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Research shows that shoppers regularly use reviewer feedback to inform their purchases — but the specific online shopping mall also influences a buyer’s decision. In other words, if a product is highly reviewed and it’s sold by a retailer they trust, the buy becomes a no-brainer. That about explains all of the clever things selling out fast on Amazon.

Amazon has a huge selection teeming with ratings and comments, and it’s the biggest, most trusted e-commerce retailer in the world. Needless to say, if you’re looking for things you didn’t know you needed but will appreciate on a daily basis, it is the place to find them. None of these items cost more than $40, but whoever created them obviously prioritized practicality, convenience, and genius design. You’ll find ways to keep your drink colder, your space cleaner, your car safer, your chores easier, and your food fresher. (You also never again have to decide who gets the dense, chewy corner brownies, which may seem like an insignificant problem until you’re stuck with a middle one.)

The most telling part? According to real buyers, these things actually stand to make your life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable every time you use them. And if you don’t love it, returns are super easy. No wonder Amazon can’t seem to keep them in stock for long.

1. This blanket that’s made for hot sleepers

The Ailemei cooling blanket is made with special, double-sided fabric that’s designed to help drop your body temperature by a few degrees. Since it’s also breathable, soft, and comes in four sizes, it’s been called a “must-have” for hot sleepers and the “best summer purchase” reviewers have ever made. Get it in emerald green, navy, or gray.

2. These brilliant gadgets that re-seal snacks

If you’re the type of person who’s always throwing out stale, half-eaten bags of snacks, there’s a better option: these brilliant bag sealers. Thanks to their double-sided designs, they both cut open bags with a safety edge and seal them shut again using a heating element that re-bonds the plastic. They come in a pack of two, both AA-battery-operated and with built-in hooks for convenient storage.

3. This HEPA air purifier that’s wireless, rechargeable, and less than a pound

A best-seller in portable air purifiers, the PureZone Mini has a 4.4-star overall rating and buyers calling it the “best travel companion” for people with allergies. Even though it weighs less than a pound and costs $40 in any of the three color options, it has a true HEPA filter that removes over 99% of dust, odors, smoke, and allergens. Since it’s USB-rechargeable and can last up to 12 hours, you can truly take it just about anywhere.

4. An accurate measuring tool that uses a hassle-free laser

One reviewer wrote that they’ll never “go back to old tape measures” after trying the BOSCH laser distance measure. (It has more than 8,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating, so it seems others agree.) With the press of a button and using laser technology, it measures up to 65 feet away with extreme accuracy. It’s also lightweight and has a backlit display, so you can read it even in dark environments.

5. This wearable cooling tube buyers call “icy heaven”

Headaches, stress, warm weather — thanks to its unique PCM gel interior and wearable design, the Cool Time tube helps to tackle all of the aforementioned issues. You don’t need access to a freezer, either; you can chill it using cold water, an AC unit, or the fridge at work (anywhere under 64 degrees Fahrenheit), and it’ll retain a colder temperature for up to two hours.

6. This dual omelet maker that takes mere minutes

Make two omelets simultaneously and with minimal effort on your part. This omelet press from Holstein is mess-free, nonstick, and doesn’t even require you to flip. Just put in your eggs and other ingredients, and breakfast is ready within minutes. Get it in black, stainless steel, mint green, teal, or red.

7. A sponge holder and soap dispenser in 1

This two-in-one soap and sponge caddy acts as both a storage spot for your sponge and a single-hand soap dispenser. Fill it with your detergent of choice, and the push-down mechanism will release just the right amount of soap into your sponge with no drips, trailing, or mess. It also has a nonslip base and comes apart for easy cleaning. No wonder it has over 15,000 five-star reviews.

8. These electric gravity grinders with adjustable coarseness options

Buyers have called these gravity grinders their “go-to gift for people that have everything” — but they also say they’ve made a “wonderful difference” in their own day-to-day lives. They’re electric and battery-operated, so you can grind fresh sea salt or pepper just by flipping them over. They also have built-in LED lights (so you can see exactly how much is coming out) and different grinding settings.

9. This spice carousel with some genius features

The KitchenArt Select-A-Spice solves so many problems at once: For one, its compact design saves space in your kitchen. (You can even mount it under your overhead cabinets.) For another, the rotating carousel base ensures that you can see all your spices at a glance. Finally, each holder pops out for easy use and has a built-in measurement dial so you can get the right amount without a measuring spoon. It comes with label stickers, but not the spices themselves, so you can organize your existing collection.

10. These clip-on strainers that fit almost any pot or bowl

As someone with a small kitchen, I’ll never go back to a full-size colander. Snap-on strainers flex to fit almost any bowl, pot, or pan, so you can remove the excess water or grease — but since they have sturdy clips, your food is held securely in place. When you’re done, you can toss them in the dishwasher (they’re made from durable silicone) and throw them in any cabinet or drawer, thanks to their compact size.

11. The “best toilet cleaning brush” reviewers have “ever used”

This is not your average toilet brush. Joseph Joseph is known for its revolutionary designs, and according to some reviewers, this one is no different; it has a flexible D-shaped head that reaches every nook and cranny of your toilet bowl (including under the rim), as well as wide, water-repellent bristles that stay hygienic and dry quickly. It also comes with a storage caddy that’s as sleek as the brush itself.

12. This heated travel mug that plugs into your car

Travel mugs are great, but have you ever had a heated travel mug that keeps your coffee piping hot until the last sip? This one plugs into your car’s 12-volt outlet to keep your tea or joe toasty warm until you reach your destination. Made from BPA-free double-walled stainless steel, it holds up to 16 ounces.

13. This silicone bowl for homemade popcorn in the microwave

Make popcorn from kernels without the stovetop or the mess. The Popco popper is a silicone bowl that can pop up to 15 cups in the microwave, and you get to choose your toppings. It heats evenly without cracks or causing burns, and it’s BPA-free, too. Finally, the 13 color options and collapsible design mean there’s a fit for nearly every kitchen.

14. An extendable phone tripod with a Bluetooth shutter button

The UBeesize tripod stand turns your phone into a photography station. It’s made from heavy-duty aluminum and extends to over 50 inches. Plus, it has an adjustable, tiltable mount that works with most smartphone models. It even comes with a Bluetooth remote, so you can snap your own selfies from a distance of up to 30 feet away. Currently, it’s a best-seller with over 56,000 reviews.

15. These stick-on clips to organize your wires

Once you grab these OHill cable clips, you’ll probably go from room to room organizing your charging stations, computer desks, and entertainment consoles. The backs have a self-adhesive that sticks to most surfaces, while the fronts have flexible wire holders that keep your cords in place, but still allow you to remove them when needed. Since you get various types and sizes, there’s a clip for every job.

16. The all-in-one soap for body, beard & hair

Forget about cluttering your shower with multiple bottles — this all-in-one soap has you covered from head to toe, performing as a body wash, beard wash, shampoo, and conditioner. It’s made from naturally derived ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, plantain leaf powder, and essential oils. Not to mention, the compact packaging is more eco-friendly than plastic.

17. These rechargeable, wireless lights that stick anywhere

Let there be light — anywhere, without the need for an electrician. These Lightbiz LEDs are rechargeable, wireless, and mount almost anywhere with either the built-in magnet or an adhesive sheet. (That means they’re easy to stick on your fridge, underneath cabinets, along hallways, or in closets and garages.) While they’re motion-sensing, you can also set timers and brightness levels with the included remote.

18. A portable fan you can wear around your neck

“This fan is amazing when I am walking or outside with friends,” one reviewer wrote. “Surprisingly great,” another raved. The portable fan wraps comfortably around your neck to direct airflow. It’s USB-rechargeable with a battery life of up to six hours on the lowest of three settings, and according to buyers, it’s lightweight and effective. Get it in four colors.

19. This rearview mirror that minimizes your blind spots

One of 8,000 reviewers called the ICBEAMER wide-angle mirror a “good little mod to make life easier and safer.” Others have called it their “best car investment to date.” Basically, it clips onto your existing rearview using adjustable buckles. It then provides much more visibility for blind spots, surrounding traffic, and children (or pets) in the back seat.

20. This incredible pan that makes every brownie an edge brownie

With any other pan, some unfortunate soul gets stuck with the crumbly, edgeless center pieces. With the Baker’s Edge pan, on the other hand, every brownie has at least two dense, chewy, delicious edges. It’s also durable, nonstick, and just the right size to fit one box of standard brownie mix.

21. This lap desk that’s ergonomically designed

Work more comfortably from the couch with this lap desk that’s angled at one end to bring your screen closer to eye level. Compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches, it has a ledge to keep your computer from sliding down, a slot for your smartphone, and a comfortable cushion on the underside.

22. These plugs that reduce noise; not muffle it

Reduce potentially harmful noises without muffling sounds. These Loop Experience noise-reduction ear plugs are designed to minimize loud sounds by 18 decibels, all without affecting the quality. As a result, they’re great for concerts, motorcyclists, musicians, and anyone else who needs to remain alert but protected in a noisy environment.

23. This projection alarm clock so you can see the time on the ceiling

It has a USB port to charge your phone and an alarm clock to wake you up, but this digital alarm clock has another feature that seriously sets it apart: a laser projection that displays the time on the ceiling, so you can check without even rolling over. Its other notable features include dimmable brightnesses, a snooze button, and a mirrored display.

24. A mini table that clips onto your armrest

No room for a coffee table? No problem. This miniature table clips onto your chair or sofa arm, giving you a spot for your coffee and remote control. It comes in three colors, and reviewers have called it “awesome,” “amazing,” and “convenient.”

25. This brilliant bowl that prevents soggy cereal

Calling all soggy-cereal haters: the Just Crunch bowl is the solution you’ve been searching for. It has two separate compartments that keeps the cereal separate from the milk, so you can dip each spoonful at your own pace. (It also works well for ice cream/toppings, snacks/dipping sauces, and yogurt/granola.) Choose from several colors — all BPA-free and microwave-safe.

26. This wireless phone charger that doubles as a stand

If your smartphone is Qi-enabled, this wireless charging stand lets you use it while it’s powering up. Prop your phone up vertically or horizontally; you’ll still be able to see videos, make calls, listen to music, and send texts. It’s compatible with most phones in most cases, plus it’s Qi-certified and fast-charging. (Choose from rose gold or black.)

27. This identity-protecting stamp, so you can recycle more papers

Yes, you’re concerned about the environment, but you’re also concerned about someone stealing your sensitive information. A shredder isn’t the only way to go. This Miseyo roller stamp makes those papers, envelopes, and packages virtually impossible to read, so once you’re done with them, you can still recycle them. The built-in ink cartridge runs for over 100 meters (more than 325 feet), and each order comes with three refills.

28. A smarter, more efficient way to pack

I’ll never again pack a suitcase without the help of packing cubes. These organizers allow you to separate your clothing and essentials into different sections, so you can grab a single shirt without upsetting anything else. They also have square corners and a compressing design, so you can fit way more into your suitcase. Get this six-piece set in a dozen colors and patterns.

29. This surprisingly affordable area rug

Available in 10 colors, seven shapes, and ample sizes, this Unique Loom area rug is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to warm up any space. Each one is power-loomed from durable polypropylene pile and has a jute backing. In terms of the vintage pattern, reviewers say they have “gotten many compliments on it” and “just love how it brought [the] room together.”

30. These belt display stands that are worthy of 10 stars

If you’re a collector of belts, these display stands are a brilliant buy. They’re made from clear acrylic, so you can barely see them, but they’ll still hold your belts in a compact, organized, accessible way. “This is one of the most practical items I have ever bought on Amazon, I wish I could give it 10 stars!” one reviewer wrote.

31. The reusable straws that are easier to clean

Stainless steel straws pose a problem when it’s time to clean them (hello, smoothie residue), but these reusable silicone straws actually roll open, allowing you to get a thorough scrub and rinse. Available in a handful of colors, they’re BPA-free and won’t make your drink taste weird.

32. This $16 waterproof mat that fits up to 7 adults

For $16, you’ll always have a dry, roomy place to sit. The ISOPHO mat is a best-seller in camping blankets because it’s waterproof, durable, sand-resistant, and big enough to seat up to seven adults at once. All of that, and it still fits into a small, lightweight bag for travel and storage. Get it in your choice of seven colors.

33. This invisible face sunscreen that’s oil-free

“I REALLY love this product, especially because I've been looking for a good face sunscreen for a while,” one reviewer wrote. Supergoop! Unseen sunscreen might be a bit of an investment, but it provides oil-free, weightless, truly invisible SPF40 protection for your skin — and it doubles as a makeup primer.

34. This “must-have” radio for emergencies

Whether they’re fishermen, survivalists, drivers, or campers, reviewers have called this emergency solar radio a “must-have.” Since it cranks, has backup batteries, utilizes the power of the sun, and recharges on a 5000mAh battery, there’s no reason why it should ever go dead. That way, you have access to a phone charger, a radio, and an LED flashlight. It even has a compass.

35. These silicone facial cleansers for sensitive skin

These cleansing brushes have 43,000-plus reviews, a 4.6-star rating, and a best-selling status. The dual-textured silicone fingers gently scrub away residue and dead skin — without absorbing germs or irritating sensitive complexions. “Absolute game changer,” one reviewer raved. “Holy grail product.”

36. This trash bin/organizer for your car

Organize your car clutter in one fell swoop with the HOTOR multi-purpose storage solution. The rubber-opening lid can be used for trash, or as an upright holder snacks, toys, and emergency items. It even has several mesh side pockets and can be mounted to your chairs or center console.

37. A stone hot plate that keeps your food warm

Yes, it protects your tables and counters from hot cookware — but the Chef Buddy warming plate also keeps the contents of that cookware warmer for longer. That’s because it’s made with a stone granite center, which heats up easily and retains its temperature well. The handles, however, stay cool to the touch.

38. These fake apples that keep your produce fresher for longer

Toss one of these BlueApple balls in your produce bin, and it’ll keep your fruits and vegetables odor-free and fresh for weeks longer. It works by absorbing ethylene gas, which slows down the rotting process. Each order comes with two apples, and the interior packets (where the gas-absorbing magic happens) can be replaced later on.

39. This odor-removing bar that works like magic

The Rub-a-Way bar isn’t magic — although some reviewers claim it is. In actuality, though, it’s science; the stainless steel bonds to sulfur molecules on your hands, which removes unwanted odors from fish, garlic, and onions. “My husband is a chef and his hands always reek of onion and garlic,” one reviewer wrote. “This bad boy really works, the scent goes away immediately!”

40. This personal blender that’s wireless & rechargeable

Available in your choice of four colors, the PopBabies blender is as portable as they come. It’s USB-rechargeable, blends personal shakes or smoothies at the press of a button, and doubles as a to-go bottle, complete with measurement markings. Each order even includes a silicone ice cube tray and funnel.

41. Some genius lids that turn cans into screw-top bottles

“One of those ‘why-didn’t-someone-invent-this-sooner?!’ products,” one buyer wrote. Another remarked: “Everyone need this in their life.” These Smart House Inc lids clip over an open can of beer or soda to turn it into a screw-top bottle. That way, you can prevent spills, stop dirt or sand from getting inside, keep your mouth far away from sharp edges, or save your drink for later.

42. These shoe organizers that double your storage space

Thanks to these organizers, buyers have successfully “doubled [their closet] capacity for [their] shoe storage.” Instead of lining pairs up next to each other, these small, adjustable racks stack one shoe on top of the other. That way, they stay together, are easily visible, and take up way less room in your closet.

43. This electric dryer for your shoes or outdoor wear

Believe it or not, this portable electric shoe dryer has stellar reviews. One buyer even asked, “Why did I wait so long to buy one of these?” Just plug it in, put your shoes, boots, or outdoor equipment on the dual prongs, and choose one of the several heating options; this thing will have your stuff dry in no time, and when you’re done, it folds up for travel or storage.

44. This ceramic safety blade for wrapping, crafting, & opening packages

After trying the Slice micro blade, one reviewer “bought one for every family member and they love it!” It’s a tiny handheld safety cutter that keeps your fingers far away from sharp edges — but the ceramic blade can still open boxes and packages, slice wrapping paper, cut out coupons, and make crafting way easier. It also works for both right- and left-handed people.

45. This mini dehumidifier that works wire-free

Stick the Eva-Dry mini dehumidifier anywhere that sees a build-up of moisture (laundry rooms, refrigerators, spice cabinets, bathrooms) and the silica beads will absorb all the excess humidity. The nontoxic unit is rechargeable and works for up to 30 days without the need for wires or batteries — and it’ll tackle spaces up to 333 cubic feet. “No smell, no mold or mildew. Love it,” one reviewer wrote.

46. These brilliant gloves with built-in flashlights

Do some car maintenance at 2 in the morning. Fix your eyeglasses or electronics. Type in the dark. Bait your hook while night fishing. Buyers have found endless uses for these ThxToms LED gloves, which have built-in flashlights for hands-free illumination. They’re also flexible, breathable, and made with stretchy fabric and adjustable Velcro so one size fits most adults.

47. These sweat-blocking wipes that work for up to 7 days

Apply antiperspirant wherever you are thanks to these clinical-strength Sweat Block wipes. They’re designed to treat both odor and unwanted moisture — and since they come individually packaged and work for up to seven days, they’re a fan-favorite for camping, traveling, and keeping at the office.

48. An eye mask and Bluetooth headphone in one

This Bluetooth mask is my go-to gift for all of the light sleepers in my life — and I use it, too, whenever I’m having trouble getting to bed. It blocks out the light with a contoured, breathable eye mask, but it also delivers wireless music (or podcasts) straight to your ears with its flat, padded speakers. Last but not least, it’s rechargeable, washable, and adjustable.

49. These aromatherapy steamers to make your showers more soothing

Get all the relaxing benefits of a bath bomb while still enjoying the efficiency of a shower. Simply place a Cleverfy aromatherapy steamer at the edge of the shower’s stream, and it’ll release genuine essential oils into the water vapor, filling your bathroom with a soothing smell. Each set comes with six steamers, each with a different scent.

50. The fan-favorite Amazon earbuds

It’s not often you come across a product with nearly a quarter-million Amazon reviews, but these wireless earbuds are one of them — and they have a 4.4-star overall rating to boot. So why the popularity? Waterproof and sweat-proof, they offer clear sound, powerful bass, and up to 30 hours of play time when stored in the charging case.

51. The Swedish dishcloths that can be used for so many cleaning tasks

People love these cellulose dishcloths because they’re highly absorbent, cleaning up spills and wiping off counters like magic. What’s more, the multipurpose cloths can scrub dishes, as well as clean stainless steel, tile, and even wood. They offer a soft-to-the-touch feel when wet, and a dry, gritty texture that’s great for tough jobs when dry. They’re machine-washable and endlessly reusable.

52. Some prism glasses that let you read while lying down

With these Valuu lazy glasses, you can lie totally flat while still reading a book or watching TV. That’s because they have built-in prism mirrors that reflect the scene straight to your eyes — without having to position your head in that direction. (Some also say they’re a great solution for those healing from surgeries or with limited movement.)

53. This adjustable brace that improves your posture

The ComfyBrace is a best-seller in posture-correcting braces. Even though it’s non-bulky, breathable, and comfortable to wear, it pulls your shoulders back and together in order to reduce slumping. It’s also adjustable enough to fit chests up to 43 inches.

54. These protective organizers for your wires

Reinforce your phone chargers, group wires together for organization, or stop your pets from chewing your electronics. Since they come in several sizes and can be cut to any length, these Alex Tech pretectors are a random but “life-changing” purchase, according to reviewers. Due to the temperature-resistant wire-loom material and split-tube design, they’re both safe and easy to install.

55. These stretchy slippers that clean your floors while you walk

Forward-thinkers and fans of innovation have called these mop slippers a “genius invention” and the “best things ever.” One reviewer even called them an “awesome way to have [a] house guest clean your floors.” Slip them over your shoes, and the microfiber fingers will capture dust and soak up liquids while you walk around your house. They come in a pack of 10, and each pair is machine-washable up to 200 times.

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