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Here’s Exactly How Long It Takes to Beat Super Mario RPG


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After 27 years, Super Mario RPG still stands out as one of the most unique adventures for Nintendo’s mascot, blending together Mario’s charming platforming with the turn-based system of Final Fantasy. For the most part, this remake keeps things exactly the same as the original Super Nintendo version, but there are a few tweaks and additions. Still, it’s likely many Nintendo fans never played Super Mario RPG, as the game was only ever rereleased on Wii U’s Virtual Console. Whether it’s your first time or fifth, here’s how long you can expect to spend with Super Mario RPG.

How Long Is Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG isn’t an exceptionally long game, by standards for both Mario games and RPGs. A typical playthrough will take you roughly 13 to 14 hours. Of course, that can differ depending on how much you choose to do and whether you’re playing through on Normal or the new “Breezy” difficulty, which makes battles easier.

There’s also a selection of side activities to play through in Super Mario RPG, including multiple replayable minigames, 39 hidden chests to discover, two optional bosses, and a hidden casino area. If you’re looking to 100 percent Super Mario RPG, it should take roughly 20 to 25 hours.

Unfortunately, Super Mario RPG doesn’t have any kind of New Game Plus mode. However, there is a new option that allows you to continue playing after the credits to go for full completion and even take on a bit of new content.

How to Unlock Super Mario RPG’s Post-Game

Culex is the ultimate challenge in Super Mario RPG, both times you fight him.


The biggest addition to the Super Mario RPG remake is a new post-game, that adds a series of rematches with the game’s major bosses. There are six new battles, each one serving as a harder version of that particular boss, culminating with a rematch against the Final Fantasy-esque secret boss Culex. You’ll get a hint on how to start these new battles after the credits, but here are the steps you need to take.

  • After rolling credits, you’ll get a prompt to make a save for your “cleared” file where you’ve completed the game. Do that, and at the main menu load that save and you’ll start in Mario’s house. Toad will give you a voucher for the Suite in Marrymore.
  • Head to Marrymore and use the voucher to stay the night. A cutscene will play showing Geno looking out the window.
  • Leave and head to Star Hill, then interact with the new purple Wish Stars until Geno says something, suggesting you talk to Frogfucius.
  • Now head to Tadpole Pond and jump across to talk to Frogfucius. He’ll give you a line of dialogue telling you which boss can be challenged again. The first one is Belome, at Belome’s Temple. Head there and rematch the boss.
  • After each boss, you can return to Frogfucius and he’ll tell you which boss to head to next. In order following Belome, they are Punchinello, Booster, Bundt, Jonathan Jones (Johnny), and Culex.

Super Mario RPG is available on Nintendo Switch.

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