnetic screen doors that are easier to live with. The traditional screen door is annoying to install and someone is always forgetting to close it. This magnetic curtain, however, lets you — and pets and children — walk through it hands-free and it gently shuts behind you with magnet closure. The fine fiberglass mesh effectively keeps pesky bugs out while allowing comfortable airflow through your home.

45. This air purifier to clean the air in your car

Plug this compact air purifier into the lighter adapter in your car and it will release negative ions into the air that pull dust, pollen, and smoke out of the air so you don’t inhale them. This cleans the air in your car of irritants and helps it smell better. Conveniently, there’s a USB port on the side to charge your phone, too.

46. A set of shower splash guards that keep your bathroom drier

If you are tired of the puddle that happens on the floor outside your shower, these bathtub splash guards are the solution. Install them in the corners of your bathtub or shower and instead of flowing onto the floor, the water will go down the drain. These two self-adhesive splash guards are also a great solution if kids tend to splash water during bath time.

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