49 things on Amazon that are so damn good at fixing problems around your house


49 things on Amazon that are so damn good at fixing problems around your house


Sometimes, living in a house or apartment requires hiring a full-time maintenance person. The sink is clogged, there are drafts coming through the doorway, you need shelves hung properly, and there isn't nearly enough storage space. But it isn't a repair person you need — it's these Amazon products that can help fix your household problems. Thankfully, I've included a bunch right here on this list.

Whether it's hair in the drain or bathroom counter clutter that's making you want to throw a shoe through a window, the products in this roundup can help solve your household issues. There's even a vacuum made specifically for pet hair — but if most of your frustrations can only be solved through plumbing and tech fixes, don't despair. These things will come to your rescue, and nothing here is too expensive or hard to use.

So, what do you think? Are you going to add some of these genius items to your cart or put in a maintenance order and wait for someone else to come help you solve the problems in your space? Keep scrolling for easy (and cheap) fixes. Then, you'll be a pro at fixing clogged drains, door drafts, and everything in between.

1. This Simple Way To Keep Drafts & Noise Outside

Does your power bill jump when the weather turns cold? Spend $15 on this door draft stopper and keep that heat you paid for inside the house. It's easy to install: Just cut it to shape and slide it under the door to block the gap. It moves with the door, so it's not a hassle to live with.

2. A Triangular Storage Bag Made For Stray Clothes Hangers

Retail stores rarely leave empty hanger on the rack. Why? Because they can easily get tangled, and the same is true at home. From now on, pull your empty hangers out of the closet and drop them into this triangular bag to keep them orderly, and you will always have a hanger right where you can find it. It folds for storage, too.

3. The 3-level Towel Racks For More Bathroom Storage

If you don't have a linen closet, let the towels become a decorative item in the bathroom. This towel rack holds up to six towels, so you can show off your linens, soften the acoustics in that tile and glass room, and always have a towel handy. They install easily with a few screws.

4. This Vacuum Attachment That Cleans The Dryer Vents

There's no need for a special tool to clean out your dryer vents, because you already have a vacuum cleaner. This cleaner kit attaches to any vacuum hose and snakes over two feet into the vents so you can clean out accumulated dust whenever you need to.

5. A Bamboo Board That Turns The Stovetop Into A Work Space

Stovetops take up a lot of space in the kitchen. When your's isn't being used, you can convert it to a huge workspace with this specially designed cover. It's made of bamboo, so it's lightweight and holds its shape. It also fits right over a small four-burner stove and has four rubber feet to keep it sturdy.

6. This Furniture Guard So The Cat Can't Scratch The Fabric

Cats usually love to dig their claws into the corners of fabric furniture, but you don't have to tolerate it or fight with your feline buddy over it. Mount this plastic cover right at the corner, and the cat will quickly lose interest in scratching that unsatisfying spot (and hopefully use the nice cat scratcher you bought instead). It attaches easily with screw pins.

7. An Extensive Wood Filler Kit For Your Worn-out Furniture

Your desk, dining room table, cupboards, and floors might have various dings, marks, and scratches caused by wear and tear. This kit will fix all of it, though. There are twelve colors of resin compound, twelve brushes, and twelve scrapers in an organized package. After you have fun repairing everything, keep it handy so you can fix future accidents as they happen.

8. This Coffee Pod Organizer With A Built-in Cork Board On Top

Keeping a selection of pods for your Keurig-style coffee maker on hand means giving up a lot of useful space. To solve that dilemma, you could mount this clever dispenser to a wall or to the fridge and turn them into a display. You can easily see your flavor options — and when you're running low, and it even has a built-in message board so you can post a reminder.

9. The Mini Shelf That Converts Your Outlet Into A Useful Space

Where do you want to put that phone charger, Amazon Echo, or toothbrush charger? Obviously, you want it right above the outlet so there are no wires snaking all over your counters. This shelf is designed for modern life. Just replace the outlet cover with it, and your space problem is solved. There's even a channel for the cables to run.

10. These Vertical Hangers That Solve Overcrowded Closets

Hang these vertical hangers from the rods in your closets and quickly make more room for clothes. You can hang shirts, pants, or even a complete outfit for each day. Then, let one end drop so they hang vertically. (You just increased you closet space by a third.) There are ten in this package.

11. These Honeycomb Drawer Organizers For Your Socks & Underwear

These honeycomb organizers bring order to the mayhem that is your sock drawer. Each container fits a pair of socks or underwear, a belt, or a tie. They are super easy to fit to the size and shape of your drawer. Just cut them and puzzle them together in exactly the configuration you want.

12. A Quick Way To Stop Electronic Lights From Keeping You Awake

Why does every piece of electronics — even those intended for the bedroom — have a light that never shuts off? Getting rid of all that light noise is a challenge, but these covers diminish the problem quickly and easily by dimming the glare. Just cut a sheet to fit the display and stick it on. You'll still be able to read the display, but it won't be painfully bright.

13. These Tub Stoppers So Your Bath Or Sink Stays Full

Got a sink or tub that doesn't hold water? Just drop one of these rubber stoppers over the drain and fill the basin with water. The weight of the water keeps the stopper in place so water stays put until you're ready to pull it out. They are 6 inches in diameter, so they'll fit just about any any drain.

14. A Magnetic Paper Towel Holder You Can Stick To The Fridge

With this two-piece paper towel holder, you can put any size paper towel roll on any metal surface so your towels are exactly where you want them. Stick them to the barbecue, stove, fridge, or work bench. The magnets are strong and coated with rubber, so they should be gentle on your surfaces.

15. These Motion-sensitive Lights That You Can Stick Anywhere

Peel the back off of these slick motion-sensitive lights and stick them wherever you have a dark space that needs illumination. With aluminum alloy cases, ten LEDs in each light, and four AAA batteries powering them, they make an excellent light for stairs, closets, and other spots that don't require continuous lighting.

16. The Burner Liners To Help Keep Your Stove Clean

These burner liners go right under the burners on your stove where they catch all the spills and overflows so the stove underneath stays clean. When they get dirty, pull them out and wash them; it's so much easier than cleaning the stove. And when they get too messy to clean, throw them out and start again.

17. This Re-coloring Balm That Restores Leather Furniture Easily

When your much-loved leather chair or couch starts to look worn, it doesn't have to be a sad day. You can give it a little love with this re-coloring balm and restore the leather's original luster and color with some elbow grease and a cloth. Choose the color that most closely matches your furniture, and rub it in. Reviewers are thrilled with the results.

18. A Brilliant Way To Stop Your Washing Machine From Rattling

If you have a washing machine, compressor, printer, or other machine that tends to rattle when you use it, just put these rubber pads under the feet. They'll absorb the vibration and keep the machine from moving around and making noise. Simple and low tech, but effective.

19. The Rolling Storage Shelf That Fits In Tight Spots

Slide this slim cart between the washer and dryer, toilet and vanity, under your desk or anywhere where there's a five-inch gap and you have things you need to organize. The four shelves hold a ton of gear and the casters spin so moving it is easy. The mesh shelves let your items drip dry.

20. These Clips That Keep The Sheets From Coming Off

If you like a tightly made bed or have a deep mattress, your sheets are probably driving you nuts by constantly slipping off. These sheet fasteners will hold them in place, though. Clip them to the sheet corners and slide them under the mattress — and then, those sheets will stay put. This is also a great way to keep the cover in place on a daybed.

21. The Stainless Steel Contact Paper To Upgrade Your Appliances

If you're thinking of spending a fortune to upgrade your appliances to stainless steel, don't do it. This stainless contact paper — and a bit of crafty genius — will do the job for $12. Peel off the backing and carefully apply it your appliance. You can use it as a shelf liner or counter cover, too.

22. A Set Of Tiny Tools That Keep The Drains Clear

When hair goes down the drain, it clumps up just out of reach — and then, it eventually stops the water from flowing. Thankfully, you can ease these plastic snakes into the drain and pull them out again. The reverse barbs grab whatever is in there and pulls it right out.

23. These Magnetic Clips To Keep All Your Cables In Order

These little clips are so clever that they solve a significant amount of cable irritation. Snap the tiny holder onto your phone cable. Then, peel-and-stick the base to a table, wall, or wherever. When you want to charge your device, touch the holder onto the base and it'll stick there magnetically.

24. A Toilet Paper Holder With A Shelf For Your Phone

You breeze into the bathroom, pull your phone out of your back pocket, and sit. Now... where do you put the phone? If you have one of these toilet paper shelves installed, that won't even be a question because you have the perfect spot. Plus, the edge barrier keeps your phone from sliding off.

25. This Vacuum That's Made To Get Rid Of Stray Pet Hair

So many pet owners on Amazon are raving about this pet-hair specific handheld vacuum because it's outstanding at picking up fur. The rubber scrapers on the head really pull fur out of furniture and rugs. And the vac is tiny, handy, and super easy to use.

26. This Simple Solution For Rugs That Curl At The Corners

If your carpets peel up or move around, you've probably tried taping them down. But this large triangle of carpet tape effectively (and invisibly) gets the job done. It's also super easy to install: Just pick up the corner of the carpet, peel the backing off of the pad, and stick it into the rug's corner.

27. These Silicone Covers That Can Help Keep Food Fresh

Stretch these silicone covers right over the glass of unfinished milk, that half tomato you didn't use, or the small bowl of dip you'd like to eat later. They're versatile and turn whatever you have into a storage container, even if that thing is a cut lemon. If you use these, you'll probably use much less plastic.

28. An Over-the-sink Dish-drying Rack That Saves Counter Space

Unroll this brilliant tool over your sink and turn it into a dish-drying rack, or set cookies on it to cool. You can even set a hot pan down on the rods, because they're coated in heat-resistant silicone. When you don't need it, you can roll it up and store it in a drawer.

29. A Charging Station That Can Handle Every Phone & Tablet You Own

With slots to hold six phones or tablets and plugs situated right under those slots, you will have a hard time maxing out this charging stand. Everyone in the house can charge everything they have right here. It even includes four cables to charge various devices.

30. This Clever Way To Organize Storage Lids

Without a system, those storage container lids eat up both space and time. This is a lovely, bamboo system for keeping them ordered and easy to locate. It's adjustable, so it'll hold whatever lids you have upright and tidy so you can see what you have and quickly find the lid you want.

31. A Mesh Bag That Keeps Your Shoes Safe In The Dryer

Washing athletic shoes in the washing machine works quite well — but then, they go into the dryer and things start to fall apart. This brilliant laundry bag protects your shoes all the way through the process. Put them in it and throw the bag in the washer. Then, when it's time for the dryer, attach the bag to the dryer door. The dryer heat will dry them without spinning them around, so you don't have to listen to the dryer getting kicked for an hour.

32. These Dryer Balls Made With Natural Wool

Wool dryer balls are great. Just toss them into the dryer with your clothes, and they'll prevent static while softening everything up. You can even put a few drops of essential oil on them to lightly scent your linens. And this bag of six large New Zealand wool dryer balls is an amazing bargain. They even come with a linen bag to keep them tidy in the laundry basket.

33. A Set Of Smart Plugs So You Can Automate Anything That Plugs In

Put these smart plugs into the wall, connect them to your phone, Amazon Echo, or Google Home, and then plug your coffee machine, lamp, or another appliance into them. Then, you can control those things from anywhere by voice or schedules.

34. This Window Insulation Kit That Keeps The Cold Out

Usually, standard glass windows let out a lot of heat and heavy curtains aren't always enough to keep it in. This shrink kit is insulation for those single-pane windows. Just tape it on, blow it dry, and trim off the excess. It'll make a noticeable difference in how much cold gets in through the glass while saving money on your heating bill.

35. A Handy Kitchen Knife Sharpener That's Super Effective

When you can't find time to get your kitchen knives to a professional, this knife sharpener will step in and keep your cooking tools honed. Slide dull knives through the coarse sharpener, and then again through the fine one; that'll quickly put an edge on most blades. It's also small enough to store anywhere in your kitchen.

36. This Steel Soap Bar That You Can Keep In The Kitchen

After handling garlic, fish, and other strong-scented foods (that are seriously delicious), soap doesn't always get rid of the strong scent that's left clinging to your hands. Through the magic of chemistry, though, the molecules in the steel of this bar bind with the residual sulfur molecules on your hands and remove them, along with their smell. Just keep it next to the sink and your hand soap.

37. This Rack That Turns A Drawer Into An Orderly Spice Rack

Open a drawer, set this rack into it, and start putting your spice bottles in. It angles them so you can read the label on the front of each one — and it makes a beautiful, easy-to-access display out of your flavor collection. It would also work for a large collection of medicines or nail polish, and it's is made of steel that's covered in plastic.

38. A Quick Way To Remove Mold From Grout & Other Small Spaces

This gel is an easy, no-effort solution to old grout that needs to be cleaned. Simply squeeze it onto the stained grout, and wait a few hours. It'll get rid of the mold and turn your caulk white again with almost no effort.

39. This Smart Camera To Help You Can Keep An Eye On Your Home

Want to put eyes on your house, front entry, or yard without spending too much money? This little camera will do the trick. It has motion-activated recording, free cloud storage, two-way audio, and live streaming, all without the huge price tag and monthly fees.

40. These Hooks That Keep Your Razor Handy In The Shower

These hooks are where you can hang that razor, loofah, sponge, and everything else you use in the shower and have no place to set down. Peel off the tape, stick one of these to the tile or wall, and hang your things from it. The hooks won't rust because they're made of stainless steel — and they look discreet, elegant, and modern.

41. A Set Of Small Containers That Protect Your Spices & Nuts

These nesting plastic containers are great places to store spices and other small items you want to keep safe from humidity, insects, and spillage. They stack, fit neatly into your space, and look sleek. This is a set of six containers, each with a matching lid.

42. These Color-changing, Voice-controlled Smart Bulbs

There's no need to settle for standard lightbulbs anymore. These bulbs are so smart that they can connect to the internet so you can control the lighting color, temperature, and brightness of your rooms from a phone app. There are 16 million colors to choose from, and you can also get Alexa or Google Home to change lighting via your voice.

43. A Long Duster That Reaches Everywhere You Can't

All the places you can't reach get just as dusty as the ones you can. This long pole and microfiber duster set gives you the reach you need to take care of the mess up there. There are two microfiber dusting heads that can reach into narrow spaces or grab the dust off of wide ones. Plus, the telescoping pole reaches 49 inches.

44. A Tidy Solution To All Your Charger & Cable Problems

Box up your tangled cables and plugs by attaching them to a power strip and putting them inside this sleek plastic and bamboo box. Leave only the devices outside sheltering; those can sit on top or nearby, and the lid lifts off easily so you can access the outlets.

45. This Cushion Repair That Makes An Old Chair Or Couch Feel New

The couch is starting to slump just as your savings is beginning to dwindle — but don't worry, your living room can be saved until there's another budget. Just plump the seat cushions back to normal with this clever couch cushion booster. It is a firm, foam-like material that you cut to fit inside your zippered seat cushion covers. It gives instant structure.

46. A Set Of Fridge Drawer Liners That Help Your Produce Last Longer

You don't have to purchase a lot of specialized containers to keep your produce from going bad too fast in the fridge. Just convert your drawers into containers that are designed to preserve produce by fitting these liners into the bottom halves. They absorb excess moisture and soften the surface so fruits and veggies don't bruise, molder, or wither.

47. This Clever Cleaning Tool For Hard-to Reach Grooves

This tool is cleverly designed to clean hard-to-reach gaps and corners. Just snap the abrasive sponge into the handle and you have an edge cleaner with a handle. Snap the scouring pad out and replace it when you need a fresh one.

48. A Motion-activated Night Light For Your Toilet

Of course you want a night light in the bathroom — but where should you put it? How about inside the toilet bowl? Just hook this light over the rim, and it'll turn on when you come in looking for relief (and turn off again when you leave). You can change the color of the light, too.

49. This Mount That Puts A Tablet Wherever You Want It

Remember when people put television sets in the kitchen? Now, you can mount an inexpensive tablet anywhere you want to watch cooking videos or do video calls. That's because this mount will go just about anywhere, and it turns your tablet 360 degrees. It even has an articulated arm to hold your screen in the right spot at the perfect angle.

50. These Slide-in Hooks So You Can Hang Things Under Shelves

Rein in the chaos of your kitchen with these simple hooks that slide into your shelves. They can hold coffee mugs, utensils, or whatever else you have that doesn't stack easily on the shelves — and they let you take advantage of the air space. They also work great in closet for small items, like jewelry and bags.