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Wordle 233 answer: 3 clues to solve the February 7, 2022 puzzle

A five-letter Wordle of kindness

Jumble of letters

Wordle hype continues heading into puzzle 233, so we’re back to tell you all you need to know about its answer. Whether you need some clues to guide you or just want to take a glance at the solution for yourself, we’ve got everything required to work your brain and cure your curiosity. In the event your best starter words and top-tier strategies fail you, here’s the straight dope on today’s five-letter conundrum.

Wordle 233 clues

Before revealing the verified answer for the February 7 Wordle puzzle, we like to offer our readers a few clues in the hopes that they might be able to guess the new five-letter word on their own. As usual, these three clues are ordered in ascending levels of clarity. While the first hint might be vaguer, the others offer pretty substantial information.

Clue #1: The daily word is a noun.

Clue #2: It has two identical vowels in the first and fourth positions.

Clue #3: This word is used to describe a group of people you should always be kind to.

Wordle 233 answer

In the event those clues weren’t revealing enough to get you to the answer for Wordle 233, we’ll reveal the solution now. As seen in the screenshot below the chosen five-letter word for February 7 is ELDER.

Here’s the answer for Wordle puzzle 233 on February 7.

Josh Wardle

To pick apart the solution we began with our favorite starter word, SLATE, which gave us the precise location of the L and told us there was at least one E somewhere in the mix. From there we selected BLEED because it has the L in the right place and features two Es, which helped us figure out exactly where the Es in the word are located. Once the clues for BLEED showed themselves, it became a matter of unscrambling the letters to get to the proper word. Luckily, we were able to guess it.

As far as Wordle solutions go, the puzzle for February 7 could wind up being a fairly easy one to figure out given its two vowels and the fact that it’s comprised entirely of some of the most-used letters in the English language. A lot of traditional starter words will get players in a strong position from the get-go, which should lead them to the answer fairly quickly. It’s also a commonly used word as well, which means you don’t have to be an overly skilled wordsmith to reach the conclusion.

As always we hope you were able to deduce the solution of Worlde 233 with as little fuss as possible. That said, in the event you just couldn’t muster up the brainpower today, we’re here to ensure you don’t lose that massive streak you’ve still got going. We’re not going to tell your friends you had some help this time, so the bragging rights are yours to keep.

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