5 Smart Bathroom Accessories You Didn't Know You Were Missing Out On

In your smart house, no room goes un-innovated.

With the rest of your house headed quickly down the path of automation and app-enabled remote controls, why should your bathroom be any different? So much of the best parts of going on vacation and staying in a nice hotel is the luxury of a bathroom greater than your own, but what if you could turn your home bathroom into the kind of paradise you usually see flexed on celebrity Instagram stories?

What if you had speakers installed in your shower? What if you could take a shower under a light show? Bidets aren’t just for the French anymore, and they hardly even require any installation effort. Could you imagine waking up in the morning to brush your teeth in a mirror that displays the weather forecast to you?

I’m here to tell you that the future of fully automated luxury is at your finger tips, and Amazon has it all.

Bidets Are Cool, but Smart Bidets Are Cooler

Why We Picked It: Imagine reducing the amount of time you spend in life cleaning your toilet or wiping your ass. If that isn’t a quick sell, imagine being able to enjoy a heated toilet seat set to your ideal heating preferences and a warm air dryer with five adjustable levels, hereby ridding you of your need for toilet paper altogether. All of this is possible with the SmartBidet.

Never Miss a Beat With This Shower Speaker

Why We Picked It: If you’re someone who likes to have something to listen to during your shower or bath, then you’ve probably tried a few different methods already, but have any of them actually been speakers designed for the shower? With Soundbot, you can play audio from any Bluetooth compatible device imaginable. The rechargeable battery will provide up to six hours of continuous play, and you won’t even need to touch your device thanks to those intuitive control buttons.

The Light-Up Showerhead That’ll Make All Showers More Fun

Why We Picked It: Thanks to tools-free installation, upgrading your shower to include a color-changing showerhead has never been easier. No batteries required because it’s powered by water flow.

The Bathroom Mirror That Provides You With a Weather Update

Why We Picked It: How often are you looking down at your phone when you should be blowing through your morning routine? Now you can spend less time getting sucked into your phone and more time getting on with your day. This vanity mirror can tell you the time and even set an alarm for you, tell you the weather forecast, show you your calendar, and defog itself after a hot shower.

The Scale That Works With You

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