Everything we know about the Kurosawa-inspired Trek to Yomi

A spiritual samurai journey.

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Trek to Yomi has already featured in Xbox and State of Play streams alike, offering fans an opportunity to check out this Akira Kurosawa-inspired action game soon to be published by Devolver Digital.

Below, we recap everything you need to know about this sword-slicing project including its projected release window, latest trailers, playable platforms, story details, and more. If you like real-world and cinematic Japanese history, you’re going to love what you see.

When will Trek to Yomi be released?

Trek to Yomi is currently slated to release in spring 2022, according to the latest info from the ID@Xbox showcase on March 16, 2022. Watch this space if the publishers at Devolver provide a more specific date in the weeks ahead!

Trek to Yomi is a combat-heavy experience that’s obsessed with Japanese history.

Devolver Digital

Is there a Trek to Yomi trailer?

Since its initial reveal, there have been three different trailers for Trek to Yomi. We’ve collected all four below, courtesy of the Devolver Digital YouTube channel.

Announcement trailer (June 2021)

This first trailer is a great tone piece that teases the game’s central theme of age-old honor while showcasing a flurry of epic third-person action sequences.

Trek to Yomi announcement trailer

Gameplay trailer (December 2021)

This 90-second clip focuses on Trek to Yomi’s combat and traversal mechanics. It shows the game’s protagonist wielding swords, bows, and more. Players will need to dodge roll carefully to avoid being slain by enemies.

Trek to Yomi gameplay trailer

Story trailer (March 2022)

This trailer debuted during the latest State of Play livestream. It still features plenty of combat, but also shows footage of the main character’s homeland attacked by an outside force. This is the first time we see any real evidence of the game’s supernatural ancestral elements that will play a key role in the larger narrative.

Trek to Yomi story trailer

Combat trailer (March 2022)

The most recent trailer for the game, which debuted on March 16 during the ID@Xbox showcase, is all about action.

What is the story of Trek to Yomi?

Players take control of a young warrior named Hiroki. Following his master’s dying wish, he must protect a small town and its people. When a rival clan invades, our hero must face an immense challenge while coming to grips with his past failures.

Beyond slicing and dicing foes in 1850s Japan, Hiroki’s personal journey will also prompt him to explore the tragic fates of his ancestors. Through short vignettes, he’ll figure out how the problems of the past can best inform his present.

Trek to Yomi looks to combine the best parts of Ninja Gaiden and Ghost of Tsushima.

Devolver Digital

Given this emphasis on history, it’s no surprise the game’s developers at Flying Wild Hog have paid obsessive attention to detail in recapturing the classic Kurosawa cinematic style and myriad Japanese traditions therein. Everything from dialect to sword use and the game’s soundtrack has been carefully crafted to reflect the time periods in which the moments are based.

What is Trek to Yomi’s gameplay like?

In its gameplay, Trek to Yomi seems to effectively combine elements from Ninja Gaiden, FromSoftware’s Tenchu series and Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. Players will explore fairly linear environments from a behind-the-back perspective and switch to a side view for moments of intricate combat. It appears the game will reward careful play with all of its weapons. The campaign is said to feature swords, bows, bo-shurikens, and more.

If you’re a gamer that likes a good parry, Trek to Yomi has your back.

What platforms will Trek to Yomi be available for?

When it releases in 2022, Trek to Yomi will be playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

A Nintendo Switch version has not been announced at this time.

Is Trek to Yomi coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Yes. In December of last year, Devolver announced that the entirety of Trek to Yomi will be playable on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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