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How to Unlock All 4 Great Fairy Fountains in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Early on in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you’ll notice that enemies can hit hard, taking off huge chunks of your health with just a single blow. This is because a huge part of the game revolves around upgrading your armor with the help of a Great Fairy, but it’s not as simple as in Breath of the Wild.

Because of the Upheaval, the Fairies have hidden in their fountains and won’t come out without the help of some sweet music. We’ll walk through how to unlock every Great Fairy in Tears of the Kingdom, so you can upgrade your equipment to the max.

How to Unlock the Great Fairy Questline

Coordinates (1051, 1137, 0022)


You can stumble upon any of the Great Fairy Fountains in any order, but you’ll hear the same line about them not coming out unless you complete them in the right order. It’s a lengthy questline that involves reuniting a music troupe, so they can play for each of the Great Fairies. To kick everything off, you’ll want to stop by the Woodland Stable, located in the Tabantha Frontier. Also, make sure you’ve already met Penn by this point and started the reporter questline.

By the stable, you’ll see a little stage with a conductor and violin player. This is the troupe you’ll be working with for quite a while.

How to Complete “Serenade to A Great Fairy”

The troupe’s first request is to play for the Great Fairy Tera, but the troupe’s cart has broken down. By the cart you’ll see some construction materials, so grab two wheels using Ultrahand and replace the back two wheels on the cart. Retrieve one of your horses from the nearby stable, and make sure to equip it with the Towing Harness (obtained by taming one wild horse and getting three Pony Points). Take your horse over to the cart, use Ultrahand to stick the harness to the cart, and voila you’re ready to drag the troupe up to the Great Fairy.

Use Ultrahand to rebuild the troupe's cart.


Once you’ve done that, the Great Fairy Tera will let you upgrade your armor anytime you want, in exchange for Rupees and monster parts. Equipment can be upgraded multiple times, and upgrading a piece all the way can often unlock a new ability. If you want to fully upgrade everything, however, you’ll need to unlock the other three Great Fairy Fountains. Luckily, at this point, you can unlock the three in any order you want.

How to Unlock Great Fairy Kaysa

Coordinates (-1432, -1269, 0032)


Great Fairy Kays is found right next to the Outskirt Stable, near Central Hyrule. She needs the sound of a flute in order to come out, and said flutist can be found at the stable. Haite can be found up a tree just to the side of a stable, and he’ll tell you a story about wanting to make the tree light up for his friend.

You need 10 Sunset Fireflies in order to make Haite rejoin the troupe, and this can be done by buying them from Beetle or by collecting them from the forest to the North at night. Once you’ve done that Haite will rejoin, and if you talk to the troupe you’ll now learn the cart can’t make it over the rough terrain to get to the fairy.

Fireflies are skittish so you’ll need to sneak up in order to catch them.


A Zonai vehicle nearby will give you a hint, as all you need to do is attach the fourth wheel then take the troupe’s cart and stick it to the top. Now you can drive it up the hill, over the rocks, and to the fountain.

You can attach the troupe’s cart directly to the top of this vehicle.


How to Unlock Great Fairy Cotera

Coordinates (1738, -1933, 0010)


Cotera is found in the southeast portion of the map, near Dueling Peaks Stable in Necluda. Here you’ll learn you need to find the troupe’s missing drummer, Beetz, who you learn is off on his own near Kakariko Village. You’ll find Beetz on a small outcropping on the road to Kakariko, the location of which you can see on the map below.

Beetz is found at(2123, -1375, 0105)


Here Beetz will request three Courser Bee Honey. You might have these already, but if not you can find bees easily in the forest behind Cotera’s fountain or near the chasm above Kakariko. Once you have the honey Beetz will head back to the troupe, so go back to Dueling Peaks Stable to learn they need help traversing the river.

A simple raft is enough to get to this Great Fairy.


As you might have guessed, you’ll want to build a little raft to ferry the troupe. Use Ultrahand to combine some wooden planks, Zonai Fans, and a Steering Stick, then slap the troupe’s cart on top.

How to Unlock Great Fairy Mija

Coordinates (-1631, 2577, 0233)


The last Great Fairy, Mija, can be found in northwest Hyrule, by Snowfield Stable in Hebra. The final troupe member you need to find is the horn player, Eustus, who’s found himself lost far to the south of Rito Village.

You’ll find Eustus has fallen down a pit and his cart has broken. Of course, you’ll need to use your ingenuity to get him out, and there are some nearby Zonai devices to help you do just that.

It’s easiest to attach the balloons to the grate, and then put the whole thing on Eustus’ cart.


The easiest way to do this is to put the metal grate on top of Eustus’ cart using Ultrahand, then attach two Flame Emitters and Balloons, and a Fan pointing to the side for good measure. Climb up to the top of the pit and then use an arrow to activate the devices. Once the cart gets close enough just use Ultrahand to pull it to safety.

Now Eustus will rejoin and make the troupe whole, then head back to Snowfield Stable. The final test is when the musicians ask you to put a roof on their cart, so simply grab a wooden board from nearby and attach it to the top. Now all you need to do is grab your horse, attach it to the cart, and ferry the band to the final Great Fairy Fountain. Time to start upgrading.

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