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3 apps that will maximize office productivity

Avoid doing work at home and maximize your productivity in the office.

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Work to live, or live to work? Whatever your philosophy, you need to prioritize your life outside of the office.

Essentially, that means avoiding going through emails or finishing up projects while you’re at the dinner table in front of your loved ones. They’ll appreciate your full attention! Unwinding at home instead of working more will not only reduce your stress levels and help stave off burnout, but you’ll also be more productive when you’re at work.

To help you avoid doing work at home and maximize your productivity in the office, check out these digital apps and tools from Microsoft.

3. To Do

Do you spend time at work thinking about what to do next, and feel a sense of panic about not performing these tasks? Why not create a to-do list? Studies have shown that putting your tasks down in a list will not only help you get them done, but also make you less anxious about them.

Microsoft To Do lets you set your priorities for the day with intelligent and personalized suggestions for your tasks list. You can share that list, break tasks down into smaller steps, add due dates and also set reminders.

2. OneNote

Inspiration can truly come from anywhere. Did you read an insight in an article you want to come back to? See a funny meme on Reddit that perfectly sums up your thoughts? Read a page from a book that you want to cite?

It can be time consuming to have to gather all those bookmarks, random emails and pieces of paper for your presentation. Organize your thoughts with OneNote, which allows you to separate notes into sections and pages then can then be searched through on multiple devices. You can also annotate your notes and share them with colleagues.

1. Outlook

People spend a staggering amount of time with their email. According to an Adobe study, individuals check work email for an average of 3.1 hours a day. Shaving down the time you spend with your messages means more time to get stuff done. Outlook offers a few features that will save you time. Mailbox Rules allows you to set up automatic responses to certain emails. For example, you can move messages from a certain sender into a folder. Outlook also allows you to create email templates, so you don’t have to type the same things again and again. The app has plenty of other features, but these two are a great start to start cutting back the time you spend in your inbox.

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