The One Health Hack We Might Be Doing Wrong

Customization matters


Picking the right kind of supplements is nothing short of maddening. There’s hundreds of different brands, all boasting great results and the best possible ingredients. And they all promise the same thing: their supplements will help you achieve your goals. Protein, one of the biggest supplements on the market, is no different.

But are you sure you’re protein powder is helping you achieve your goals?

The problem is that no matter which protein you buy, from any manufacturer it comes in a one size fits all container. Gainful is looking to change that by using protein that is formulated and optimized for your needs.

Gainful Personalized Protein


Are you looking to lose weight? Gain muscle? Maintain your current body composition? Are you looking for a meal replacement? A pre or post workout shake? No matter what you’re looking for, the type of protein matters. Proteins like whey are fast acting and best used around workouts. Caesin proteins are slower acting and are often best used for building muscle.

Even your meal replacement shake likely needs some fats and carbs in it to help balance that intake. What Gainful does is allows you to set your goals and they create a custom protein blend for you. They’ll show you a complete breakdown of what’s in it and they’ll tell you why. Not only do you get the information you need but because they know that a specifically formulated and optimized protein is important to your goals they also give you access to a registered dietician who can help explain an ingredient or help you set a fitness goal.

In a world of endless personalization options Gainful is trying to do the same for what you put into your body. Don’t just get protein, get a optimized protein that works for you.

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