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3 clues to solve the Wordle puzzle for February 28, 2022

A small bite of Wordle.

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Wordle 254 has gone live for February 28, offering fans of The New York Times's beloved word game another chance to stake their claim at five-letter glory. In the event that your best strategies and starting words have come up empty, we’ve got three clues that will direct you toward the answer with a nudge in the right direction. If you’re hoping to maintain your ongoing streak, here’s what you need to know.

Wordle 254 clues

Before fully spoiling the answer for the February 28 Wordle, let’s get the blood flowing a bit by offering three clues about the answer first. As usual the hints we’re about to give become increasingly more revealing the further you go down the list. In other words, we’ve designed our methods so players can pick the clue depending on how much help they feel they need.

Clue #1: The solution to Wordle 254 can be both a noun and a verb, but the verb is probably more recognizable.

Clue #2: There are two vowels in the February 28 Wordle: an O in the third position and an E in the fifth position.

Clue #3: The answer refers to the most present danger one has when eating food.

Additionally, it may help to remember a few things about the Wordle solution database: It was specifically designed to focus on everyday language, and it doesn’t feature plurals. Today’s word is absolutely a commonly used one, and it’s not a plural either. If you were angling to uncover a hidden S somewhere, we’d advise against that for this specific puzzle.

Wordle 254 answer

In case you haven’t figured it out yourself, the answer for Wordle 254 is CHOKE.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 254 on February 28, 2022.

The New York Times

Our round of guesses began with our traditional starter word, SLATE, which only helped us uncover the precise location of the E. From there we moved to PRICE, which shook things up a bit by featuring four new letters. Once we knew a C was in the solution, we were able to reach the correct answer.

In the grand scheme of possible Wordle solutions, the one for the February 28 puzzle is fairly simple. It’s got vowels in all the right places, and it’s a word that all English speakers use regularly. Despite the fact that the K may make the detective work a little bit difficult, we imagine Wordle 254 will have a pretty high success rate compared to some of the most recent puzzles. There’s no shame if you didn’t get it this time, of course, because tomorrow is always another day.

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