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How to Complete the Sweltering Tears of the Kingdom Fire Temple

Burn bright and succeed.

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tears of the kingdom fire temple
The Ultimate Guide to 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom'

As you progress through the main story in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll be going through four major Temples. If you’re going in the recommended order, you’ll have tackled the Wind Temple before trying to take on the Fire Temple. Once you’re ready to take on the underground city of the ancient Gorons, our guide will help.

How to prepare for the Fire Temple

It should go without saying given how it’s required far earlier than here, but you need Flame Guard gear in order to keep Link from catching on fire. You’ll also want metal weapons, shields, and bows, as anything wooden will catch on fire. Expand your weapon stash so you’ve got enough space. By now, you should also have a number of health and stamina upgrades.


Yunobo and Link have seemingly spotted Princess Zelda through a gate, but that gate is locked by five heavy padlocks that you’ll need to release. Orient yourself by facing the gate. This temple has multiple layers, so I’ve noted each lock you complete based on the floor level, with 1F being the ground floor and 5F being the very top.

TOTK Fire Temple Lock 1


Back up from the locked gate and go to the left, where you’ll have to destroy a Zonaite Construct. Carefully use the Hydrant devices to make your way across the magma flows. Hope in the minecart with a fan attached, then activate it. As you roll forward on the track, use Yunobo’s Power of Fire to hit the target on your left and change the tracks, where you’ll eventually stop in a room with more minecarts and some water-dispensing devices.


Around the corner, you’ll spot a fire-spewing Like-Like, a worm-esque monster that can grab Link and steal equipment if you get too close. Take it out, then use a Hydrant device to cool the magma in front of the marbled rock blocking the way. The simplest but most effective way is just stack a few pieces of cooled magma rock together, forming a roughshod bridge. Use Yunobo’s Power of Fire to smash the marbled rock, and head inside. You’ll see the first of five gongs ahead. Use Yunobo’s Power of Fire on the gong, and the first padlock (3F) will release.

TOTK Fire Temple Lock 2


Head back up and continue along the track with your minecart, using Yunobo to take out anything blocking the tracks or any enemies nearby in other minecarts. You’ll eventually have to stop and activate a switch to continue, being careful of the Lava Pebblits that attack. Following this track even further leads to a dead end with a chest and 10 Arrows.


Now, back up to where you had to hit the switch, go over the short bridge, and activate the second switch, lowering a new track. Put your cart on this new track and go down. Use Yunobo to smash the marbled rock in the magma, freeing a waterfall.


Grab the first cooled piece of magma that floats toward you, then stand it up vertically, blocking any other from flowing and creating an impromptu bridge. Head over your new cooled magma bridge, destroy the construct that attacks, and use Yunobo’s Power of Fire on the gong to release the second padlock (2F).

TOTK Fire Temple Lock 3


Go back to your minecart and turn it around. Hop in, and as you begin to cross the track, use Yunobo to hit the switch on your left, raising the track. You’ll end up in a large room with a lot going on, but be sure to destroy the construct before explore. This is where things get more complicated, so if you’re ever lost, come back to this room to orient yourself.

In the middle of the room, you’ll notice a switch that turns bright green when you hit. This activates an elevator, which can easily take you back to the gate at the start of the Fire Temple. Right next to where you arrived, you’ll see two switches. The one on the left rotates a track in front of you, while the switch on the right raises and lowers that same track.


Use the track to cross over to another area directly in front of you, where you can then swap to a new minecart, then continue on until your way is blocked by marbled rock. Smash it, then hit the switch to raise the new track, forming a loop. Going back to your starting position, rotate the track so it is now perpendicular to you, like a T. Using the new track on the left, reach a chest with a Strong Zonaite Shield.

Now, raise the track so it is higher on the right (looking at from the two switches side-by-side) and ride your minecart up. You’ll have to destroy a couple of constructs and get in a new cart on a new track, but you’ll eventually reach a stopping point.


Go around the corner of a wall and drop down, using a switch to drop a track and reaching a room filled with magma, with a gong high up in the center. Using the rock, angle yourself so Yunobo can smash the marbled rock, freeing a Hydrant. Use the Hydrant to create cooled magma plates and construct a ramp. Using this ramp, angle yourself and Yunobo can smash into the gong, releasing the third padlock (4F).

TOTK Fire Temple Lock 4


Take the ramp you built and expand on it, allowing you to go even higher. Turn around, and angle towards the marbled rock beyond a small chasm, blocking an entryway. Have Yunobo smash a way through, then glide in using Tulin’s Wind. Carefully glide down to the ground, and use Yunobo on the fourth gong, freeing the fourth padlock (1F).

TOTK Fire Temple Lock 5


Make your way back to the large central room, and take the same track up in your minecart, like you did before. This time, when you reach the high tower, instead of going around the corner and dropping down, turn the way you came, and glide to the right wall of the structure in front of you. Carefully climb the side of the wall until you reach a room with a chest that contains a Ruby. Face the broken track, and glide down further, using Tulin’s Wind to reach the other side.


Destroy the construct that attacks, then use Ultrahand to pull out the remnants of a bridge so you can angle Yunobo and destroy some marbled rock. From here, carefully climb up the side of the wall, using ledges or food to replenish your Stamina if need be. High up on this tower, you’ll finally reach the last gong to hit with Yunobo, freeing the fifth padlock (5F). You’re now free to go back to the beginning and open up the gate. Roll Yunobo across the ceiling into the marbled rock to reveal a new threat.

Marbled Gohma Boss Fight Tips


The monstrous rock spider Marbled Gohma won’t be easy, but as long as you know what you’re doing, you’ll be okay. Its legs are made of the same marbled rock you’ve been destroying all throughout the Fire Temple. Marbled Gohma hits ridiculously hard with its leg strikes, so you use food that raises your defense. Also be mindful of the exploding rocks it occasionally launches toward you, and remember you can send these back with Rewind or destroy them with Yunobo.

Wait until it raises a leg to strike, then send Yunobo forward to a different leg, at which point it will be smashed apart. Do this to two of the four legs, and the creature will collapse. Now, run up to the eyeball and hit it as hard as you can, dealing damage until the creature shakes you off. At this point, it’ll regrow its legs, and you start the cycle over again.


Once you’ve cut its health in half, Marbled Gohma turns upside-down and clings to the ceiling. It’ll start trying to fence you in with rings of exploding rocks, meaning you need to keep using Rewind or Yunobo.


If you have lots of arrows, you can shoot the eye, or if you can get the timing right, send Yunobo up the ceiling with a well-timed roll. If you’re able to do the latter, Marbled Gohma will crash to the ground, letting you climb up and directly attack the eye again. You can destroy it either way.

Once it’s dead, congratulate yourself, you’ve completed the Fire Temple! Be sure to claim the Heart Container reward that appears. Once the cutscenes end, you’ll have the Vow of Yunobo, Sage of Fire, allowing to smash Yunobo’s spirit into enemies and rock wherever you go.

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