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3 clues to help you solve Wordle 257 on March 3

A sad Wordle is a ... sadle?

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Wordle 257 is live, offering fans of The New York Times’ viral word game another crack at solving five letters of fury. Some days even the most clever starting words and strategies aren’t enough to help you, and that’s where we come in. Below, we offer three distinct clues to help you solve the March 3 puzzle. If that still doesn’t help, you can also just read the answer too. No matter how much you’re stumped, we’ve got the cure!

Wordle 257 clues

Instead of offering up the answer to Wordle 257 right away, we like to give our readers a little brain exercise first. A list of three clues can be found below in ascending degree of clarity, with the final clue offering the most obvious hint. Pick the pointer that best fits the level of help you need, and you just might make it rain green squares on your own.

Clue #1: The answer for Wordle 257 is a verb.

Clue #2: The answer has two vowels: an O in the second position and a U in the third position.

Clue #3: The word is closely linked to death.

In most cases, it helps to remember that the Wordle answer dictionary focuses on common terms that don’t include plurals. When it comes to the March 3 puzzle, in particular, both of those qualities remain true. Don’t waste your time fishing for an S today, because it won’t help very much.

Wordle 257 answer

In the event our clues didn’t reveal enough to satiate your stumpage, you should know the answer to Wordle 257 on March 3 is MOURN.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 257 on March 3, 2022.

The New York Times

This time our pattern of guesses took a little longer than expected. Our starting word SLATE came up empty, which forced us to move to our second alternate with CRONY. That did reveal the inclusion of an R, O, and N in the answer, but figuring out how those three letters are arranged remained difficult. We went with DONOR next, which confirmed the location of the O, but the sound of that RON arrangement triggered our brain to think of the actual solution on the fourth guess.

Overall we’d argue the March 3 Wordle is average in terms of its difficulty. We wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of folks end up trying to unscramble Rs, Os, and Ns just like we had to, given how popular those letters are in guessing patterns. That said, this was certainly a case where our usual starting word failed us entirely. Players with other choices have a high potential to start from a stronger position given how common all the letters in the answer truly are. While some may miss Wordle 257, we don’t imagine too many players will be pulling out their pitchforks when they discover the solution.

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