Zenless Zone Zero Banners: Current, Next, Schedule, and 1.0 Update Banners

Get a full breakdown and list of the Zenless Zone Zero banners that are currently available and the next banners coming with the next update.

by Echo Apsey

As with all of Hoyoverse’s games, Zenless Zone Zero has a rotating list of banners that will cycle in as old ones rotate out of being available and new ones are added to the game offering S-rank characters and boosted Agents.

Alongside these character banners, Zenless Zone Zero also has several other types of banners, including W-Engine banners, allowing you to obtain weapons for these characters, as well as a permanent Stable banner for new players and a Bangboo banner to boost your allies’ stats.

Below, you can find the current banners available in the game, as well as the next ones which will be made available in just a few weeks.

What are the current Zenless Zone Zero banners?

The current Zenless Zone Zero banners from July 4 are:

  • Ellen Joe: S-Rank Ice Agent - Character banner (Anton Ivanov, Soukaku boosted A-rank characters drop rates)
  • Deep Sea Visitor - W-Engine banner (Bashful Demon, Drill Rig - Red Axis boosted drop rates)
  • Star Studded Cast - Permanent Stable banner (Alexandrina Sebastiane, Grace Howard, Koleda Belobog, Nekomiya Mana, Soldier 11, Von Lycaon guaranteed drops)

Ellen Joe the first banner character following the launch of Zenless Zone Zero.


Ellen is a part of the Victoria Housekeeping Co. and is available for a limited time as a part of her banner. As a part of her banner, you will also get an increased drop rate of A-rank Anton Ivanov and Soukaku. Ellen will be available alongside her W-Engine banner, which includes Deep Sea Visitor. This banner also includes an increased chance to bull both Bashful Demon and Drill Rig - Red Axis, the weapons used by both Anton Ivanov and Soukaku.

The Star Studded Cast banner is always available and allows you to pull (Signal Searches) from a limited pool of characters. Built for new players, the banner offers discounted pulls for new players with a guaranteed S-rank character in the first 50 Signal Searches.

Additionally, once you have pulled 300 times on the Stable banner, you can recruit one bonus S-rank agent from the six mentioned above. This can only be done once, however.

The Stable banner will always be around for you to pull from. However, once you use your initial boosted pulls, the odds will drop back to the standard.


What are the next Zenless Zone Zero banners?

The next banners coming to Zenless Zone Zero on July 24, are:

  • Zhu Yuan - S-Rank Ether Agent (Nicole Demara, Ben Bigger boosted A-Rank characters drop rates)
  • Riot Suppressor Mark VI - W-Engine banner (The Vault, Big Cylinder boosted drop rates)

Zhu Yuan will be the second character available through a banner.


In just a few weeks, on July 24, the banners will change with Zhu Yuan being available. her banner will include a boosted chance to earn A-rank Nicole Demara and Ben Bigger. She is a part of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team and will be available alongside her Riot Suppressor Mark VI W-Engine banner.

This banner will give you a boosted chance to earn The Vault and Big Cylinder, which are Nicole Demara and Ben Bigger’s weapons.

In addition to these banners, there is also the Bangboo channel banner which includes allies which fight alongside you providing buffs as you fight. You can get these as you would with pulls like in every other banner.

The Bangboo banner offers a chance to get new outstanding partners to assist you in battle.


That covers everything you need to know about the current Zenless Zone Zero banners, and when they will be updated. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates over the coming weeks as new banners launch and are teased.

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