The 3 best iPhone alarm clocks

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by Vanessa Spilios
best iphone dock alarm clocks

Even if you identify as a morning person, waking up to discover that your iPhone’s battery is zapped will put a damper on your day. The best iPhone dock alarm clocks won’t just wake you up and charge your phone, they’ll also give you the functionality you want, whether that’s Bluetooth capability, a temperature display, or dimming options. So whether you prefer something basic and affordable or want a model with more sophisticated features, here are some things to consider.

Before we go any further, you’ll want to make sure your iPhone is a version 8 or later, as earlier models aren’t Qi-enabled (i.e. able to charge wirelessly). Beyond that, it’s all about functionality and customization options. While basic clocks charge your phone, display the time, and let you set a single alarm, other models provide additional features, like ultra-fast charging or extra data points on the display, like the date, temperature, and relative humidity. You can also opt for clocks with customization features; for example, if you have trouble sleeping when your room isn’t completely dark, seek out an alarm clock with a dimmable display — or even one with a display you can turn completely off.

As far as waking up, all of the options below have a snooze button, but some let you set multiple alarms or set different alarms for weekdays and weekends. And if you don’t mind spending a little extra money, you can opt for a clock with Bluetooth capability and an FM radio. Regardless of what you end up adding to your Amazon cart, the best iPhone dock alarm clocks below will ensure you and your smartphone wake up ready to take on the day.

1. The best iPhone dock alarm clock, overall

What we like about it: This iPhone alarm clock dock has a boxy, modern design that’ll look great on any nightstand, and it offers a good number of features at an affordable price. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, it has three alarms, a snooze button if you need a few more minutes of sleep, and a weekend setting that lets you sleep in even later. The alarm volume is adjustable, and the dimmable display has three brightness levels. The display also shows the relative humidity and ambient temperature, and you can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Plus, reviewers reported that you can set the clock to either 12- or 24-hour time. The clock is available in three wood tones — white, black, and dark brown — so you can choose the look that works best with your decor.

Helpful review: “The ability to set my phone down on the top of this clock and have it charge at night or while I am getting ready for the day is so convenient, rather than trying to find a charging cord. The numbers are large and bright. The brightness can be adjusted. I like a simple clock with few features - I just need to be able to clearly see the time. This fits the bill.”

2. The clock with the most functionality

What we like about it: If you’re looking for something that pulls out all the stops, this digital alarm clock has an array of features, including ultra-fast charging, a bonus USB port for charging a second device (or non-Qi enabled phone), and Bluetooth functionality, so you can use it as a speaker too. The Emerson lets you set two alarms, and you can set them to three different modes: every day, weekdays only, or weekends only. There’s a snooze button, and you can choose to wake up to an alarm buzzer, gradual volume crescendo, music from your iPhone, or one of 20 available FM radio presets (yes, it has a built-in radio). The clock automatically sets itself to the correct year, month, day, date, and time, and you can toggle between 12- and 24-hour time formats. The dimmable display can be set to one of four brightness levels, so you can find one that doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

If you want to save a fair bit of money, you can also opt for an Emerson iPhone dock alarm clock that charges at a standard speed (but still offers lots of great features).

Helpful review: “Excellent sound, the LED color is like no other, and the the wireless charging capability is fast. Extremely satisfied.”

3. The best value

What we like about it: This compact digital alarm clock has a sleek, no-frills look and a wallet-friendly price point, but it still supports wireless charging for your iPhone or any other Qi-enabled phone. The clock boasts a low-profile design, so it won’t take up valuable space on your bedside table, and it’s also small enough to pack easily for travel. The clock only has a single alarm (and no weekday or weekend settings), so if you're someone who needs back-to-back alarms to ensure you really get up, you may want to go with one of the other options on this list. That being said there is a nine-minute snooze feature, and the buzzing alarm gradually gets louder for a more gentle wake-up. You can set the clock to a 12- or 24-hour format, and the display can be set to one of three brightness levels — there’s even an option to turn the display totally off, which is perfect for light sleepers. The clock is available in two colors: black and silver.

Helpful review: “This alarm clock works great! The lights are not too bright, so it won't keep you awake and the numbers are very easy to read. It charged my phone very well and I liked that I didn't have to plug my phone in. [...] It is a small clock, so it would be perfect for travel.”

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