Elgato’s Stream Deck+ gives streamers a touchscreen and knobs

The most popular controller for streamers just got even better.

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Ask any streamer to name one essential gadget for streaming and there’s a very high chance they’ll say an Elgato Stream Deck.

The programmable keypad controller makes it super easy to switch between apps, inputs for cameras/audio, and more. Today, Elgato announced a new model: the Stream Deck+. The $199.99 device has eight programmable buttons, but the new additions — a touchscreen and four knurled knobs — bring a level of control customization previously not possible.

The Stream Deck+ is not replacing any other model. Elgato is still selling an entire family of Stream Deck products to fit different budgets.

  • $79.99 Stream Deck Mini
  • $149.99 Stream Deck
  • $149.99 Stream Deck MK.2
  • $199.99 Stream Deck+
  • $249.99 Stream Deck XL
  • $89.99 Steam Deck Pedal

8 programmable buttons

Just like any Stream Deck, the Stream Deck+ has programmable LCD buttons — eight in total. The Stream Deck Mini has six; the Stream Deck and Deck MK.2 have 15; and the Stream Deck XL has 32. In other words: its LCD buttons configuration fits between a Stream Deck Mini an and Stream Deck/Deck MK.2.

Your new desk companion?


These buttons can be customized however you want through Elgato’s Stream Deck software. Control devices like cameras or microphones, adjust settings, launch/quit apps, etc. The other main appeal is that each button can be mapped to a custom icon.

LED touchscreen

Underneath the eight programmable LCD buttons is an LED touchscreen (4.2 x 0.5 inches). This display spans the width of the Stream Deck+ and lets you “control apps with a touch, swipe to change pages, and see dial information at a glance.” It looks super handy.

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4 knobs

But by far the coolest inputs on the Stream Deck+ are the four knobs (officially called dials). I repeat again: they’re knurled. Elgato says these 360-degree rotatable knobs can be used to control volume for a number of audio sources; each one also has push function. With the software or plugin, the knobs on the Stream Deck+ can be used to control pretty much any function, even ones that aren’t for audio. For example, the knobs can be used for color grading in DaVinci Resolve or as a way to quickly mix audio.

The knobs are knurled!


If this added functionality for the Stream Deck+ sounds familiar, that’s because it’s now a full-blown Loupedeck CT competitor. At around $520, the Loupdeck CT is over double the price of the Stream Deck+. Elgato’s device, of course, has fewer buttons. But for budding content creators, the Stream Deck+ looks to be an affordable command switch device that can double as a production console in a pinch.

Release date and price

The Elgato Stream Deck+ is available now at Elgato for $199.99.

Everyone’s home desk is now a Bruce Wayne command center.


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