Zelda Voice Actress Confirms Tears of the Kingdom’s Biggest Unspoken Secret

“I personally love the ambiguity.”

Tears of the Kingdom Zelda and Link holding hands

Hyrule’s most eligible bachelor may be off the market. While rumors of Link’s romantic ties to Princess Zelda have run rampant since the original Legend of Zelda debuted in 1986, Tears of the Kingdom leans hard into their relationship. Now, it turns out the voice of Zelda herself, Patricia Summersett, also ships the couple big time. In a recent interview, Summersett tells TheGamer that she knows the two are “in a relationship.” Good for those lovebirds.

Zelda and Link have typically fallen into the archetypal roles of the princess and her loyal knight. While Link is clearly devoted to his princess, there has always been a question of whether something more lies underneath. Summerset knows the two are in a relationship, but confesses that it isn’t as simple as putting a label on the couple.

“As a voice actor, looking at the overall relationship between Link and Zelda over the ages, I personally love the ambiguity and that if there is something there it’s left to us.” Summerset confesses, “I guess in my own life, I can respect and celebrate relationships that aren’t conventional.”

That ambiguity has let Nintendo avoid answering the question for over three decades. But a closer look at Tears of the Kingdom reveals the latest Zelda game may be more definitive than you think.

The case for a Link-Zelda ship

Zelda just really misses Link.


Even with Nintendo not going as far as to confirm that Link and Zelda are indeed an item, Tears of the Kingdom implies it heavily. The opening of the game sees the two exploring caverns together with Zelda stopping to tell Link that she knows she will “be okay with you around, Link.” Sure, that doesn't seem too odd for a princess to say to her loyal knight, but the emotions on her face suggest deeper feelings.

During the moments of the opening where Zelda adorably gushes about her interest in these historical discoveries, Link is very much just the loving boyfriend who patiently listens to his girlfriend talk about her favorite things. There’s a vibe.

Of course, the cute interactions can’t last forever and the two are eventually separated from each other for the rest of Tears of the Kingdom’s story. The main narrative centers around Link trying to reunite with Zelda, like soulmates willing to fight against the greatest powers in the world to be together again.

This is difficult since Zelda is SPOILERS.... in the past. But even with her physical absence, Zelda’s love of Link is so present throughout Tears of the Kingdom. Upon awakening on the Great Sky Island after getting separated from Zelda, Link meets the ghostly form of Rauru (the first king of Hyrule). Literally, the second thing Rauru says is “I’ve heard a great deal about you from Zelda.” Translation: Your girlfriend that I hung out with in the past could not stop gushing about you

One huge clue in Tears of the Kingdom

Buddy, Zelda would not stop talking about how much she missed you.


In Breath of the Wild, Link had a house he could decorate with weapons and armor. If you return to the house in Tears of the Kingdom a wonderful surprise awaits. Gone is the atrocious combat-based decor that Link exclusively used. Now the home feels homey, with comfortable touches like a tea area, flowers, and paintings. A journal in the house belongs to Zelda, revealing that she moved in.

There remains only one small twin bed, so Link may have given up his home and let Zelda move in. But we can dream. Surely, he still comes over all the time to have tea with his girlfriend and they live their domestic dreams between saving Hyrule.

Summerset puts it best, saying that despite the lack of definition it is abundantly clear “there’s a lot of care and a lot of listening.” The two clearly care about each other in a way that doesn’t necessarily need definition. They can be happy as they are.

That said, I wouldn’t be mad if Nintendo finally let the two kiss. I’m sure they both have been waiting as long as we have to see it happen.

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