Finally, a Solution for Sleeping Better Every Night 

Removable Mink Cover, Ultra-Fine Materials, Variable Sizing


The Details:

All-season weighted blanket

Removable Mink cover

Ultra-fine, soft materials

Comes in different weights and sizes.

Why You Want It: Filled with non-toxic beads, this blanket hugs your body for that awesome cocoon feeling in any season. And when it gets too hot, just remove the Mink cover—-you’ll have the lighter, airier version of the same cozy experience.

The Deal: The 48” by 72” blanket is big enough for many, and right now you can snag the 12 lb. version at $95 after 31% off at The Inverse Shop, or spend just $4 more for some extra weight. The 60” by 80” blanket is also a steal at $120-$130 after discount from the $179-$189 MSRP.

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