Everything you need to know about the Valheim Hearth and Home update

Building and cooking are about to become a lot better.

Valheim has taken the video game industry by storm since its launch in early February. It's rocketed past 4 million players in just one month and has received consistent patches to address bugs and add some smaller new features. Still, players are eagerly waiting for the game's first major update that will improve building and cooking the game.

The first major update for Valheim will be called "Hearth and Home." Details on it are still quite scarce, but this is everything we know about Valheim's Hearth and Home update and plans for Valheim patches.

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When is the Valheim Hearth and Home release date?

Currently, Iron Gate Games and Coffee Stain are planning to release the update sometime in 2021. While he expects these updates to drop sometime this year, Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Törnqvist told PC Gamer that the team's current focus is on fixing bugs that have been noticed now that millions are playing Valheim. As such, no specific date or window has been shared yet.

Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson elaborated on this point in an interview with Wired. "I would like to state for the record that we don’t plan on doing new content until we ourselves are happy with the current state of the game that is for sale, i.e., for the foreseeable future," he said. "We will try to get as many bugs squashed and issues sorted as possible."

Hearth and Home might still be a ways off, but hopefully, we won't have to wait too long before we can finally try it out for ourselves.

What will Valheim Hearth and Home add?

As the developers are focused on smaller patches, there has been no big deep dive into all of the new features Hearth and Home will add to Valheim just yet. Still, Törnqvist did tease some of its new features in the aforementioned PC Gamer interview. The focus will be on the house-building and cooking aspects of Valheim.

Specifically, Törnqvist promised to add more building pieces, tasks to do in and around the player's house, and lots of new recipes and food preparation improvement. If building, farming, and cooking are your favorite parts of Valheim, then this update will definitely be for you.

As we approach the update's release, we'll likely get a clearer picture of what to expect from this patch. Inverse will update this post when that happens.

What is the Valheim updates roadmap?

Hearth and Home is just the first of many intended updates for Valheim. A roadmap for the game's post-launch additions was released on February 2 and contained 4 major updates. After Hearth and Home, players can expect the Cult of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea, and New Biome - Mistlands.

Törnqvist explained to PC Gamer that Cult of the Wolf will focus on exploration and combat, Ships and the Sea will add more ship customization and improve the Sea Biome, and the Mistlands update will add another area for players to explore with new enemies and a new boss for players to fight.

The roadmap for Valheim's post-launch updates.Coffee Stain

Other than that, the roadmap also says that the developers would eventually like to add multiplayer interaction, combat improvements, moon phases, tar pits, Svartalfr Brigands, more locations, an expanded vendor inventory, a Sandbox mode, and Munin to Valheim.

While the small development team's current focus is on fixing bugs, there is a wealth of new features that players can expect to come to Valheim, starting with Hearth and Home.

Valheim is currently in Early Access on PC.

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