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How to unlock every Xenoblade Chronicles 3 class, including 12 secret ones

You’ve got lots of options.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 introduces a variety of changes to the series’ combat system, the first of which is a dynamic class system. With 19 different classes in the game (in addition to the starting six), there are a ton of ways to build your party especially when you factor in fusion arts and skills. While a few classes are unlocked automatically, the majority of them need to be unlocked through sidequests, and some of the later ones can be particularly tricky to find. We’ll help guide you through the process of unlocking every class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Story-Based Classes

Ethel - Flash Fencer

This one is automatically in Chapter 3, although Ethel won’t be able to join your party until much later in the game. To recruit her permanently, recruit Camuravi and then take him to the lab in Colono Omega, which is in the Aetia Region, Upper.

You’ll automatically get a handful of classes without doing anything.


Valdi - War Medic

Unlocked automatically in Chapter 3, simply follow the story and complete the required quests.

Riku & Manana - Yumsmith

Unlocked automatically in Chapter 3 as part of the story.

Juniper - Stalker

Unlocked automatically in Chapter 4 after visiting Colony Tau.

Ghondor - Martial Artist

Unlocked automatically in Chapter 5 after completing the events in the Agnus Prison.

Hidden Classes

Always keep an eye out for yellow question marks on the map, as they’ll lead to Hero Quests.


Zeon - Guardian Commander

Found in the Aetia Region. Complete the story events in Colony 30, then go back to Colony 9 and complete the Hero Quest called “Where The Heart Is.”

Teach - Thaumaturge


Found in the Aetia Region. After Chapter 2 liberate Colony Gamma, then complete the Hero Quest “Going Beyond Power.” To start the quest look for a yellow question mark in Alfeto Valley, just north of the Gura Flava Camp rest spot.

Gray - Full Metal Jaguar


Found in the Aetia Region. Follow the story until you unlock Valdi and the ability to climb. After this head to the Kamos Guidepost landmark in the south of Aetia. Head straight north and climb the purple flowers, then find the yellow question mark on the map to start the “A Gray Matter” Hero Quest.

Isurd - Strategos

Found in the Pentelas Region. Follow the story and liberate Colony Lambda in Chapter 4. After this a yellow question mark should appear in the colony, so head into Isurd’s office and complete the “Unwavering Resolve” Hero Quest.

Ashera - Lone Exile

Found in the Syra Hovering Reefs. Follow the story until you have to infiltrate Castle Keves. In the Castle Keves region look for a yellow question mark just outside of the castle gates. Head there and complete the “Wrath of Ashera” Hero Quest.

Alexandria - Incursor


Found in the Fornis Region. This class has multiple steps to unlock that need to be done in Chapters 3 and 4. First, you’ll need to see the event with Alexandria and Agnian Soldiers found right the Dies Arch landmark, like usual it will be a yellow question mark. After this event, you’ll have four new question marks added to your map, all of which are a squad of Agnian soldiers that need to be defeated. Three of the teams will be in the Fornis Region, while the fourth is at the start of the Pentales Region.

Defeat all four and you’ll have new info you need to talk about at a camp. Once you’ve done that a new question mark will appear by Colony Iota. Head there and you’ll get the quest “Her Reasons,” and once that’s completed you’ll finally recruit Alexandria and the Incursor class.

Monica - Lost Vanguard

Found in The City. Once you’ve unlocked the City and completed the first bit of story there, you can wander around the location and start collecting rumors by examing NPCs with the yellow “i” icon over their head. Once you have the “Guernica Vandham” rumor head to a camp and discuss it, which will then unlock the “Vandham’s Heir” Hero Quest.

Fiona - Signifier


Found in the Cadensia Region. Once you arrive in the Eryth Sea, head to the West side and find the Conchrock Beach rest spot. Go to the yellow question mark nearby and complete the “Transparent Dreams” Hero Quest.

Triton - Soulhacker


Found in the Cadensia Region. The first step is finding an event where the party sees Colony 15 walking through the Eryth Sea. For us, this happened around the Hargan Point Camp. After this a yellow question mark will be added nearby, so head there and start the series of quests to liberate Colony 15. Eventually the “Doing It My Way” Hero Quest will pop up as you complete the questline.

Miyabi - Troubadour

Follow the main story through Chapter 6 up until the party gets ready to head to the Cloudkeep. At this point, you’ll unlock the “Side Story: Mio” quest which you can do instead. Follow the quest events and at the end, you’ll unlock Troubadour.

Cammuravi - Seraph


First complete “Side Story: Mio,” and once that’s done head back to the Aetia Regoin, Upper, and go to the Colony Omega Camp rest spot. There’ll be a yellow question mark just to the south that lets you start the “A Twist of Fate” Hero Quest that unlocks Camuravi.

Segiri - Machine Assassin

This one’s found in the Aetia Region, Upper. This is easily the most complex class to unlock in the game, as it has multiple steps. During Chapter 4 you’ll automatically get the “Imminent Illusions” quest during the story, so complete that. Head back to Colony 4 and complete as many quests there as you can, including “Rousing Bolearis.” Eventually, a new quest called “Severed Connection” will pop up just outside of Colony 4, and that’s the one you need to make sure you complete.

After all this head to the city and search for rumors until you find the “A ‘Novel’ Book” rumor, then head to a camp and discuss it. This will unlock the “Writer’s Block” quest, which is fairly lengthy and sends you all over Aionios. Complete this and finally travel to Colony Omega in Aetia Region, Upper. There will be a yellow question mark that lets you start the “Inhumanity” Hero Quest and finally unlocks Segiri.

Post-Game Classes (Spoilers)

Nia - Lifesage

After beating the game, load your cleared save file and return to the Cloudkeep. Find the yellow question mark on the map to recruit the hero.

Melia - Royal Summoner

After beating the game load your cleared save file and travel to the main gate of Keves Castle. Once again find the yellow question mark to recruit the hero.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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