75 cheap, clever gifts on Amazon that'll impress the hell out of people

Seriously impressive.

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Usually, a little retail therapy is an easy way to boost your mood — especially if you’re shopping for other people. Nothing brightens my day like watching a loved one’s face light up when they open a gift I’ve bought for them; the only trick is finding stuff that’s sure to impress. Luckily for both of us, I’ve put together this list of clever gifts that even the pickiest recipients are sure to appreciate.

And since sticking to a budget is never a bad idea, I’ve also made sure that each item you’ll find below is just as affordable as it is impressive. That means you can grab something for your significant other, cousins, nephews, and even your grandparents — all without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be surprised if more than a few items go out of stock if you take too long to add them to your cart. Keep scrolling for more.


This LED lamp that lets you do gel manicures at home

The cost of getting your nails done at a salon quickly adds up, so why not use this lamp to give yourself a gel manicure at home? The built-in timer can be adjusted from 10 up to 99 seconds — and since the LED bulbs on the inside are incredibly durable, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have to replace them.


A set of delicious teas that come in a gorgeous gift box

Not only does this tea gift set come in a gorgeous box, but each order also includes six different delicious flavors: hibiscus rush, masala chai, sweet cinnamon spice masala chai, English breakfast black, vanilla spice masala chai, and turmeric spice. The best part? 1% of the profits from this set are donated towards education for tea growers’ children, so you can feel good about buying it.


These colorful knives that easily glide through ingredients

Any home chef can appreciate this set of knives. The blades are coated in nonstick, allowing them to easily glide through everything from meat to vegetables. And since the handles are color-coded, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out which knives are best suited for which ingredients.


An insulated mug that helps keep coffee warm

Coffee, hot chocolate, tea — this insulated mug is a solid pick for any type of toasty drink. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel, helping keep hot drinks warm for up to four hours while cold drinks stay chilled for up to 10. Each order also includes a slider lid to help prevent accidental spills.


The whiskey stones that won’t dilute your drinks

You don’t have to enjoy whiskey in order to appreciate these whiskey stones. Unlike ice cubes, they won’t melt when sitting in your drink, which means you won’t have to put up with diluted beverages if you prefer to sip your drinks rather than chug. Plus, the included wooden tray gives you somewhere stylish to store them.


These bath fizzies made with a variety of soothing ingredients

Lavender oil and epsom salt are only a few of the soothing ingredients you’ll find inside these bath fizzies. Simply drop one into your tub, then sit back and soak as it explodes into an invigorating fizz of bubbles. Each one is even up to 70% larger than similarly priced alternatives — and unlike some fizzies, these ones shouldn’t stain your tub.


The hand-casting kit that creates lasting memories

Break out this hand-casting kit for a fun date night at home. It comes with all the materials you’ll need to create a long-lasting statue of you and your loved one’s intertwined hands — and the plaster is so high-quality that it’ll even show incredibly fine details, like hairs and skin creases.


A stylish cheese board that comes with 4 serving knives

Guests are almost guaranteed to be impressed when you whip out this cheese board. It’s made from sleek bamboo, making it just as eco-friendly as it is stylish — and each order also includes four stainless steel serving knives. Plus, there’s even a pull-out drawer where you can stash the knives when they aren’t being used.


These cozy gloves are thermally insulated for extra warmth

Cozy, soft, and fashionable — these winter gloves hit all the right notes. Unlike the thin knit gloves you’ve likely been wearing, these ones feature thermal insulation on the inside that helps trap your body heat inside, helping keep your hands warm while still allowing moisture to escape. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or navy.


A fuzzy hoodie made from soft sherpa

With soft, fuzzy sherpa on the outside and inside, don’t be surprised if this hoodie quickly becomes your daily go-to pullover. It’s light enough for chilly spring days, yet warm enough to wear when temperatures dip low — and you even have dozens of different colors to choose from.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large


This candle making kit that comes with extra materials

With a full pound of wax at your disposal, you shouldn’t have any problem making more than two candles using the materials in this kit as long as you supply your own tins. The wax is made from natural soy, making it an eco-friendly alternative to harsh paraffin — and the wicks (20 come included) are even pre-waxed to provide a smooth, clean burn.


The ping pong paddles with thousands of positive reviews

With more than 2,500 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this set of ping pong paddles is an absolute steal. They’re covered with high-quality rubber, offering increased control and spin to help you play your best during every game — and each order even includes six balls to get you started. One reviewer even confirmed that “The balls are great too. Not like the cheap ones that are thin material and don't bounce right.”


A set of paint pens that can write on nearly any surface

Whether you’re scribbling on paper or drawing on glass, these paint pens are designed to adhere to nearly any type of surface. The permanent ink won’t fade over time — and the oil-based formula hardly has any odor to it. Use them for crafts, DIY projects, and more.


This Himalayan salt lamp that comes with a wooden base

Not only is this lamp made with real pink Himalayan salt, but it also comes with a high-quality wooden base included. There’s a dimmer switch built into the power cable, making it easy to adjust its brightness when setting a relaxing mood — and each order even comes with one bulb included.


A Mason jar that lets you make cold brew at home

Instead of wasting money on pre-made cold brews, why not make your own at home using this mason jar pitcher? The reusable filter is made from stainless steel, making it unlikely that it’ll develop rust as time goes on — and the easy-pour lid helps you fill up your mug without any drips.


The wooden book stand that’s surprisingly versatile

Whether you’re propping up a book when reading in bed or skimming a recipe off your tablet, this stand has got you covered. It’s made from sleek bamboo wood — not plastic — and features a kickstand in the back that can be adjusted up to three levels. Or, if you enjoy painting, you can even use it as an easel for art projects.


These wine glasses that won’t shatter if dropped

Since these wine glasses are made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about them shattering if they ever get dropped. Double-wall insulation helps keep your reds and whites at their ideal temperature, while a leak-resistant lid helps prevent spills. Choose from four colors: silver, brushed stainless, turquoise, or sapphire.


A rechargeable lighter that won’t go out in the wind

Unlike that flame lighter you’ve probably been using, this electronic one produces a plasma arc that won’t extinguish if a sudden gust happens to blow through. And since it’s also rechargeable via USB, the likelihood that you’ll have to waste money on a replacement is incredibly low.


This armband that holds your phone while you exercise

You don’t have to hold your phone in your hands when you’re out for a jog — just pop it into this armband. The mount can rotate up to 180 degrees, making it easy to read your screen from whatever angle works best for you. Plus, its universal design works with nearly any phone.


A travel pillow that you can twist & bend into any position

Whether you prefer to lean against a window or sit upright, you shouldn’t have any trouble configuring this travel pillow to keep yourself comfortable. It’s filled with soft memory foam, contouring to the shape of your head and neck for extra comfort — and you can even remove the cover to wash if it ever gets dirty. Choose from three colors: blue, black, or gray.


The rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as an external battery

Made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, this electronic hand warmer makes it easy to stay warm when you’re outside in the frigid cold. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, only taking a few quick seconds to warm up when you need it. The best part? You can even use it as an external battery if need be.


A pack of soaps that smell like your favorite types of beer

From Belgian witbier to oatmeal stout, this set of soaps will leave you smelling just as good as your favorite beers. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, including orange peels, crushed oats, as well as real hops. And unlike some soaps, these ones produce a rich lather that won’t dry out your skin.


This ceramic planter that lets you show off your mood

Feeling a little cranky this morning? Let your roommates or coworkers know by drawing a mouth on this planter. It’s made from sleek ceramic, with a protruding “nose” that lets you rest a pair of glasses on the side for safekeeping. Or, if a human face doesn’t suit your style, there’s also a cute puppy version available for purchase.


A beer bottle opener that does the work for you

There’s no twisting or pulling required when it comes to this beer bottle opener — simply place it overtop of the cap, press down, and poof! The bottle cap will pop right off. Anyone who collects bottle caps can also appreciate how it doesn’t destroy the cap, and many reviewers raved about how it’s “super easy to use.”


The flower necklace that you can personalize with your name

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for customized jewelry — and this necklace is proof. Not only can you customize it with your name, but you also have the choice of three chain lengths: 14, 16, or 18 inches. Plus, it’s plated with real 18-karat gold.


An infinity scarf with a hidden zipper for valuables

Made from warm polyester, this infinity scarf is a stylish addition to any winter outfit. A hidden zipper serves as a discrete place to stash valuables, whether you’re carrying a phone, keys, or even loose cash — and many reviewers even wrote about how it’s “great for travel.” Choose from 13 colors, including a trendy shade of camel.


This shiatsu massager with a soothing heat function

Kick back with this shiatsu massager after a long, tiring day. Deep-kneading nodes work to soothe away soreness from your neck and shoulders, while the bonus heat function works to melt away aches and pains. And if you don’t carry stress on your shoulders? Not a problem, as it’s versatile enough to be placed under your lower back, calves, feet, or nearly any other part of your body.


A shell that helps keep your hands clean when eating burgers

The only downside to snacking on burgers is that they can be messy — but that’s where this shell comes into play. It takes the place of wasteful wax paper, helping keep your hands clean from any meat or condiment drippings. And since it’s adjustable, you can easily use it with burgers of nearly any size.


The camping lantern that folds down for easy travel

Whereas some camping lanterns are incredibly bulky, this LuminAID lantern can fold down to a fraction of its size, making it perfect for camping, emergency kits, and more. You can also charge it via USB or in direct sunlight — and the battery lasts for up to 50 hours when fully charged. It’s also waterproof, shatterproof, as well as dustproof.


These grip socks that help you stay balanced during pilates

Whether you prefer yoga, pilates, or even barre, these grip socks can help you keep your balance as you bend and pose. Dozens of small silicone dots on the bottom help keep your feet from slipping on smooth floors, while thick cotton fibers give your feet warmth without leaving them sweating. “They are super soft and warm but provide a no slip, no trip option for my yoga practice on cold mornings,” wrote one reviewer. “If you suffer from cold toes (like me) in your morning workouts, you won't regret it.”


A crossbody bag that comes in dozens of colors

From classic brown to dreamy light blue, you’re almost guaranteed to find this crossbody bag in a color that suits your style. The shoulder strap is adjustable, making it easy to wear no matter how tall you are. It also features two zippered pockets to help keep all your items from falling out — and there are even slots on the inside where you can stash credit cards.


This water bottle that rolls down when you aren’t using it

An empty water bottle can take up a ton of space in your bag, so why not upgrade to this foldable one? It rolls down to a fraction of its size when you aren’t using it, helping save space in cramped bags — and the leakproof cap protects all your belongings from accidental spills.


A cocktail kit that lets you make old fashioneds on the go

Whether you’re trying to waste time at the airport or looking to relax after a long day, this cocktail kit can help. It comes with all the ingredients you’ll need to make a delicious old fashioned, including bitters, orange zest, cane sugar, and a muddler spoon — the only thing you’ll need to provide is your own whiskey.


These dip clips that helps keep your car clean

You’ll be glad you grabbed these dip clips the next time you’re stuck eating in the car. Just secure one onto the air vents on your dashboard, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to hold ketchup, honey mustard, or nearly any other dip-worthy condiment. Plus, the ramekin is specially designed to fit nearly any fast food sauce cup — no need to pour it out.


A challenging game that gets your brain churning

Regardless of what age you are, this sliding puzzle game is sure to get your brain fired up. The objective is simple: shift the big square block into the automatic detection zone. And while that may sound simple, don’t be fooled — you’ll have to plan your moves multiple steps in advance in order to win. If you ever get stuck, there’s also a helpful hint feature to help you out.


This kit that helps you take paper airplanes to the next level

Even the most precisely crafted paper airplane will only go so far — that’s why this kit is a total game-changer. Not only does it come with sheets that are printed with helpful folding templates, but you also get a small propeller motor to help your plane fly even farther. Plus, the reinforced nose tip helps keep your plane intact if it ever crashes.


A bowl that lets you pop fresh kernels in the microwave

Throw out that bulky air popper in favor of this microwaveable bowl. It’s made from tough borosilicate glass that can handle sudden temperature changes — and there’s even a divot in the lid where you can melt butter as the kernels pop. Choose from seven colors as well as two sizes: small or large.


The insulated lunch bag that helps keep meals chilled

Whether you’re packing lunch or taking a case of beer to a friend’s house, this cooler bag is a smart choice. The insulated walls help keep everything inside chilled, while its water-resistant exterior means you won’t have to worry about your food becoming soggy if you get caught in the rain. Plus, the zippered front pocket is perfect for storing utensils.


A miniature donut maker that’s perfect for baking cake pops

From miniature donuts to adorable cake pops, this donut maker is a fun way to whip up some delicious treats. There’s enough space inside to make up to four donuts at a time — and since the heating plates are coated with nonstick, you shouldn’t have any problem popping your desserts out once they’ve finished baking.


This acrylic stand that lets you put your scrunchies on display

Instead of hiding your colorful scrunchies away inside a drawer, why not put them on display with this stand? It’s made from sleek acrylic, allowing it to mesh effortlessly with however you’ve styled your vanity. And at 11 inches tall, there’s enough space on it for dozens of scrunchies, regardless of their size.


A cute little cactus that doubles as a cool humidifier

Not only is this little cactus a cute addition to any desktop, but you can also use it as a cool mist humidifier when the air around you feels uncomfortably dry. The water reservoir can deliver up to four hours of continuous mist — and since it runs at a whisper-quiet level, there’s very little chance of it disturbing your neighbors at work.


These LED gloves that help you see exactly what you’re doing

Whether you’re changing the oil in your car or tackling a DIY project, these LED gloves can help you see exactly what you’re doing. They’re also great for staying visible when walking the dog at night — and each pair arrives with batteries already pre-installed. One size is made to fit most.


The clip-on strainer that takes up way less space

Running low on kitchen storage space? Try downsizing to this clip-on strainer. The clips stretch to fit nearly any pot, pan, or bowl — even if there’s a lip running around the edge. And since your food stays inside the pot while straining, the chances of spilling food into the sink are significantly lessened.


A mess-free dispenser that’s perfect for honey

Adding honey to your food can be incredibly messy, so why not save yourself some stress with this dispenser? It’s made from sleek, BPA-free acrylic, and comes with a stand to help keep your surfaces clean from any stray drips. Simply press down on the trigger handle, and the base will open up so that honey can easily flow through.


This gemstone kit that’s just as fun as it is educational

From sparkling amethyst to shiny pyrite, this gemstone kit is a fun way to spend an afternoon stuck indoors. Kids will have to excavate the gems using the included tools, just like you would on an archaeological dig — and each kit comes with 15 different genuine stones to discover. Plus, the full-color learning guide makes it just as educational as it is fun.


A stuffed animal that can help soothe babies

Unlike the stuffed animals you probably grew up with, this one has an innovative cry-activation mode that responds to the noises your baby makes, helping calm them down when they’re crying. And if they’re already in a good mood? The ultra-plush exterior makes it perfect for cuddling — and there’s even an automatic shut-off feature to help preserve its battery.


The herb garden that you can place right on your window sill

You don’t need a huge outdoor space to plant this herb garden, as the pots are small enough to fit on most window sills. Each order comes with nine different types of herbs: dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, and mustard. You also get a set of bamboo markers to help keep everything organized — and the seeds have even been tested to ensure they’ll germinate.


A handheld vacuum that cleans deep into tight spaces

The nooks and crannies inside your car can be difficult to clean, making this handheld vacuum a smart pick. It comes with a variety of attachments to help you clean into tight spaces — and you even get a spare HEPA filter for when the pre-installed one needs to be switched out. Plus, the travel case keeps everything packaged neatly together.


This shape-shifting box that helps you release excess energy

Looking for a fidget toy that stands out from the crowd? Search no further than this shape-shifting box. 36 strong magnets on the inside let you transform it into 70 different shapes — and you can even connect multiple boxes together to create even larger sculptures. “This is the best toy for those who like to fidget,” wrote one reviewer. “All ages can play with it, and it’s hard to out down once you’re playing with it.”


A smart notebook that lets you upload notes to the cloud

Once you’ve filled up this smart notebook with hand-written notes, you can use the corresponding smartphone app to upload them to Slack, iCloud, Google Drive, and more. You can then wipe the pages clean so that you have a fresh notebook to work with — and it’s compatible with any pen, marker, or highlighter from Pilot Frixion (one comes included).


The cheese grater that does the work for you

Grating cheese can quickly tire out your arms, making this rotary version a must-have upgrade for any home chef. Each order includes three interchangeable blades, allowing you to grate, shred, and slice all sorts of ingredients. The best part? All the blades are made from stainless steel, so there’s no need to worry about them becoming rusty.


A flexible rod that helps you curl your hair overnight

There’s no heat necessary when you have this curling rod. Simply curl it into your hair before bed, and in the morning you’ll wake up with gorgeous ringlets that you can leave tight, or brush out so that they loosen into soft waves. Choose from four colors: pink, black, blue, or leopard.


This digital alarm clock that’s undeniably chic

With a sleek mirror face and extra-large LED numbers, this alarm clock is a definite upgrade to the clunky plastic one that’s probably sitting on your nightstand. Two USB ports on the side let you charge your devices overnight — and you can even dim the face so that it doesn’t interrupt your sleep.


A fill-in-the-blank book that’s sure to brighten someone’s day

If you have trouble showing how much you appreciate the people in your life, try giving them this book after you’ve filled it out. Easy prompts on the inside help you express your affection, and you can go as deep as you like when gifting to loved ones — or even just keep it simple if you’re giving it to a co-worker.


These headphones that you can comfortably wear to bed

Not only are these Bluetooth headphones comfortable to sleep in, but they can also be pulled down over your face and used as an eye mask when trying to snooze while it’s still bright outside. Slim speakers won’t put pressure on your ears if you prefer to sleep on your side — and the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to 10 hours.


A sunset lamp that casts a warm, relaxing glow

Whether you’re staging a photo shoot or trying to chill after work, this sunset lamp can help you do it. 16 different colors and four different lighting modes help you set the vibe you’re looking for — and each order even includes a remote so that you can adjust its settings from afar.


This tile that helps you find misplaced items

Keys, wallet, phone — this tile can help you find all of them. Simply attach it to any item you commonly misplace, and you’ll be able to use the downloadable app to have it let out a loud ring, making it easy to locate. Or, if you can’t find your phone, you can also press the tile to have your phone start to ring — even if it’s in silent mode.


A heated coaster that helps keep drinks warm

There’s no need to chug your coffee when you have this heated coaster. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels, allowing you to choose between a piping-hot cup of Joe versus a simple warm mug. And since it’s spillproof, there’s no need to worry about it getting wet.


These funny socks that have thousands of positive reviews

Not only do these socks have funny messages on the bottom, but they’re also made from breathable cotton with a hint of spandex for some comfortable stretch. One size is made to fit most — and with an average rating of 4.7 stars, you can rest assured they’re worth the more-than-reasonable price. “These are awesome!” raved one reviewer. “My hubby loves them I gave them as a fathers day gift! He has worn them multiple times and washed multiple times and still good as new!”


The bitters that help you craft delicious cocktails

Whether you prefer sipping on old fashioneds or vodka mules, this set of assorted bitters can help you whip up all sorts of delicious cocktails. Each order comes with five different flavors: orange, spiced cherry, sorghum and sassafras, aromatic, and chocolate. The best part? Their dark amber bottles help preserve their flavors from UV light degradation.


A breakfast sandwich maker that’s easy to clean

You don’t have to go hungry when you’re rushing out the door on busy mornings — just use this breakfast sandwich maker to whip up a quick meal. The heating plates are coated with non-stick, allowing your ingredients to easily lift away once they’ve finished cooking. And since all removable parts are dishwasher-safe, cleaning up afterward is a total breeze.


This travel mug that helps keep drinks warm

Soup, hot chocolate, coffee — this travel mug can help keep all sorts of hot liquids warm for up to 12 hours, while cold drinks can stay chilled for up to 24. Vacuum-insulated walls prevent the exterior from sweating, and the ceramic coating on the inside prevents it from absorbing any flavors. Choose from four colors: green, white, gray, or blue.


A wine guide that’ll turn even casual drinkers into pro sommeliers

Even the most casual wine drinkers can appreciate this wine guide, as professional sommelier Aldo Sohm takes you through the vino fundamentals using a variety of easy-to-follow info-graphs and illustrations. From evolving your palate to teaching you the difference between different vintages, reviewers raved about how this guide is both “easy to understand” and looks good sitting out on your coffee table.


The foot roller that can help soothe plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is no match for this foot roller, as dozens of small raised nodules work together to help soothe away aches and pains. It’s made from tough wood — not plastic — with a non-slip base to help keep it in place as you move your feet back and forth. Choose from two sizes: large or extra-large.


A scented candle that can burn for up to 130 hours

Unlike some candles that burn out after just a few uses, this one can burn for up to 130 hours — and the wood smoke scent is perfect for making any space feel homey. The best part? The wick even produces a crackling sound that reviewers said made it feel like they were sitting around a bonfire.


This chainmail scrubber that gets cast iron oh-so clean

Using regular soap and water to clean cast iron pans will strip away the seasoning — instead, use this chainmail scrubber. It’s tough enough to get rid of all sorts of baked-on crud, yet gentle enough that you won’t have to worry about ruining that layer of seasoning you’ve built up. Plus, the stainless steel metal won’t rust over time.


A cable knit beanie with space for your ponytail

Don’t feel like wearing your hair down today? Not a problem — just loop your ponytail through the gap in the back of this beanie. It’s made from 100% acrylic, making it just as warm as it is stylish. And unlike some beanies, this one has a cable knit that makes it look way more expensive than it is.


These kid-friendly binoculars that won’t shatter if dropped

Binoculars can be just as fragile as they are expensive — luckily, this kid-friendly pair is affordable and shockproof. And while they’re significantly more durable, the crystal-clear lenses still let you check out objects from up to 100 yards away. Choose from 10 colors, including a fun shade of hot pink.


The thumb piano that’s perfect for beginners

You don’t need any musical experience to start playing this thumb piano, as it’s so easy to play that both kids and adults can get a song or two figured out after just a few minutes. It’s also made from real wood, with tough steel keys that are designed to last — and each order even includes a travel bag so that you can take it with you.


A yearly subscription that any foodie can appreciate

Any foodie can appreciate this yearly subscription to Bon Appetit and their first issue should arrive within just a few weeks after purchase. From passionate editorials about food to the newest recipes that are gaining popularity in restaurants, readers will be getting advice and recipes from some of the best food writers in the world, all for less than $35.


This holder that also organizes & cleans paint brushes

Consider this paint and brush holder a must-have for any artist. Divided compartments give you space for up to 18 different paint colors when designing a masterpiece, while 16 different holes let you wash and dry your brushes so that they’re clean as new. It also easily rinses clean under running water once you’re done painting.


A fixed blade knife that doubles as a money clip

Made from titanium-coated steel, this fixed-blade knife is perfect for opening packages, DIY projects, and more. It also has a built-in money clip for any spare bills, as well as a compact sleeve that can store up to five credit cards — and many reviewers raved about how it’s “well made” as well as great for “everyday” use.


This rotating case for your iPad Air

Not only does this iPad Air case help protect your device, but it also rotates 360 degrees so that you can watch the screen horizontally or vertically. Plus, by opening and closing the cover, you’ll be able to wake the device up or put it to sleep — and there’s even a built-in pencil holder in case you need to write something down during work.


The easy-to-read luggage tag with a stainless steel loop

This luggage tag is made with durable rubber and has a bright initial on the front so that it’s easy to spot while traveling. It also has a stainless steel loop that helps it remain secured to your bag, and the inside has space where you can write your name, address, and phone number.


A battery case with a built-in battery tester

In addition to storing 180 batteries ranging from AAAs to Ds, this durable case includes a battery tester so you can see which ones are still working. It’s designed so that you can mount it on a wall, but the carrying handle makes it simple to transport. And thanks to the clear lid, you’ll be able to know how many batteries are available as soon as you need one.

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