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Everything we know about the Xbox Game Pass family plan

A way to reach even more players.

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In the interest of reaching even more players, Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch an Xbox Game Pass family plan. Earlier in August 2022, the company rolled out a test version of this plan to Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland, and it seems likely the service will come to other territories as well. The service allows multiple users to share one subscription, without having to pay for an additional plan separately. But how exactly will this service work, when will it launch, and what else do we know about it? Here’s what you need to know about the supposed Xbox Game Pass family plan.

When is the Xbox Game Pass family plan release window?

A tweet from leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia reveals a potential logo for the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family service.


It’s important to note that Microsoft has yet to announce the family plan for a worldwide release. Sure, the company offered a preview version of the service to Xbox Insiders in certain territories earlier this month, but there’s no word yet on official plans to bring it to other regions.

With that in mind, it’s unclear when, or if, the Xbox Game Pass family plan will launch in full. Given the number of reports and leaks lately, it’s possible Microsoft will have more to say soon.

What we do know is that leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia (who revealed the new Skull & Bones release date ahead of time) tweeted an image of a logo, indicating the service could come to other territories soon.

What is the Xbox Game Pass family plan price?

In Ireland, the preview version of the Xbox Game Pass family plan costs €21.99 monthly, which is equal to $22.03. The standard version of Xbox Game Pass is €12.99 in Ireland, which is a €9 difference.

In the United States, a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription is $9.99 per month, so assuming the price doesn’t deviate too much from Ireland’s, it’ll likely be around $20 to $22 for the family plan. Though, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed pricing in other territories.

Are there any Xbox Game Pass family plan restrictions?

A Game Pass family plan would allow more users to experience some of the best Xbox games.


Based on the preview version, subscribers can share their membership with up to four additional people, for a total of five users. These members must be in the same country as the primary account holder and must not have their own separate Xbox Game Pass membership tied to their accounts.

Aside from that, it’s unclear what, if anything, will change if the service comes to other territories. After all, this preview version is meant to serve as a test, so it’s possible the family plan will look a little different if it comes to the United States.

It’s unclear if there will be different family plan versions for Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, but we’ll likely find out more soon.

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